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What Are Genuine Brother Toner Cartridges

Genuine Brother toner cartridges are designed and manufactured by original printer manufacturer for use in Brother laser printers. They have great print quality, but also come at a high price.

Genuine starter toner cartridges - the cartridges come with the new printers. They have low toner capacity so they will run out fast.

Genuine standard yield toner cartridges - the standard yield option for small or home office users. Page yield is higher than that of starter cartridges.

Genuine high yield toner cartridges - the high yield option for all Brother printer users. Page yield is higher than that of standard yield cartridges.

Genuine super high yield toner cartridges - designed for busy offices. Page yield is higher than the high yield cartridges.

(Page yield means the number of pages you can print by a toner cartridge or drum unit at 5% coverage on Letter/A4 papers. Brother ink cartridges also use this standard to count page yield. )

Brother Toner

Four Printer Series Using Brother Laser Toner Cartridges

There are four printer series using Brother laser toner cartridges. So we built this collection page to make you find replacements by printer model easier.

Four Printer Series Using Brother Laser Toner Cartridges

Brother HL Series

HL series printers are designed for small offices and home offices. So they are always compact in size and competitive in price. For some HL series printers like Brother HL-L2350DW and Brother HL-L3270CDW, they only have print function. While some HL printers also have copy and scan functions, such as Brother HL-L2395DW. Printer users who are using HL series printers always choose standard yield toner cartridges.

Brother DCP Series

DCP series printers are also ideal choice for small and home offices. They are multi-function printer with print, copy and scan functions. The most popular DCP printer for now is Brother DCP-L2550DW. Both standard yield and high yield toner cartridges are widely used by Brother DCP printer users. 

Brother MFC Series

MFC series printers are designed for busy home and offices. They are always the all-in-one multi-function printers combined with print, copy, scan and fax functions.

The outstanding MFC monochrome laser printer is Brother MFC-L2710DW. It works with Brother TN730, TN760 toner cartridges and DR 730 drum unit. The featured MFC color laser printer is Brother MFC-L3770CDW. It works with Brother TN-223BK, TN227BK/C/M/Y toner cartridges and DR-223CL drum unit set.

To meet the demand on busy print jobs, we suggest you to use high yield or super high yield toner cartridges in these printers.

Brother IntelliFAX Series

IntelliFAX Series printers are specially developed for offices to receive fax and voice calls on the same telephone line. However, Brother hasn’t released new models for this series for many years. Maybe that is because MFC all-in-one printers have become the first choice when it comes to fax function.

The latest IntelliFAX printer available for now is Brother IntelliFAX 2840. It uses Brother TN420, Brother TN450 toner cartridge and Brother DR420 drum unit.

True Image Compatible Brother Toner Cartridge Replacements

What Are Compatible Brother Toner Cartridges

Compatible Brother toner cartridges are 3rd party printer supplies. They are designed and manufactured by 3rd party manufacturers but compatible with Brother laser printers. The often have significantly lower prices than the genuine supplies.

True Image Compatible Brother Toner Cartridge

Why Buy True Image Compatible Brother Toner Cartridge Replacements

Unbeatable Price

We believe that most printer users choose compatible Brother printer ink and toner cartridges because of their low price. So when it comes to price, we never let printer users down. If you browse our Brother products, you will find that most of them are priced at $19.99 ea. This is equivalent to 1/3 or even 1/4 the price of the original toner cartridge. If you buy multipacks, the price of each toner will be lower. And you get free shipping as well. However, low price does not mean low quality. We are proud to offer these low price cartridges with genuine-like quality. 

Genuine-like Quality

When introducing a product, we believe that most sellers want to introduce all details about raw materials, production processes, testing standards, etc. So as to win printer users' confidence in product quality. However, we don't want to overstate the quality of our products in a cookie-cutter way. Because time is the best proof.

For some old printer toners, such as compatible Brother TN221, TN450, and TN660 toner cartridges, we have been selling them for more than 10 years. In the past 10 years, we have seen increasingly numbers of customers choosing our products, precisely because of the stable quality of toner cartridges. Even the toner cartridges for the latest printers, such as Brother MFC-L3770CDW toner, Brother MFC-L3710CW toner, Brother HL-L3270CDW toner, Brother HL-L3210CW toner, we have been selling them for more than 5 years. So they are mature products with verified high quality.

Perfect Compatibility

The top quality is built on perfect compatibility. If your Brother printer doesn't recognize the toner cartridges, then the toner cartridges can't print no matter how good the print quality is.

Before 2017, there were basically no compatibility issues with compatible toner cartridges. But after that, Brother started to equip their toner cartridges with encryption chips. Brother printers need to recognize the chips before they can work. This greatly increases the difficulty of developing compatible toner cartridges. Because it takes 1-2 years to complete the development of the tiny chip. Therefore, before the development is completed, printer users are forced to use genuine toner cartridges.

Nevertheless, through our cooperation with top manufacturers, our latest toner cartridges are equipped with smart chips. So they can achieve the same compatibility as the original product. Plus, these chips are intelligently programmed, so they are immune to possible future printer firmware upgrades.

Patent Free

As a company, we are well aware of the hardships in the beginning of the establishment and the difficulties in innovation. Therefore, we greatly respect the intellectual property rights acquired by any third parties through hard work.

Unlike counterfeit and cloned printer toners and printer ink cartridges, our compatible Brother toner replacements feature unique structure and gear designs so that they do not infringe Brother's patents. And although our toner cartridges have different designs from the genuine ones, the installation of our replacements is as easy as the genuine.

FAQ about Brother Toner Cartridges

Can I print without a drum unit?

NO. The drum unit is one of the necessary components for Brother laser printers. Before you start printing, be sure to install the toner cartridge into the drum unit. Then insert the drum unit (with toner) into your printer.

How to replace a Brother drum unit?

When the life of the drum unit is over, you need to replace it immediately, even if the toner cartridge doesn’t run out. This ensures that your printer will continue to print high-quality documents.

Replacing the Brother drum unit is easy. Just follow below steps:

1. Open the front cover of your printer.

2. Remove the drum unit from your printer.

3. Take out the toner from the used drum unit.

4. Remove the packaging of the new drum unit.

5. Snap the toner into place with the new drum unit.

6. Install the new drum unit(with toner) back to your printer.

7. Hold down the “OK” button.

8. Press the “+” button to confirm replacing drum unit.

9. Close the front cover.

Can I use True Image compatible toners with 3rd party drum units?

Firstly, True Image compatible toners will work perfectly with the genuine imaging drum units.

Secondly, our compatible toner cartridges will also work well with high quality 3rd party drum units.

Thirdly, if you are using a drum unit with poor quality, we can not guarantee that they will work together. And the print quality is also not guaranteed because drum unit is the key component handling transferring process and developing process during printing.

Therefore, we suggest you to use our Brother toner cartridge replacements with genuine drum units or high quality 3rd party drum units. True Image drum units are also great deals for you.

Why are Brother toner cartridges cheaper than most HP and Canon toner cartridges?

Compared with other brands, Brother always provides genuine toner cartridges with better prices. One of the reasons is that Brother adopts a structure with seperated toner and drum unit. The drum unit has a higher page yield than the toner, so it will last longer. When the toner runs out, you only need to replace the laser toner. And the drum will continue to work.

Take Brother TN730 Toner and Brother DR 730 Drum Unit as an example. The TN730 toner yields 1,200 pages. While the DR730 drum yields 12,000 pages. That means you only need to replace the drum till 10 pcs of TN730 toners run out.

This is the biggest difference from HP toner cartridges and Canon toner cartridges. HP and Canon toner cartridges always have a single cartridge system that combines toner and drum into the same unit. So when the toner is low, you need to replace the whole cartridge system even though the drum components can last longer.

This makes Brother printer cartridges less expensive than Canon and HP. And Brother printer toner cartridges are also more in line with the concept of resource saving and environmental protection.

If you have more questions about Brother toner cartridges, just feel free to chat with our customer service team.