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What Are HP Toner Cartridges

HP toner cartridges are printer supplies for HP laser printers. They are original cartridges manufactured by HP factories or their authorized manufacturers.

HP toner cartridges are available in monochrome and color. Monochrome toner cartridges are used in monochrome laser printers. You can start printing after installing only one mono black toner. Color toner cartridges are used in color laser printers. You need to install all four color toner cartridges (black, cyan, yellow, magenta) to get your HP printer work.

HP Toner Cartridges

Because of the excellent printing performance of HP printers, original HP cartridges have also become the first choice of many printer users. However, with the quality of compatible toner cartridges getting better and better in recent years, expensive original HP toner cartridges are no longer the only option for HP printer users. More and more printer users become aware of compatible toner cartridges and start using them. And many compatible toner cartridge brands have entered the ordinary homes and offices and won the trust of printer users. We are proud of being one of it.

How Do HP Toner Cartridges Work in HP Printers

HP toner cartridges use laser printing process. Every time you print a document, your printer with cartridge need to complete seven printing processes, namely conditioning, writing, developing, transferring, fusing, cleaning and discharging. These printing processes are completed by major consumables. They are OPC(Organic Photo-Conductor), PCR(Primary Charging Roller), MR(Magnetic Roller), DB(Doctor Blade), Imaging Drum, WB(Wiper Blade), Fuser Kits, etc.

① Conditioning

Conditioning process is to apply a uniform negative charge onto the rotating Organic Photo-Conductor(OPC) surface via Primary Charge Roller(PCR) or Corona Wire Assembly(always equipped in Drum Unit for Brother toner cartridges).

② Writing (Laser Beam Exposure)

In this process, the laser beam with digital signal makes contact with the OPC surface. The exposed area becomes conductive and discharges the surface charge to round, forming a electric latent image on the drum surface.

③ Developing

Developing process is to convert the electric latent image into visible toner image at the developing station. Toner is attracted onto the mag sleeve magnetically from the toner hopper, and charged via friction between the mag sleeve and the Doctor Blade(DB).The doctor blade also evenly meters the toner amount on the mag sleeve. An AC/DC voltage give the toner a negative charge bias and transfers the toner to the OPC.

④ Transferring

In this process, the imaging drum with toner image rotates and contacts with the paper that delivered by the delivery system at the same rate. An opposite charge is placed on the backside of paper by the transfer roller. The charge attracts the toner from the drum onto the paper.

⑤ Fusing

The paper with toner image enters into the Fuser Kits. The Fuser Kits contain two rollers, a heating roller and pressure roller. By heating the paper and pressing the toner into the paper, a fixing image is formed.

⑥ Cleaning

Cleaning process is to clean the remaining toner left on the OPC surface due to static charge. The Wiper Blade(WB) scraps off the remaining toner and deposit it into the waste toner bin.

⑦ Discharging

After transferring, certain amount of charges will stay on the OPC surface. PCR will clear these residual charges to start a new printing process.

The following picture is a simple cross-section view of HP CF258X toner cartridge, which clearly describes the related consumables and printing processes.

How Do HP Toner Cartridges Work in HP Printers

HP Printer Toner VS Ink Cartridge

When we talk about HP printer toner cartridges, many people will definitely think of HP printer ink cartridges. But they are actually not familiar with the difference between them. And some people even call printer toner cartridges ink cartridges.

This is normal as they are very commonly used HP printer supplies. And the popularity of inkjet printers is earlier than laser printers. Many laser printer users used inkjet printers and ink cartridges many years ago. So they used to call printer supplies printer ink. Even if they are using laser printers now, they will easily call toner cartridges ink cartridges by mistake.

HP Printer Toner vs Ink Cartridge

So, what is the difference between HP ink and toner cartridges?

1.The size and shape are different

HP printer toner cartridges are always bigger than HP ink cartridges. And the shape of HP printer toners is usually a long strip. However, HP ink cartridges are usually as small as matchboxes. Such as HP 61 XL ink cartridges and HP 902XL ink replacements.

2.The working principle is different.

As mentioned above, HP printer toner cartridges use the principle of laser printing, which is combined with seven printing processes. While original HP ink cartridges use the principle of inkjet printing.

3. The applicable printers are different

HP toners cartridges are only suitable for HP LaserJet printers. Similarly, HP ink cartridges only work with HP InkJet printers.

4. Consumables are different

HP toners are filled with carbon toner. When the toner is used up, you need to replace it with another laser toner cartridge. HP inks are filled with liquid ink. You can refill ink or replace the ink cartridges after they dry up.

5.Printing performance is different when running out

When HP toner is low, the printout will be getting light. But the texts or patterns you print is intact. However, when the ink is low, you will get print documents with incomplete texts or patterns.

What Are Compatible HP Toner Cartridges

Compatible HP toner cartridges are qualified printer toner replacements for HP laser printers from third-party manufacturers. These non-HP cartridges are also called aftermarket toner cartridges.

Due to the different production standards used by 3rd party manufacturers, the quality and reliability of compatible toner replacements is also mixed. However, this does not mean that the quality of compatible toners replacements is not good.

There are many well-known toner cartridge manufacturers in the industry, such as Clover, Aster, Ninestar, PrintRite, etc. The quality of laser toner cartridges they produce is very good, even comparable to the original HP products.

So when you buy compatible HP toner cartridges, you must choose a reputable supplier who has stable cooperation with big manufacturers. As atop toner cartridge supplier in the United States, True Image has always maintained direct cooperation with well-known toner cartridge manufacturers. And we continue to provide customers with cost-effective and professional quality compatible toner cartridges.

True Image Compatible HP Laser Printer Toner Cartridges

We have stayed true to our mission since we started the True Image brand. That is to provide industry-leading, cost-effective and eco-friendly printer cartridges that benefit all printer users around the world. As long as printer users need our products, we will stick to our mission.

True Image Compatible HP Toner Cartridges

Why Do We Offer Compatible HP Toner Cartridges for HP Printers

Our founders are engineer with more than 20 years experience in printer industry. They used to work for original equipment manufacturers and well-known third-party manufacturers. And they had very good salaries as professional engineers in these companies. However, they gave up their well-paying jobs and embarked on a difficult entrepreneurial journey for two reasons.

1. Original toner cartridges are too expensive

The price of original toner cartridges must go without saying. As long as you have purchased the original toner cartridges, you can feel how expensive they are. Take HP 414X toner as an example. This is a set of high yield cartridges for HP Color LaserJet Pro M454 and MFP M479 series printers. Its price is more than 900 dollars, which is unimaginable. You know, the price of a new printer is only 500-600 US dollars. What’s more, the new printer also comes with original toner cartridges.

This is the main reason we offer compatible toner cartridges. They have a great price advantage and can help printer users save a lot of money. Take our compatible HP 414X toner set as an example. With same HP quality and page yield, it costs less than half the HP price. And as the cost continues to drop, we will provide customers with more favorable price.

2. The quality of many compatible toner cartridges is worrying

You can hardly image how poor the quality of compatible toner cartridges was more than a decade ago. We had to say there was a big gap between the quality of compatible toner cartridges and original toner cartridges. Many people decide to try compatibles because of the cheap price. But after they only printed several pages, they had started to experience quality problems. This punched out customer to original toner cartridges again. And this is also why many people have the stereotype that compatible toner cartridges are of poor quality.

To provide printer users with reliable print quality cartridges, our founders created the True Image brand. By working with top manufacturers, we can guarantee the high quality of toner cartridges at the source. And combined with our strict inspection standards, we can ensure that each toner cartridge is in good condition when it is being sent out. So when you buy True Image printer cartridges, you are choosing our service of screening high-quality toner cartridges for you.

Pros and Cons of True Image Compatible HP Printer Toner Cartridges


1. Lower price than HP and other compatible toner suppliers

Not to mention the price of original HP toner cartridges, even compared to the price of compatible toner cartridges, our price are still very competitive. Take our compatible HP 206X toner set as an example, our price is only $149.99. But other suppliers generally price them between $170-$180.

Of course, the price of our compatible HP toner cartridges is not the lowest. Because we are not a supplier who sacrifices quality for low cost. And as a business, we need to keep a certain profit to pay our employees. However, our premise of offering low-cost HP compatible toner cartridges is to maintain high product quality.

2. Higher quality than other compatible toner cartridges

As mentioned above, we cooperate with well-known manufacturers to guarantee the source of high quality. In addition, we have strict inspection requirements. We request our manufacturers to randomly inspect the cartridges in each production process. Besides, when cartridges are delivered to our warehouses, we will carefully inspect them. What's more, we will print test our toner cartridges before shipping. Only after our cartridges prove to be of acceptable quality by printing 5 test pages will we ship it to you.

3. Better guarantee than other compatible toner cartridges

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all toner cartridges. During the warranty period of our cartridges, no matter you encounter any quality problems, we will give you a free replacement or a quick refund. So you can buy True Image items in your cart with confidence.


1. Delivery to Central America is not fast

We must admit that we are not the most perfect supplier for printer users in the central US. Because we insist on storing all our toner cartridges for inspection at any time, so as to ensure the high quality of the toner cartridges. So we only ship toner cartridges from our CA warehouse and PA warehouse.

If you are in Central US, it may take 3-4 days to receive your toner cartridge order. This shipping speed is slower than local suppliers. If you are in a hurry to use the toner cartridge, this shipping speed may not meet your needs. Of course, if you recognize our products and insist on choosing us, we can provide you with next-day delivery services.

FAQ about Compatible HP Toner Cartridges

Do they work with my HP printer?

True Image brand compatible HP cartridges are tested and guaranteed to work with the dedicated HP printers. Before you place an order, please double check the compatible printer models and make sure you printer is on the list. Only if you order the right items, they will be the compatible cartridges for your HP printer. Please note that HP Plus (HP+) printers with the suffix "e" do not accept compatible toner cartridges. For more details, please check our blog Is HP Plus Printer Worth Buying.

Will they void my printer warranty?

No. Use of compatible toner cartridges does not void your printer warranty. The federal law - Magnuson Moss Warranty-Federal Trade Commission Improvements Act protects your freedom to use any cartridges in your printer.

How long will they last?

It depends on the paper coverage of your documents. If the documents you print is at 5% coverage(A4/Letter), our compatible toner cartridges will last same page yields as stated. For example, if you use our compatible HP 134A black toner, you will be able to print 1,100 pages at 5% coverage on A4 or Letter size paper. If the paper coverage is less than 5%, the toner will last longer.

Please note that all True Image standard cartridges have the same page yields as the original HP toners. So they print the same pages as the original.

Can I replace HP Instant Ink toner cartridges with True Image compatible toners?

Yes. We offer toner cartridges in multi packs and free shipping to help you save more than HP Instant Ink. But before you install our cartridges, please make sure you cancel the subscription of HP Instant Ink. Then your printer will take them just like OEM toners.