Compatible HP 83A Toner Cartridge - CF283A

 Page Yield: 1500* Pages

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Compatible HP 83A Toner Cartridge - CF283A Description

Over the years, True Image has actively responded to changing customer needs and market conditions, showing a high degree of flexibility and continuous attention. Therefore, we have established and maintained fruitful cooperative relations with our customers. Furthermore, our attentive and considerate customer service can make your shop happily and easily. When you encounter any problems using our compatible HP 83A toner cartridge, you can contact us by phone, email or live chat. And our professional customer service staff will answer your questions quickly and patiently.

Why Compatible HP CF283A 83A Toner Cartridge Worth Buying?

Reliable Technology And Quality

We strictly control each production process of compatible CF283A (also known as HP 83A) toner cartridges. Before HP 83A replacements leave the factory, we conduct a full inspection to ensure the excellence and stability of product quality effectively. In addition, we are committed to creating high reliability, high quality and high-efficiency ink and toner cartridges.

1. The high-density rubber parts used in our HP 83A toner cartridges can withstand high temperatures and have no deformation. And they can better protect the laser toner cartridges and prevent powder leakage.

2. We use fine and uniform toners like the original HP toners to ensure high blackness, good definition and stability of printing. And the printed text and pictures are fixed firmly.

3. Our high quality drum core has apparent advantages in printing level and is the core component of a good printing effect.

Extremely Competitive Price

Compared with the competitors of other brand cartridges, such as LD products, True Image provides high-quality products and lower prices. More printer users choose non-original HP CF283A toner cartridges because of the high cost of original HP. We promise not to lower the prices by sacrificing quality. Besides, there are about 1,500 pages per HP 83A CF283A black toner cartridge at 5% coverage. And the printing cost per page of our laser toner cartridge CF283A is 1.19 cents. Therefore, with guaranteed quality, our compatible HP laser toner cartridge CF283A is very cost-effective. You can enjoy high-quality printing and reduce printing costs when using our compatible HP 83A toner cartridges. The more compatible HP CF283A toners you use, the more money you can save.

Same Compatibility

Our CF238A is compatible with the following laser printer models: HP LaserJet Pro MFP M125nw / MFP M125a / MFP M125rnw / MFP M126a / MFP M126nw / MFP M127fn / MFP M127fp / MFP M127fw / MFP M127fs / MFP M128fn / MFP M128fp / MFP M128fw / MFP M225dn / MFP M225dw / MFP M225rdn, HP LaserJet Pro M201n / M201dw / M202n / M202dw. With the same compatibility as the original, our HP CF283A toner replacements can work well with your printer. We will send the installment instruction together with your package.

Frequent-Asked Questions And Answers About Compatible HP 83A Toner Cartridge

1. Are Compatible HP CF283A Standard Yield Cartridges Better Than HP CF283X High Yield Cartridges?

Regarding quality, both HP 83A standard yield and HP 83X high yield can reach or even exceed the original level. The only difference between them is the page yield. Printing up to 2,200 pages, our compatible HP CF283X black high yield toner cartridge costs only 0.86 cents per page. You can get reliable printing results at a much lower price by purchasing our HP CF283A/X black toner cartridges. If you need to print often, high yield HP CF283X cartridges will suit you better. And if you have little demand for printing, choose the standard yield HP CF283A cartridges.

What’s more, we offer free shipping for all orders over $30. And the free shipping area covers all Continental US. Shop HP 83A toner cartridges 3-pack or HP 83X toner cartridges 2-pack can get free shipping. Place an order today! The more you buy, the more you save. By the way, we may issue gift cards in the future, so please keep following with interest.

2. After Printing, The Paper Appears With Vertical Continuous Or Intermittent Stripes. What's going on?

There are several possible reasons for this situation of printed documents.

  • 1. There is a notch on the cleaning blade or noticeable scratches on the photosensitive drum.
  • Solution: replace the cleaning blade or photosensitive drum.
  • 2. The doctor blade is aged.
  • Solution: replace the doctor blade.
  • 3. The corona wire or primary charging roller is dirty.
  • Solution: clean the corona wire or primary charging roller.
  • 4. The upper fuser roller is defective.
  • Solution: check the upper fuser roller.
  • 5. Too much toner accumulates on the magnetic roller.
  • Solution: adjust the gap between the doctor blade and the magnetic roller felt.

3. Will You Disclose And Sell My Personal Information I Left?

We never and will not disclose our customers' personal information. We respect the privacy of our customers. And we abide by laws and regulations to ensure the privacy and safety of our customers. In addition, we establish the concept that development and protection exist side by side and play a part together. We want to obtain the trust and cooperation of our customers through secure information protection to help our future development.


True Image SKU TI-CF283A
Product Brand True Image
OEM Number 83A (CF283A)
Product Capacity Standard Yield
Shelf Life 24--36 Months
Page Yield 1500
Cost Per Page 1.19 Cents

Compatible HP 83A Toner Cartridge - CF283A Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Andrew L Johnson
Compatibility with my printer

I like that it is easy to install and works well to produce quality copies.

Gina Garnica
Great purchase

I would recommend this product to anyone. Ill be reordering in a few months for sure! Very satisfied with my purchase.

Jon N
Great print cartridge for the money

The longevity of the ink cartridge is wonderful! I am very impressed with the print quality. I would definitely purchase again.

Maria A
Worth It

It lasted a pretty long time and I was constantly printing things from single sheets to about 20pgs at a time... I would buy a again

Buy it! Just as good as HP

The product was just as good as the HP products. Im very pleased with the quality of the prints and how long the cartridges last. I would definitely buy this product again.

G. Scott Sturgeon
Great item

Good item and very happy with print results

Good value

Great replacement for more expensive cartridges.

b renfrow
The price is the best

Using this product seems to last a lot longer than other like brands.
The price is also very good compared to others. Thanks for making it available

patty larson
Fast and Reliable

Love this compatible HP CF283 toner! Not only the quality but the price is satisfactory. Would like to buy again.

Laser jet toner cartridge

The quality of the toner is excellent