Compatible HP 910XL (Firmware Safe) Ink Cartridges 4-Pack

 Page Yield: Black/Cyan/Yellow/Magenta 825* Pages

30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Shop with Confidence! 


✔Fully functional for use in HP+ printers (-e models). ✔Completely safe against any future firmware updates.


Want to print more for less? Order our compatible HP 910XL 5-Pack, or HP 910XL 10-Pack.

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Compatible HP 910XL (Firmware Safe) Ink Cartridges 4-Pack Description

Protect your investment with True Image compatible HP 910XL firmware safe ink cartridges. Our compatible HP 910 XL ink cartridges feature a new chip technology which makes them fully functional for use in HP+ printers (-e models) and completely safe against any future firmware updates. So you can shop and print with peace of mind. Print more black & white documents? Shop HP 910XL ink 5-pack or HP 910XL ink 10-pack at a discounted price.

About True Image Compatible HP 910XL Firmware Safe Ink 4-Pack


We are proud to offer this compatible HP 910XL firmware safe ink value pack at an affordable price. Each cartridge is equiped with an advanced smart chip that enables it to be used in HP+ printers (-e models) and is completely safe from any future firmware updates. So you don't need to make any changes with your printer settings. Instead, you can enjoy smooth printing anytime.


Produced with precision and premium materials, these 910XL HP inks meet your expectation for high quality. They fit your printer well and consistently generates printout with rich black and vibrant color. As you know, ink cartridges are good for printing photos. Our superior HP 910XL high yield ink cartridges are no exception. You will get clear, glossy printed pages with high accuracy every time you print with them.

Page Yield

These compatible HP 910XL high yield ink cartridges yield up to 825 pages each. They produce 500 pages more than the standard yield HP 910 ink cartridges. With this HP ink 910XL combo pack, you will not run out with HP ink that fast. Save your time replacing cartridges and get your work more efficient with fewer downtimes.


In addition to time and effort, using compatible HP 910XL printer inks can help you save a lot of money. Unlike HP charges a lot for HP 910XL printer inks, we sell our HP 910XL compatible inks at a discounted price. Feel free to explore the price difference between HP and True Image, and you will find out how much you can save.


Our HP 910XL ink cartridges combo pack comes with a 1-year 100% satisfaction guarantee. Meaning you can try these cartridges risk-free since the guarantee period is almost as long as the cartridges' shelf life. With the guarantee period, we will offer technical support, a return, or a refund for any defective cartridge.

Frequently Asked Questions about Compatible HP 910XL Firmware Safe Ink 4-Pack

What does "firmware safe" mean?

As you may know, printer manufacturers are trying to block non-HP ink cartridges by updating the printer firmware from time to time. Firmware safe means our compatible HP 910 ink cartridges XL will never be blocked by printer firmware update. They are completely safe against any future firmware updates.

What printers use HP ink 910XL?

True Image compatible HP 910XL firmware safe ink cartridges feature an advanced chip technology. So they are fully compatible with the firmware of HP OfficeJet 8010 series, HP OfficeJet Pro 8020, and 8035 series printers (including HP+ printers - e models). Check our compatible printer model list and order correct ink for your printer.

What's the difference between HP 910 and 910XL?

The significant difference between HP 910 and 910XL is page yield. The "XL" indicates that HP 910XL ink cartridges come with high yields and last longer than the standard-yield HP 910 ink cartridges.

Based on ISO/IEC standards, HP 910 black ink yields 300 pages, and HP 910 color ink yields 315 pages. HP 910XL ink cartridges print about 500 pages more. Both HP 910XL black & color ink cartridges print up to 825 pages.

The HP 910XL high-yield ink cartridges appear to cost more than the HP 910 standard-yield ink cartridges. But in reality, high-yield cartridges print at a lower cost per page. Therefore, HP 910XL Ink cartridges are highly recommended if you print a lot of paperwork.

Please keep in mind that HP 910 and HP 910XL are identical in print quality, shelf life, and applicable printer models. So you can feel free to order our higi-yield HP 910XL ink cartridges.

Are HP 910XL ink cartridges recyclable?

The original HP ink cartridges are recyclable. HP recycles and reuses its original ink and toner cartridges for years. Recycling used cartridges can help reduce waste and protect the environment. If you intend to recycle your empty HP 910XL original ink cartridges, here are some methods:

1. Drop them off at a location such as Staples, Best Buy, and Office Depot, which is near you.

2. Send them back to HP. Pack your used cartridges well > Print a free shipping label at the HP website > Affix the shipping label to the package > Mail the package to HP.

Will compatible HP 910XL ink void my printer warranty?

Since original HP cartridges are incredibly expensive, many printer users switch to affordable 3rd-party ones. In order to force printer users to buy original HP cartridges, printer manufacturers have taken various means. And claiming the printer warranty will be voided is one of its means. But the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prohibits this behavior. Using compatible HP 910XL ink will not void your printer warranty.


    Compatible HP 910XL Firmware Safe Ink Cartridges 4-Pack Specifications

    Product Brand True Image
    OEM Number 3YL65AN, 3YL62AN, 3YL63AN, 3YL64AN
    Product Capacity High Yield
    Shelf Life 18-24 Months
    Page Yield Black 825 Pages; Cyan/Yellow/Magenta 825 Pages
    Cost Per Page 1.97 cents

    Compatible HP 910XL (Firmware Safe) Ink Cartridges 4-Pack Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Charles B.

    I couldn't believe that these ink cartridges work.

    Kelly J.
    Works perfect

    Installed the product with ease. Works great

    Great value and works great

    Initially, I was worried about using a non-hp product. Decided to give this product a shot because of the value and the hp ink is so expensive! Received the product, installed it quickly, and did a couple of test prints and the quality is comparable. More ink, good quality, and a better price!

    Sharon S.
    Just as described

    I had no issues with my printer recognizing the ink cartridges. A good value for the money. The printing looked the same as with OEM cartridges. Happy to have found this item.