Compatible HP 414X Toner Set Replaces HP 414A/414X Toner Cartridges

 Page Yield: Black* 7,500 Pages, Cyan/Yellow/Magenta* 6,000 Pages
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Avg Price Per Cartridge: $34.99      Version: No Chip

Need Chipped Version? Buy HP 414A Toner Set (with chip) and HP 414X Toner Set(with Chip).

Sale price$149.99 Regular price$173.99
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In stock

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This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

01. Best Value for Money

When you can find cheaper 414A and 414X toner cartridges with the same printing performance and same page yield from True Image, why waste your money and time on original HP toner cartridges?

Save 30%-50%
Reliable & Stable Printing

02. Clear & Vivid Printing

Premium fine and smooth toners are just for the clear and vivid printouts, saving you from the awkwardness of unclear page content.

*at 5% coverage (Letter/A4)

03. No Harm to Your Printer

Each True Image toner cartridge compatible for HP 414A or 414X is tested strictly to make sure it works perfectly with your printer.

04. Your Printer Toner Experts

From product selection to post-sale service, we are with you every step of the way to assist, whether it's from a phone call, email, or livechat.

05. Eco-friendly & Qualified Products

True Image toner cartridges are certified by authorized organizations for their green production and excellent printing performance.

1-Year Warranty
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Compatible HP 414X Toner Set Replaces HP 414A/414X Toner Cartridges Description

This is a compatible HP 414X toner set with high page yield. This color toner set included W2020X, W2021X, W2022X, W2023X(Black,Cyan,Yellow,Magenta). They replace both standard yield HP414A and high yield HP414X toners.

This 414X toner set does not have chips. Before you print, please install HP chips on them. A clear instruction for installing chips is included. All cartridges are compatible with HP color LaserJet Pro M454dn, M454dw, M479dw, M479dn and M479fdw after you install HP toner chips. So, these cartridges are also called M454dn toner, M454dw toner, M479dw toner, M479fdn toner and M479fdw toner. 

Need complete toner cartridges coming with chips? Buy our HP 414X Toner with Chip

The Annual Discount Price for HP414X&HP 414A Toner

Before we introduce our discount printer cartridges, I’d like to briefly introduce the advantages of our replacement cartridges’ price compared with the original HP toner cartridges with jetintelligence’ price.

Firstly, I will show some specific data for your comparison. If you need black and white printer paper, the price of genuine black HP 414A toner cartridges is $84.99 ea. While the price of genuine 414X black high yield cartridges is $171.99 ea. If you need color printer paper, an original HP414A colored HP standard yield toner cartridge costs $109.99 ea. And an original 414X colored HP high yield toner cartridges costs $234.99 ea. There are not many users can afford to buy such expensive HP high yield toner cartridges or standard yield cartridges for a long time. I can firmly tell you that there is no need to spend this pointless expense at all. One advantage of online shopping is that you can shop around and get the best price for yourself. If you can buy goods of the same quality or even better for less money, why buy the expensive ones? That’s why we have developed these replacement cartridges set that designed to work with your printer. With low price and good quality comparable to the original brands.

Think about it. Our black cyan magenta and yellow M479fdw toner cartridge set with high volume sells for only $139.95 ea. It’s obviously that the standard volume cartridge set-HP W2020A, HP W2021AHP W2022A, HP W2023A will be cheaper, with 119.95 ea, you can take it home. And if you are not satisfied, your can return the product back to us. Most important of all, you can get a brand-new colored set with the price even less than a single genuine colored toner in True Image. Where can you get such good bargain? Add to cart and get the daily deals for yourself!

Free Transportation Expense for HP414X&HP 414A Toner

Many Amazon businesses provide free shipping services with additional fee may apply. Amazon platform also needed customers to buy at least $25 for free shipping service.

We think that for online sellers, free shipping is the most basic service. That’s why we provide free shipping without any limitation and no extra fees may apply. The extra fee may apply to you only if you return the goods for your own reasons. Even you order a single M479fdw toner that gives you high quality printing, you can still enjoy free shipping. Our other compatible products are also free shipping, such as Brother TN730Brother TN227 toner set and so on. We hereby guarantee to provide delivery service with high speeds to all customers living in the United States. The moment you place an order, we will start the pre delivery inspection process. After the careful inspection, the goods will be sent out. And you can receive compatible products for your HP M479fdw Laser printer with high speeds in three days only!

Provide Various Page Yield Options

Considering that users have different wants and needs for HP toner cartridge yield. So we have designed products with different HP toner cartridge yield for you to choose. Whether you buy it for school supplies or office supplies, you can always find your desirable products on True Image Official Store.

For HP414X colored toner set, the volume of black cartridge is 7,500 pages and the volume of colored cartridges is 6,000 pages. Moreover, for HP414A colored toner set, the volume of black cartridge is 2,400 pages and the volume of colored cartridges-HP W2020A, HP W2021A, HP W2022A and W2023A toner HP 414A Magenta is 2,100 pages.

The above is just a rough introduction. You can also consult our customer service personnel, who will help you customize a purchase plan suitable for you according to your actual needs.

Compatible Printer Models for HP414X&HP 414A toner

First, I would like to explain that the 414A and 414X HP W2020X, HP W2021X, HP W2022X, HP W2023X cartridges are interchangeable and designed to work with your HP printers perfectly. Besides, their matching HP printers are exactly the same. In that case, customers who want to stock up can buy them together. Here we will listed the related models for you. If you can’t find your model here, just enter your model in the search bar to find your compatible toners.

There altogether have two series. One is HP Color LaserJet Pro series, including HP M454dn and M454dw. The other is HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP series, including HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M479fdw, M479dn as well as M479fdw.

NOTICE: Using our ink and toner replacement won’t void your printer warranty. You can use them at ease without worrying about the printer warranty issue.

HP 414A Toner&414X with Trustworthy Quality and 100 Satisfaction Guarantee

Many customers’ comments can prove that the quality of our products has a good reputation in the industry. In other words, poor quality products can’t keep customers. To produce goods of poor quality is to lift a stone and hit yourself in the foot. That’s why so many people choose True Image, our toners with nice print quality can give you reliable results. There is no exception that everyone is seeking for high quality printing. For those who are willing to pay for expensive genuine toners, they just wanna products with nice print quality can give them reliable results. Therefore, they can leave a good impression on meeting or certain important occasions.

Furthermore, the validity period is one year from the day you receive our products. Even if you only buy a Brother TN223BK TN223C TN223M TN223Y toner. If you are not satisfied with our products, you can communicate with our customer service first. We will solve all your troubles for you. In case that it really can’t be solved. We’ll arrange a refund or resend a new one for you. This is the 100 satisfaction guarantee we provided. True Image will do whatever satisfies you.

Note: These compatible HP 414X toner cartridges do NOT have a chip. Please install the HP toner chip from your used toner to make it work. Instructions and tools for collecting the HP toner chip are included. You can also follow our Video Instruction or Chip Transfer Instruction for HP 414X Toner page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:I have seen Anti-fraud Technology on HP official, but I still don’t really understand what it means. Can you explain it to me?

-Yes, of course I can explain it to you. HP’s anti-fraud technology is kind of a protection against counterfeits. HP invent the chip and install it on every one of their genuine cartridge. Only when the printer recognizes the chip can the machine work normally. Though you can count on consistent quality with anti fraud technology of their products. True Image will also won’t let you feel disappointed.

Q2:Will you protect my confidential information? I really don’t want any of my personal information to be leaked.

-Yes, we will definitely protect your confidential information. And we will abide by the CCPA terms conditions about protecting personal information. It’s worth mentioning that CCPA terms conditions is the strictest privacy protection law in the U.S.

In addition, our programmer team has built an extremely powerful network firewall to protect your personal information. And they are online at any time to prevent hackers from damaging our firewall, resulting in the disclosure of our customers’ information.

Q3:Why the genuine HP cartridges are so expensive?

-We want to tell you a little secret only known in the industry. Though you can always count on consistent quality with anti fraud technology of HP genuine. In order to sell their expensive original toner cartridges, the original brand like HP will set the price of the printer relatively low, so that many people can afford their HP printers. And they invent the chip as protection against counterfeits. The purpose is not let the customers to use compatible cartridges of other brands.

However, as a consumable, the price of original toner cartridge like original HP 414A black toner cartridge is becoming more and more expensive. The price of original HP toner cartridges with jetintelligence is already not the price that mass users can afford. This is one of the meanings of True Image. In order to enable mass users to be able to afford high yield cartridges like HP 414X or standard yield cartridge like 414A cartridge. Whether is black cyan printer cartridges or other colors. So no more hesitation, add to cart and get your daily deals now!

Compatible HP 414X Toner Set Replaces HP 414A/414X Toner Cartridges Reviews

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Sonia Bowyer
Good value easy install

Great price and no problems instaling

Good price

Works as should good product for the price.

Sheila Bailey
Good value for the money .

Replaced HP cardridges with new ones. Half the price of HP ones and worked just as well.



Quick shipping

Great. Arrived quickly.