CF360X - Compatible HP 508X Black Toner Cartridge - High Yield

 Page Yield: 12500* Pages

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CF360X - Compatible HP 508X Black Toner Cartridge - High Yield Description

Tailored to meet the high standards set by the original HP, this HP CF360X compatible toner offers a seamless printing experience with exceptional performance and value. Whether you're printing important documents, presentations, or marketing materials, compatible HP 508X CF360X black toner ensures every print stands out. Choosing compatible toner cartridges instead of the original can help to save more money without cutting down on printing quality.

Why could you choose HP CF360X compatible toner cartridge from True Image?

Premium quality printing

Our compatible HP CF360X toner cartridge is engineered to deliver sharp, clear, and professional-quality prints. Experience deep blacks, and precise text, elevating your documents to a new level of excellence. Besides, you can benefit from consistent print quality throughout the life of the compatible CF360X toner. And our toner experts are trying to improve the quality of our toner cartridges. Customers can find little difference between our compatible CF360X HP toner and the original.

Cost-effective solution

Opt for the compatible HP 508X CF360X black toner to significantly lower your printing costs without compromising on quality. We know that the price of the original toner CF360X is really high. It may be a heavy financial burden for printer users to use the original CF360X HP. Luckily, our compatible toner, CF360X, helps you to achieve impressive results while staying within your budget.

Environmentally conscious

Contribute to a greener environment by choosing the CF360X compatible toner cartridge. These compatible HP CF360X toners made from green materials can meet high-quality standards while reducing waste.

100% satisfaction guarantee

True Image has well-trained customer service staff. You can get the reply within 3 minutes on the business day. Besides, we provide a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and a 2-Year Product Warranty for all products, CF360X included. You can contact our customer service staff with questions about our products and service.

Frequently asked questions about HP CF360X toner cartridges.

Which printers are compatible with the HP CF360X toner cartridge?

The HP CF360X toner cartridge is compatible with various HP Color LaserJet Enterprise series printers. Compatible models include HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553dn, M553n, M553x, 552dn, MFP M577, and more. It's important to check your printer compatibility before buying compatible toner cartridges.

How to install the HP CF360X toner cartridge?

It is simple to install the HP CF360X toner cartridge into your printer. Please follow the following steps to finish the installation. If you have any questions, please contact our customer staff for help.

  1. Power off your printer and open the printer toner access door.
  2. Locate the empty toner CF360X that needs to be replaced.
  3. Gently grasp the handles of the empty one to pull it out.
  4. Take a new HP CF360X toner cartridge out of its packaging.
  5. Remove all protective covers and seals from the new CF360X HP cartridge.
  6. Insert the new HP CF360X toner and close the printer's front cover.
  7. Print a tested page to check the printing quality.

What is the page yield of the HP 508X CF360X black toner?

The HP CF360X toner cartridge is high-yield so it can produce more printed pages than the standard-yield HP 508A CF360A black toner cartridge. With a high-yield CF360X inside your printer, CF360X yields up to 12,500 pages, which is suitable for users with a large demand for printing. And the standard-yield CF360A can print 6,300 pages, which suits users who don't need to print very often. Note that the page yields mentioned above are estimated. And the exact page yield can vary depending on the printed content, printer settings, paper type, etc.


True Image SKU TI-CF360XU
Product Brand True Image
OEM Number 508X Black (CF360X)
Product Capacity High Yield
Shelf Life 24--36 Months
Page Yield 12500
Cost Per Page 0.47 cents

CF360X - Compatible HP 508X Black Toner Cartridge - High Yield Reviews

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Dan J.
Commercial Real Estate Agent

Great delivery Service! Dan at Kelly Right Commercial

Mitch &.B.B.

I love that the quality of a picture print comes out truly amazing. Very easy to use and install. You can't get a better product for your money

Andrew B.

As expected, cheaper than genuine hp.