CF360A - Compatible HP 508A Black Toner Cartridge - Standard Yield

 Page Yield: Black 6300* Pages

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CF360A - Compatible HP 508A Black Toner Cartridge - Standard Yield Description

Trust in True Image’s CF360A compatible toner for consistent, high-quality printing, page after page. This cartridge is an optimal choice for individuals and businesses seeking affordable printing solutions. Covered with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, this HP 508A black toner ensures a risk-free investment.

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What Makes HP 508A Black Toner Cartridge Worth Buying

  • Premium Quality Printing. This compatible HP 508A CF360A toner is capable of generating crisp and dark text, images, and graphics. Combined with HP 508A cyan/magenta/yellow toners, it will bring your print projects to life, featuring high color accuracy and sharpness. Trust in this HP CF360A 508A toner will fulfill personal and business needs.
  • Cost Effectiveness. Our CF360A compatible toner is a nice choice over the high-priced HP original 508A black cartridge. It significantly lowers your printing costs without compromising on print quality. If you intend to save on printing expenses, don’t miss this cartridge as it’s only about 1/3 HP price.
  • Identical Page Yield. This HP CF360A 508A compatible cartridge offers a page yield comparable to the original. This cartridge allows you to print 6,300 pages before needing a replacement. It even yields 300 pages more than the HP 508A CF360A black original laserjet toner cartridge.
  • Easy Installation. This HP CF360A black toner cartridge is designed to fit seamlessly into selected HP printer models. Its user-friendly design ensures you can replace the cartridge hassle-free. In this way, you have less downtime and keep your team productive.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Knowing that a 2-year 100% satisfaction guarantee backs this toner CF360A, you can have peace of mind. We will offer technical support, a return, or a refund if the cartridge fails to perform properly. Want more details? Visit our Returns & Exchanges policy.

Frequently Asked Questions about HP CF360A Compatible Toner Cartridge

What HP printer uses CF360A ink cartridge?

The CF360A HP toner cartridge is designed to work with HP Color LaserJet Enterprise 552dn, M553dn, M553n, M553x, and MFP M577. To avoid compatibility issues, please ensure your printer model is on the list before placing an order.

What is the yield of CF360A toner cartridge?

The original HP 508A black toner cartridge CF360A has a page yield of 6,000 pages, while ours lasts up to 6,300 pages. Rest assured that you will get what you pay for since we measure the page yield against the same ISO/IEC standards that HP uses. But there is one thing you need to remember that cartridge page yield is a ballpark estimate. It’s easy to understand. The printed content is usually inconsistent on every page and does not meet ISO/IEC standards.

Are CF360A and CF360X interchangeable?

Yes, they are interchangeable. They fit the same printer models and are identical in print quality, shelf life, and storage. The main distinction between them is page yield. The CF360A is a standard yield toner, yielding 6,300 pages. In contrast, high yield HP CF360X toner lasts 12,500 pages. Correspondingly, their prices vary because of the different amounts of toner they contain. Generally speaking, the HP 508X high yield black toner cartridge has a better value for money in the long run thanks to its lower cost per page.

How to store HP CF360A 508A black toner?

The drum of the HP 508A black cartridge is sensitive to light. If the storage environment is too humid, the toner will clump. In addition, the print quality may suffer if the cartridge is exposed to extreme temperature and humidity changes. So it would be best to store the cartridge in a dark, dry, cool place and keep it in the original package until you need to use it.


CF360A - Compatible HP 508A Black Toner Cartridge - Standard Yield Specifications

True Image SKU TI-CF360AU
Product Brand True Image
OEM Number 508A (CF360A)
Product Capacity Standard Yield
Shelf Life 24-36 Months
Page Yield 6300
Cost Per Page 0.63 cents

    CF360A - Compatible HP 508A Black Toner Cartridge - Standard Yield Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Justin Schaumburg
    Works as good as branded.

    Just started using this and all is great so far.

    Great product for the price

    I’ve had no issues so far! Prints just like HP toner!

    Great quality, fraction of the price.

    These cartridges performed just as well as the original hp ones and I would say lasted about 75% as long. Not bad for a fraction of the price.