Compatible HP LaserJet 87X Toner Cartridge Twin Pack

 Page Yield: 18000* Pages each
Avg Price Per Cartridge:$ 54.99 each

Sale price$109.99
In stock
In stock

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Compatible HP LaserJet 87X Toner Cartridge Twin Pack Description

HP 87X compatible toner helps you save money and worry.

When you use our HP 87X compatible toner with your printer, there are 18,000 pages it can print. Compared with our compatible HP-87A laserjet toner, whose page yield is 9,000 pages, the HP-87X high yield cartridge is twice that of it. Therefore, compatible HP 87X toner cartridges are the high yield options. When you use the HP 87X toner high yield black toner cartridge, you don't need to replace cartridges often. In addition, our compatible HP 87X CF287X can work with HP LaserJet Enterprise M506dn / M506 / M506n / M506x /, HP LaserJet Pro M501dn / M501n, LaserJet MFP M527.

Our HP-87X high yield toner cartridges use ultra-fine toner. And the toner particles are small, so not easy to wear the photosensitive drum, making your printed documents clearer. In addition, our advanced toner formulas deliver sharp text for professional results. In general, our toner cartridges are specially designed to work, which are of high quality and won't void your printer.

As everyone knows, toner cartridges of the genuine brand are of good quality and guaranteed. We are not the original equipment manufacturer and our price is cheaper than the original HP 87X high yield toner cartridges. However, we have the premium printing quality and performance as the original HP toner cartridges. That's because we have excellent product-managed flow. By the way, we provide a lifetime guarantee service. If you need it, you can contact us.

The difference between ink and toner 

1. Ink cartridge is suitable for the inkjet printer, which uses ink for imaging. The toner cartridge like 87A toner is suitable for the laser printer, which uses toner for laser imaging.
2. Ink should have a low viscosity and high surface tension to ensure good flow performance and droplet morphology. Toner has a round shape, good fluidity and a high transfer rate.
3. The ink cartridge consumes ink. If it is used up, you can add ink or change the ink cartridge. The toner cartridge consumes carbon powder. If it is used up, you can add toner or change a toner cartridge.
4. If the ink cartridge runs out of ink, break-points will appear first until it is colorless. If the toner is used up, the printing effect will become lighter until there is no color.
5. Compared with toner cartridges, ink is very cheap, and so is compatible ink.


True Image SKU TI-CF287X-2PK
Product Brand True Image
OEM Number 87X Black Twin Pack (CF287X)
Product Capacity High Yield
Shelf Life 24--36 Months
Page Yield 18000 each
Cost Per Page 0.30 cents

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