Compatible HP 62XL Ink Cartridge - Multi Pack

 Page Yield: Black: 600 Pages; Cyan/Magenta/Yellow: 415 Pages
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Pack: 2(1 Black, 1 Tri-color)
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In stock

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This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

HP Envy Series

  • Envy 5540
  • Envy 5541
  • Envy 5542    
  • Envy 5543 
  • Envy 5544 
  • Envy 5545
  • Envy 5546    
  • Envy 5547 
  • Envy 5548    
  • Envy 5549 
  • Envy 5640    
  • Envy 5642 
  • Envy 5643    
  • Envy 5644 
  • Envy 5646    
  • Envy 5660 
  • Envy 5661
  • Envy 5663
  • Envy 5664
  • Envy 5665
  • Envy 7640  
  • Envy 7643 
  • Envy 7644    
  • Envy 7645 
  • Envy 8000    
  • Envy 8005

HP OfficeJet Series

  • OfficeJet 5740  
  • OfficeJet 5741 
  • OfficeJet 5742
  • OfficeJet 5743 
  • OfficeJet 5744   
  • OfficeJet 5745 
  • OfficeJet 5746   
  • OfficeJet 6301 
  • OfficeJet 8040   
  • OfficeJet 8045

Compatible HP 62XL Ink Cartridge - Multi Pack Description

The HP 62XL compatible multi-pack cartridge is a set of high-yield cartridges designed for use with HP Envy and HP OfficeJet printers. The multi-packs contain a set of four-color compatible HP 62XL ink cartridges, providing you with a convenient way to store ink without having to purchase them separately. Compatible HP 62XL cartridges are often a cost-effective alternative to genuine HP 62XL, offering similar performance at a lower price. Multi-packs may contain combinations of cartridges in different colors or quantities, allowing you to choose the number and type of cartridges that best suit your printing needs.

When using compatible cartridges, follow the manufacturer's installation and usage instructions to ensure optimal performance and print quality. True Image will put a product manual in the package to ensure you understand some of the problems you encounter. Our compatible cartridges have the same shape and performance as the original HP 62XL cartridges, but it is advisable that you check and determine the compatible printer models before purchasing. Overall, the Multi-pack compatible HP 62XL cartridge provides a convenient and cost-effective way to store HP printer cartridges, allowing you to print more without worrying about replacement costs. If one of our HP 62XL high-yield multi-packs caught your eye here, check it out to learn more about it.

HP 62 VS HP 62XL: Which One Is Worth More Getting?

The choice between HP 62 and HP 62XL ink cartridges depends on your specific printing needs and budget. Here's a comparison to help you decide which one is worth getting:

  • HP 62 Standard (Non-XL) Replacements:

1. Page Yield: HP 62 standard cartridges have a lower page yield than the XL versions. The capacity of a black 62 ink is 200 pages, and a tricolor one is 165 pages. They are designed for users with lower printing needs. If you print infrequently or only need a small number of pages, standard cartridges may suffice.
2. Cost: Compatible HP 62 standard cartridges are typically more affordable upfront, making them a cost-effective choice for users on a tight budget. However, their cost per page can be higher due to the lower page yield.
3. Suitable For: Standard cartridges are suitable for home users, students, or individuals who do not print extensively and prefer lower initial costs.

  • HP 62XL High-Yield Replacements:

1. Page Yield: HP 62XL cartridges offer a significantly higher page yield compared to the standard cartridges. If you have a high-volume printing workload, the XL versions are more economical because they require less frequent replacement. Each HP 62XL black ink prints 600 pages, and each tricolor HP 62XL gives 415 pages.
2. Cost: While HP 62XL replacements have a higher upfront cost, they generally provide a lower cost per page in the long run due to their higher page yield. It makes them a better value for users who print frequently.
3. Suitable For: HP 62XL cartridges are ideal for users who print frequently, whether for business, school, or personal use. They are especially cost-effective for those who require a larger number of pages.

  • Which One to Choose:

The choice between HP 62 and HP 62XL ink cartridges is based on your individual requirements. If you print more often and require a higher page yield, the HP 62XL is generally the better value. However, if your printing volume is low, you might find the standard HP 62 cartridges to be a more cost-effective choice.

Using Compatible HP 62XL Combo-pack Ink Cartridge Enjoys More Benefits

1. Multiple options: Combo-packs often offer a wider range of options than just the colors and specifications of the original cartridge. It means that you can purchase cartridges in different colors, capacities, and even brands as needed to meet your specific printing needs. This diversity gives you more flexibility in choosing and using cartridges. At True Image, you can not only find suitable ink or toner cartridges for your HP printer, but we also provide hundreds or even thousands of models for users of some well-known brands such as Brother, Canon, and so on. For True Image HP 62XL replacements, we set different numbers of packs: 2-pack, 3-pack, and 5-pack.

2. More capacity: The HP 62XL tends to have a larger ink capacity, which means you can use fewer cartridges when printing large files or a large number of documents. Large-capacity cartridges can save time and trouble by reducing the frequency of replacement. The main advantage of a larger ink capacity is the extended paper yield. Since there is more ink in each cartridge, you can print more pages before replacing them. It is especially beneficial for users with heavy printing needs. We also offer multi-pack sets, which usually allow you to have 62XL cartridges free at all times, effectively avoiding some emergencies with a shortage of ink.

3. Wonderful print quality: Our compatible 62xl hp ink excels in terms of print quality. These cartridges can provide apparent, bright print effects to meet a variety of printing needs. With proper installation and usage instructions, you may find that third-party cartridges print just as well as original cartridges. The compatible HP 62XL cartridge is filled with high-quality ink designed to provide outstanding color and brightness for printing photos, graphics, text, and other content. Print results with compatible HP 62XL ink are usually very close to the original color, but we recommend that you test the ink before printing to ensure it meets your requirements.

4. Environmental sustainability: Using compatible cartridges can help reduce the reliance on the original cartridges, thus reducing the impact on the environment. HP 62XL ink cartridge combo pack By reducing plastic and paper packaging waste, you can contribute to the cause of environmental protection. In addition, True Image is also committed to making cartridges from recyclable materials, further advancing the goal of sustainability.

5. Reliable after-sales service: True Image cartridge suppliers provide reliable after-sales service and support to ensure that you are well protected during use. These services may include installation instructions, technical support, return and exchange policies, etc., to help you solve problems that may arise. If you would like to address any inquiries, concerns, or questions related to our products, you can contact our support team by email or phone. You can also enjoy a 30-day money-back and 2-year product warranty if you place orders.

True Image Compatible HP 62XL Ink Multi-Pack – Your Ultimate Printing Solution!

Unlock superior print quality, unsurpassed value, and environmentally conscious printing with True Image compatible HP 62XL ink multi-pack. Designed to perfection, our cartridges guarantee sharp, vibrant prints that compete with originals. With high paper yields, you'll print more with less cost, while greater capacity will minimize downtime.

Unlock superior print quality, unsurpassed value, and environmentally conscious printing with True Image compatible HP 62XL ink multi-pack. Designed to perfection, our cartridges guarantee sharp, vibrant prints that compete with originals. With high paper yields, you'll print more with less cost, while greater capacity will minimize downtime.


Product Brand True Image
OEM Number C2P05AN(BK); C2P07AN(C/M/Y)
Product Capacity High Yield
Shelf Life 24--36 Months
Page Yield 600 Pages(BK); 415 Pages(C/M/Y)

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