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What Are Compatible Xerox Toner Cartridges?

Compatible Xerox toner cartridges are the printer supplies produced by 3rd party manufacturers. They have the same quality, reliability, compatibility and page yield as the original Xerox toners. The biggest advantage of compatible Xerox toner cartridges is their price. The price of a compatible Xerox printer ink is often only 1/3 or even less than the price of the original one. Take our compatible Xerox Phaser 3260 toner as an example, you can buy it at the most affordable cost. Thus, compatible toner cartridges for Xerox printers have become the best option for saving print costs.

Xerox is a trademark for Xerox Holdings Corporation in the United States. The brand name designations or references here are made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility. Want to learn more about Xerox company? You can search 1986 2022 Xerox Corporation on Google.

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Where To Buy Xerox Toner Replacement?

Online Store

When your Xerox printer runs out of toner, buying replacements online is more convenient than shopping in local retail store. Just stay at home or office and place an order online. Then the supplier will deliver the toner cartridges within few days. You can stay safe because you don’t have to go out and worry about personal care. So shopping online is the best choice for you in pandemic season.

However, most customers may worry: “Will this website sell my personal information?” If you want a good place to order Xerox toner replacements, True Image must worth your trust. We protects our clients personal information. Meanwhile, we provides both discounted quality products and thoughtful service. Besides, our official website is an one-stop shop from where you can place orders and seek for online tech support. For orders placed before PST 4:00 p.m. or EST 5:00 p.m., we will ship them the same day from our CA or PA warehouse. Thus you can receive the order within 1-3 days. When your order value exceeds $30, you can also enjoy free shipping.

Xerox Toner Near Me

If you want to find a local toner cartridge supplier, you can also search Xerox Toner Near Me on Google. Then you will find the closest toner supplier. However, because of Covid-19, almost all local toner suppliers no longer provide pick-up service. So you still need to place an order online or over the phone and expect the supplier to deliver the order by express.

Need more items for other brand printers? We also have Brother, Canon, Dell, OKI, Samsung, Kyocera and HP laserjet printer toner cartridges in stock.

Why Is The Price Of True Image Brand Xerox Toner Replacements So Low?

True Image compatible Xerox toner cartridges are sourced from the biggest manufacturer in aftermarket. We purchase them in bulk to keep our cost as low as possible. Then we store them in our local warehouse and sell them online to keep our overheads as low as possible. That's why we are able to offer such low prices.

However, low price does not mean poor quality. True Image compatible Xerox toner cartridges are produced by reputable top manufacturer in this industry. And each toner cartridge will be strictly tested to ensure high quality before we ship it. So you can enjoy both high quality and huge savings when using True Image brand Xerox toner replacements.

How To Replace A Xerox Toner Cartridge.

Xerox printer supplies include toner cartridges and drum cartridges, just like Brother toner cartridges and drum units. Replacing a Xerox toner cartridge is easy. You can follow below steps to finish installation.

  • Open the Xerox printer cover.
  • Slowly drag out the empty Xerox toner cartridge with drum cartridge.
  • Separate the toner cartridge from drum cartridge.
  • Remove the packaging of new Xerox toner and check if it is intact or not.
  • Slightly shake the new toner cartridge six to eight times horizontally. It can make toner evenly distributed.
  • Combine the new toner with the Xerox drum cartridge.
  • Install the new toner with drum cartridge back to your Xerox printer.
  • Close the printer cover and wait few seconds. Then the printer is ready to print.

Please note that the Xerox drum cartridges also have service life (page yield). When the number of printed pages exceeds the page yield of a drum cartridge, you need to replace it with a new one to ensure high print quality. For example, the page yield of a Xerox 3215 3260 Drum Cartridge - 101R00474 is 10,000 pages. After you print 10,000 pages, it’s time for you to replace the drum cartridge.

For environmental protection purposes, we suggest printer users to dispose of used xerox toner cartridges properly.

Xerox Toner recycle

Xerox Toner Cartridge Recycling

How To Dispose Of Xerox Toner Cartridge?

rue Image encourages customers to recycle empty Xerox toner cartridges for environmental aims. We will also show you the below procedures to recycle Xerox toner cartridges.

  • Remove the toner from your Xerox printer and replace it with a new one.
  • Wrap your empty Xerox toner cartridge up before putting it in the box. In case dust leak and lead to a mess.
  • Use a UPS label on your box to ensure all materials are available.
  • Find a local shipping center and send your package to Xerox.

Xerox Green World Alliance

You can also visit Xerox Green World Alliance. It recycles genuine Xerox toner cartridges for Xerox customers. They have three different return options. First, enter your part number to realize whether your supply item is Single Item Returns. Besides, you can use free Eco Boxes if you have 5 to 30 items to return. Just provide your shipping information and submit your order. In addition, make sure your box has a prepaid return label on it. When your returned toner cartridges are more than 30, Xerox will recommend you use a pallet to deliver your return items. Collect items on a pallet until it weighs a minimum of 100lbs/45kgs. Then fill out the Bill of Lading Form and place bulk return signs on the pallet. At last, schedule a pick-up by calling 1 (877) 585-4745. (Xerox pays charges)

Xerox Waste Toner Container

What is a Xerox waste toner container? When printing with a laser printer, small particles of toner powder still gather around your drum unit, called waste toner. Obviously, a waste toner container is a box to collect excess toner. It produces the best image quality, uninterrupted printing. But as time goes on, your increased toner powder begins to impact your printer. Ultimately, your waste toner container is run out of life. At that time, please replace it promptly to make sure the high-quality printing of the Xerox cartridge.

If you have any problems, please get in touch with us!