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Here at True Image, all credit card details are passed through Shopify Payment System which is certified by PCI DSS, making your money more secure than if you were to use your card on the high street. We don’t store any of your credit card details, and our entire site is checked daily to ensure your privacy and security.

All orders placed before 4 pm are shipped the same day, Monday to Friday. Orders placed after 4 pm or at the weekend are shipped as soon as possible on the next working day (so weekend orders are shipped on Monday).

We will refund 10% of the merchandise amount to the original payment source within 3-5 business days after we receive the package when your return meets the following requirements:

1. Your empty original toner cartridge must be listed in this event.

2. The returned original toner cartridge must be included the original microchip.

3. All shipped cartridges must be properly packaged to ensure the cartridges are not damaged during transit. When packaging toner cartridges, use the original box if it is available.

To know more about recycling event, please click here.

Our toner cartridge recycling event is limited to the following products:

HP 58X Black (CF258X), HP 414X Black (W2020X), HP 414X Cyan (W2021X), HP 414X Yellow (W2022X), HP 414X Magenta (W2023X)

To know more about recycling event, please click here.

We ship all orders by UPS or USPS, with most orders arriving within 3 working days.

Please note we do not offer expedited shipping (e.g., Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, or 3-Day Select) at this moment, so please plan accordingly.

We ship to the U.S. 50 states and Puerto Rico (PR); however, we do not ship to APO/FPO, US territories (except PR), or international addresses.

If your delivery does not arrive, let us know, and we will despatch a replacement order for free.

OEM stands for ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer,’ which means that they are made for a specific line of machines by the same producer as the machine itself. So a genuine HP toner means that HP made toner for an HP printer.

A compatible cartridge is a brand new cartridge made by a third-party company. So a compatible HP ink is a cartridge made by someone other than HP as a direct replacement for a genuine HP version. We quality test extensively and only sell the best compatibles available, giving you the best cartridges for your money.

'Remanufactured’ and ‘Refilled’ are simply different names for the same thing. These are recycled cartridges collected by a third party cleaned, refilled, and rigorously tested to ensure they meet the same high standards as they were first produced.

A ‘compatible’ cartridge is made entirely afresh and has not been recycled, produced by a third party for a certain printer.

Not for 1 year. A manufacturer is legally required to give a 1-year guarantee on electrical products that cannot have anti-competitive terms, so your 1-year warranty is completely safe.

If your printer is over a year old and in an optional extended warranty it can be affected, so we guarantee your printer performance. In the very unlikely event our product causes an issue with your printer we will replace it.

This changes by printer and item, so you'll see clear expected page yields for everything on our website.

Some Canon and HP laser printers take universal cartridges that fit both brands. You may in some circumstances order remanufactured Canon toner cartridges and receive items labeled as HP compatible.

For example, the Canon 718 range of cartridges are often labeled as HP304 or CC530-3.

You can find out if the cartridges you have received are universal equivalents by typing both numbers into the same Google search (in the example above you could search "Canon 718 HP 304" or "718 CC530" etc). If you see a lot of listings showing them as the same product, you can safely assume that you should open the box and use the toner.

If you're not sure or would like us to verify that you have the right cartridges, just contact us with your order number and we'll check for you.

Most cartridge errors are caused by a communication breakdown between the printer and the chip on the cartridge, and there is a simple fix for this.

First, take all of the cartridges out of the printer (including many that are working, or do not need replacement).

Put the problem cartridge back in on its own. If you are experiencing difficulty with more than one cartridge and one of them is black, start with this.

Turn the printer off and unplug it from the wall for about ten minutes.

Turn the printer back on and insert the next cartridge - keep any of the cartridges that aren't causing a problem until last.

Turn the printer off for about thirty seconds. There is no need to unplug it this time.

If your printer takes more than two cartridges, repeat steps 4 and 5 until they are all installed.

The printer should now be talking to all of the cartridges, so you will be able to start printing.

Customers often worry about the yield of pages their cartridges produce and will mistakenly try to track a cartridge’s yield by time. The amount of time it takes for a cartridge to go empty is an inaccurate indicator of its page yield. The manufacturer’s cited page yield for ink and toner cartridges is given at 5% coverage. This means that the quoted page yield is based upon printed pages where only 5% of the page has been imprinted with ink. This comes out to be a small amount of imprinted ink – roughly one-quarter of the page. For example, a short memo has approximately 5% coverage. If you are printing letters, using legal-size paper, printing photos, web pages, or any type of graphics, your coverage will vary greatly and your page yield will drop significantly.

There are two ways to properly check for yield. The first is to utilize any page count your printer has. Refer to the user's manual for instructions. The other way is to count reams or boxes of paper you have used with each cartridge. Both of these methods will tell you how many pages per cartridge you are using

Please keep in mind that although both methods provide you with an approximation, your cartridge’s yield will ultimately depend on your printing practices. You should also take into consideration the typical print coverage on the pages that you are producing. For instance, if you only print short memos you will reach – or, come close to – the manufacturer’s state page yield. In contrast, if you write full-page letters or print graphics, your page yield will be considerably less. A cartridge with a 4000-page yield, for example, will run out of ink or toner at around 800 pages when used to print full pages of text and graphics with a high percentage of ink or toner coverage.

Every cartridge is individually inspected, weighed, and tested before packaging to ensure that it is filled with the correct amount of ink. This error message is usually the result of a cartridge that is not firmly seated in its designated slot. To troubleshoot the problem, begin by completely removing the cartridge from its port. Reinstall the cartridge by positioning it so that it snaps into place and is securely fastened in its slot. Keep in mind that your printer doesn’t actually read the amount of ink in the cartridge. Printer software simply estimates the amount of ink remaining in the cartridge by remembering the number of pages that were printed when the previous cartridge was installed, and using this information to estimate when your next cartridge should be replaced. If a new cartridge is installed before the printer driver resets, there is a chance that the printer may think that the old empty cartridge is still being used. To fix the issue, reinstall the cartridge and click on the install new cartridge option; you may have to refer to your printer’s manual for further instructions. Selecting the new cartridge option will indicate to your printer that a new cartridge has been installed which will then prompt it to reset the page counter. This should eliminate the error message. If further assistance is needed, please call us at 855-412-1136.

You’ll notice that some of our cartridges – compatible and remanufactured - will look slightly different than the printer-brand cartridge. There are a couple of reasons for this. For one, a majority of our remanufactured cartridges are equipped with a protective clip that must be removed prior to installation. This is an L-shaped clip that runs along the side of the cartridge and is meant to protect it from any damage that might occur during the shipping process. The clip will make your cartridge appear larger than the cartridge in your printer. Please open the package and carefully remove the protective clip as well as any protective tape that covers the cartridge’s print head.

Many of our compatible cartridges might have slight design differences from the original. This is to avoid infringement on a patented design. Despite any structural difference you may notice, the cartridge will still fit and print a full yield.

Ideally, your cartridges should be stored in an upright position at room temperature. During shipment, cartridges may be placed in various positions and this can cause the ink to settle at the opposite end of the cartridge, which may result in printing issues. For optimal performance, before using your cartridge, place it in the upright position for a few hours to allow the ink to move to the bottom of the cartridge. This will let the ink pass through the sponge, allowing the cartridge to print properly.

If the printer display a warning message when printing, you may just leave it alone. It won't interfere with the normal printing.

Also, when printing, a pop-up warning message display on your computer screen saying "Used or Counterfeit Cartridge in Use" or "Cartridge low", please click the Snooze button and select "2 month" from the menu to disable the message.

If you still need help, please refer to the instruction manual in the package or contact us via live chat or send email to