HP 902XL 4-Pack | HP 902 Ink Cartridges High Yield

 Page Yield: Black/Cyan/Yellow/Magenta 825* Pages
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HP 902XL 4-Pack | HP 902 Ink Cartridges High Yield Description

Save your office budget and increase productivity. This high yield compatible HP 902 ink cartridge set (HP 902XL 4-Pack) has all the features you could hope for. Simple installation, quick recognition, no leakage, bright colors, long-lasting work, and cheap price.

Easy-to-install HP902XL high yield ink cartridges

We often hear customers say: give me convenience, or die. So when we designed these ink cartridges, we have been adhering to the principle of easy installation.

  • No excessive packaging, but enough to protect our cartridges from being damaged in transit.
  • A clear user manual allows you to understand the correct use of the product in seconds.
  • A clear plastic bag and orange protective cap keep each cartridge in perfect condition.

All you need to do is open the box, take out the ink cartridge and remove the orange protective cap. Then you can replace the empty ink cartridge and start printing. 

Easy-to-recognize HP 902XL ink replacements

Compatibility has always been of great concern to compatible ink users. Because they don't want to buy a useless cartridge, even if it's cheap. We have to admit that there are some challenges with compatible ink cartridges when it comes to compatibility. Because HP will update the firmware of the HP printers every once in a while. After each update, HP printers will refuse to use compatible ink cartridges. So as a supplier, we have to recall our cartridges and upgrade chips to make them compatible with new firmware versions. They euphemistically say the firmware update is to provide users with a better printing experience. But in fact, this is a blockade of compatible ink cartridges, and it is a restriction on the user's right to use cheap third-party ink cartridges.
Fortunately, we work with top-tier suppliers to respond to firmware update issues in a timely manner, every time. What you see now are 902XL black cyan magenta yellow ink cartridges with an upgraded smart ink chip. As soon as they are installed on your printer, they will be recognized and start working. So you can buy with confidence.
If HP releases a new firmware update in the future, we recommend that you ignore the update to ensure proper use of compatible cartridges. If our compatible ink cartridges can no longer be used due to the update, please contact our customer service team for free replacements.

Compatible HP 902 ink cartridges that won't leak

We've read customer reviews of compatible ink cartridges from other suppliers. Ink leaks were found to be a common complaint. And this problem is intolerable. One bad review that impressed us came from a home user. She bought a certain brand of 902 cartridges, and as soon as she opened the package, ink started leaking on her dress and on the carpet, everywhere.
So we insist on providing our customers with high-quality ink cartridges. Not only in the production process, but also in the packaging, we apply the highest standards to ensure that each cartridge is in good condition. In particular, problems like ink leakage cannot occur.
We mentioned above that each cartridge is packaged in a clear plastic bag and protected by an orange protective cap. Their role is to prevent ink leakage. Even if there is a leak, the clear plastic bag will keep the ink from leaking all over the place.

Prints bright colors as original HP 902 ink cartridges

This HP902XL 4-Pack contains 4 compatible high yield ink cartridges. Each cartridge is filled with high-quality ink for printing vibrant colors. Please see the product information for each color ink as below:

  • Replacement HP 902XL black ink cartridge - T6M14AN - High yield HP 902 black ink that prints 825 pages of high quality black text. Produces 525 pages more than the black standard cartridge T6L98AN.
  • Replacement HP902XL cyan ink cartridge - T6M02AN - High yield replacement for standard HP 902 cyan T6L86AN ink. With high page yield up to 825 pages.
  • Compatible HP902XL magenta ink cartridge - T6M06AN - High yield replacement for standard yield magenta T6L90AN ink. Provide 825 pages of magenta text print.
  • Compatible HP902XL yellow ink cartridge - T6M10AN - High yield ink cartridge that replaces standard yield yellow T6L94AN ink. Produces 825 pages of yellow text.

HP 902XL 4-Pack with long-lasting work and cheap price

These high yield 902 ink cartridges work with HP officejet pro 6968 6961 6970 6971 6975 6978 and HP officejet 6951 6954 6958 6962 inkjet printers. With high page yields, you can get more than 500 pages from each cartridge in this HP 902XL 4-Pack. So you can save up to 50% and never run out with HP ink till they dry up after printing 825 pages. Why pay 120 bucks to buy original HP ink cartridges genuine ink for your HP printer? Now you can get this HP printer ink combo at $36.99.

Notes: This HP 902XL 4-Pack is not eligible for HP Instant Ink. If you need HP Instand Ink items, please visit www.HP.com.

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Something you need to know about HP 902XL ink

What is HP Instant Ink?

HP Instant Ink is a monthly subscription for original HP ink and toner cartridges. If you are a subscriber, you can get free HP 902 ink cartridges and cartridge delivery. But HP will charge you monthly based on the plan you selected and your print volumn. P you can not use 3rd party printer cartridges. For more details, you can visit HP official site:https://www.hp.com/us-en/shop/tech-takes/how-does-hp-instant-ink-work

If you want to save money by using more 3rd party printer cartridges, please cancel the HP Instant Ink subscription first. 

How to install our compatible HP 902XL 4-Pack ink cartridges?

Our compatible HP 902XL 4-Pack comes as a combo pack. But the black cyan magenta yellow ink cartridges inside the box are packed separately. So when the ink cartridge of a certain color runs out, you only need to take out the ink replacement of the corresponding color and replace the empty one. If the other color inks are not dried up, there is no need to replace them at the same time.

  1. Keep your printer power on.
  2. Open the printer cover. Then the ink cartridge slot will move to the center autometically.
  3. Release the empty ink cartridge and remove it from printer.
  4. Take out the new HP 902 ink replacement and remove the package as welll as the orange protective cap.
  5. Insert the new HP902 ink replacement into the slot. The ink cartridge is installed in place if you hear a click sound.
  6. Close the printer cover. Then the new ink will be loaded autometically in few seconds.
  7. Your HP printer might display a message to notify you that you are using a compatible HP 902XL ink cartridge. Press OK to confirm to use it. Then you can start to print.

How to disable auto printer firmware update?

Just so you know, HP will update the printer firmware from time to time to block 3rd party HP 902XL ink cartridges. So to protect your right of using compatible printer cartridges, it's necessary to disable auto printer firmware update. Let's do it now!

  1. Trun off your printer.
  2. On the printer screen, swip down to open the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Setup icon on the top-left corner of the menu.
  4. Slide down to find Printer Maintenance and click on it.
  5. Slide down to select Update the Printer.
  6. Click on Printer Update Options
  7. Choose DO NOT CHECK and press NO to confirm disabling auto update.

How to clean printhead?

If you find that your HP 902XL ink cartridges haven't run out, but you are unable to print or get a drop in print quality, then you may need to clean the printhead. Because inkjet printers use liquid ink to print. When the ink dries, the remaining ink smudges build up and can clog the printhead. So this is normal. We can quickly resolve it by cleaning the print head.

  1. On the printer screen, swip down to open the drop-down menu.
  2. Click the Setup icon on the top-left corner of the menu.
  3. Slide down to find Printer Maintenance and click on it.
  4. Click Print Printerhead and press Continue to confirm cleaning.
  5. After 2 minutes, your printer will finish cleaning process.


HP902XL 4-Pack Specifications

Product Brand True Image
OEM Number T6M14AN, T6M02AN, T6M06AN, T6M10AN
Product Capacity High Yield
Shelf Life 18-24 Months
Page Yield Black 825 Pages, Cyan/Yellow/Magenta 825 Pages
Cost Per Page 0.97 cents

HP 902XL 4-Pack | HP 902 Ink Cartridges High Yield Reviews

Customer Reviews

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David Crippen

Items received in good time & working great

McKinley Williams

HP 902XL 4-Pack | HP 902 Ink Cartridges High Yield

Steven Campbell
They Work Perfectly

Couldn't ask for better. From now on I'm always ordering my printer ink from True Image.

Lynn Caputi

I haven't received it yet

Dear customer, we apologize for the delay in the package. Due to the delay in the operation of the logistics company, it is expected to be delivered on May 10. If you have not received the goods within this time, please contact our customer service in time to solve the issue.

E. N
The best costumer service.

I am impressed with the costumers service. Actually a real human will pick up the phone! In less than 5 mins resolved my issue. highly recommend!