Replacement HP 116A Toner Cartridge Set - With Chip

 Page Yield: Black: 1,000 Pages, Cyan/Yellow/Magenta 700 Pages
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Replacement HP 116A Toner Cartridge Set - With Chip Description

HP 116A Compatible Toner Set - With Chip

True Image is specialized in manufacturing and selling quality compatible toner cartridges. So, the compatible HP Toner 116A cartridge set we offer is also of high quality. This set includes one HP W2060A black toner cartridge and three color laser toner cartridges (W2061A W2062A W2063A). And, to be your long-term reliable partner, we offer you this premium HP 116A toner set at a super low price. What I need to emphasize is all HP116A cartridges are with chips, which can work like OEM cartridges.

HP116A Toner Replacements with Multiple Certifications

For True Image, our company’s registered trademarks had been certified. We are a regular supplier of ink cartridges and laser toner cartridges. So, you can put 100% trust in our brand and this compatible HP 116A toner cartridge set.
We have a professional research and production team with rich experience. All HP116A toner replacements were meticulously developed and improved by the production team. And the results of multiple printing tests demonstrate that this HP 116A toner set meets international ISO/IEC standards. All aspects of performance can up to OEM standards, such as print quality and page yield.

Compatible HP 116A Toner HP Cartridges with Cost-cutting

Although this compatible HP product has OEM-like quality, we sell it at a more affordable price. If you compare the price between the original HP cartridges and our 116A toner cartridges, you will find that our price is only a fraction of the original.
HP 116 standard yield toner set’s store price may vary among different compatible toner cartridge suppliers. But we can confidently say that the price of our HP 116A compatible toner set is still very competitive in the whole market. Moreover, we also promise that you only need to pay for the toner, and no other fees may apply.

Compatible HP 116A Toner Set with Precise Chip

No matter HP 116A W2060A black laser toner cartridge or W2061A W2062A W2063A color laser toner cartridges, they are all equipped with sophisticated chips. Such a small chip helps this HP116A printer ink toner cartridge to be accurately recognized by the HP laser printer. This can make the toner and HP printer work smoothly together to deliver consistent crisp printouts. The HP laser printers these cartridges work with include HP Color Laser MFP 179fnw, MFP 179fwg, MFP 178nw, MFP 178nwg, HP Color Laser 150a, 150nw, and 150 series. At the same time, the chip also can track the toner level of the compatible HP ink toner cartridges. It helps you to know when to change a new cartridge.
1. No personal information will be sold by True Image.
2. If you want to get more product details, please consult our attentive customer service staff.

Frequently Asked Questions about HP 116A Toner Cartridge Set

What printers are compatible with HP 116A toner cartridges?

HP 116A toner cartridges are engineered to work with HP Color Laser 150a, 150nw, MFP 179fnw, 179fwg, 178nw, and 178nwg.

How long do HP 116A toner cartridges last?

In terms of page yield, the HP 116A black toner (W2060A) yields 1,000 pages, and each color toner (W2061A / W2062A / W2063A) yields 700 pages. Regarding shelf life, the HP 116A original laser toner cartridges last 24 months. But the compatibles have a shelf life ranging from 24 to 36 months.

How do I replace HP 116A laser toner cartridges?

1. Open the front door to access toner cartridges.
2. Remove the used cartridge can place it aside.
3. Unpack a new cartridge and then hold its sides to shake it 5-6 times to spread the toner.
4. Remove the sealing tape and the protective cover.
5. Insert the new cartridge into the slot with the corresponding color label.
6. Repeat steps 2-5 if you need to replace more than one cartridge.
7. Close the front door.

Will using HP 116A compatible toners void my printer warranty?

No. According to Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, manufacturers can’t deny warranty service just on the ground of using compatible products. So HP doesn’t have the right to void your printer warranty because you are using HP 116A compatible toners.

How to recycle HP 116A original laser toner cartridges?

There are three common ways you can recycle your HP 116A original laser toner cartridges with:
1. Return them to HP. Many original equipment manufacturers have a recycling program, and HP is no exception. HP has set up a recycling program called HP Planet Partner for recycling used printer cartridges and reusing them. You can join this program and print a free shipping label to stick on the package containing the used cartridges.
2. Drop them off at local office supply stores. A lot of office supply stores, like Staples, Best Buy, and Office Depot, recycle empty cartridges to remanufacture new ones. Some of them reward you with cash.
3. Donate them. Donating used toner cartridges to charities is a good recycling way. Google it and find the charity that accepts used toner cartridges near you.

HP 116A Toner Cartridge Set Replacement-With Chip Specifications

Product Brand True Image
OEM Number 116A
Product Capacity Standrad Yield
Shelf Life 24-36 Months
Page Yield Black 1000, Colors 700
Cost Per Page 3.48 Cents

Replacement HP 116A Toner Cartridge Set - With Chip Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
darryl w.

For that price and i have great prints!

Kelly E.
Amazing customer service.

The customer service is not only friendly and they also are super fast to respond to emails too. I will be recommending them up to my friends and family. I wish every company had this caliber of customer service.

Back to sharp edege to edge printing

You might want to empty the toner trash bin first then these Replacement HP 116A Toner Cartridge Set - With Chip slipped right into place like the OEM ones. Restart the printer and go.

Carissa A.
Great price and product

Wont buy name brand ever again. This product is great!

Yanlun L.M.C.
Good product and service

Nice product and printing quality is good

Joe K.A.
affordable, compatible and flawless.

Followed the instructions and installed the cartridge. It worked right the first time without a problem and continues to work perfectly. I will be buying from this merchant again.

Hello Joe K Adams,

Thank you for your positive feedback. We will continue to work hard to improve our products and services. And we sincerely look forward to your next visit to our store.

All True Image brand printer cartridges are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year product warranty. If you encounter any problems, please call our customer service team at (855)412-1136 or send an email to Our customer service team are ready to help you.

Your 100% satisfaction is our goal!

Best regards,
True Image Customer Service Team

Great Toner replacement for business use

We are a small business company and use our HP Color Laser printer every day. This Toner replacement has been a money saver compare to HP Toner. The install was easy and I am still on the first black cartridge, I have printed a lot of Specs for our projects. It's been 6 months and it's still going strong. I would highly recommend this brand.

Debby O.
Reliable product

We routinely buy these cartridges for our office machines. They are reliable, good quality and a great value. We can depend on the timely delivery and that the cartridges will work every time. We will continue to order them.

Megan S.
Great bang for your buck

These toner cartridges work as well as HP toners for 1/2 of the price. I have had zero issues with ink quality and they last just as long. Highly recommend and will buy again.

Brandon P.

Replacement HP 116A Toner Cartridge Set - With Chip