Compatible HP 414A Toner Cartridges | W2020A W2021A W2022A W2023A


 Page Yield: Black*2,400 Pages, Cyan/Yellow/Magenta* 2,100 Pages

Pack: 4-Pack (BK/C/M/Y)
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Compatible HP 414A Toner Cartridges | W2020A W2021A W2022A W2023A Description

HP 414A toner cartridges 4-pack is a combo pack with less costly price that we designed for our customers. This combo pack includes black cyan magenta and yellow cartridge replacements for W2020A W2021A W2022A and W2023A.

These standard yield cartridges will perfectly replace genuine M454dn M454dw M479dw M479dn MFP M479fdw toner. The most important is that these HP 414 laserjet toner cartridges print extraordinary color documents for our distinguished customers. Add to cart now and you will get the best offer for HP414A!

Please note that these toners do not have chips. We deliver detailed user manual and easy tools together with these products. So you can easily finish the chip transfer process and get them work in your printer. You can also follow our Video Instruction or Chip Transfer Instruction for HP 414A Toner page. Need complete products come with IC chips? Check our HP 414X Toner With Chip 4-Pack

Compatible Printer Models for HP 414A toner

We can assure you that these HP414A toner cartridges are compatible with all HP printers under HP Color Laserjet Pro and Color Laserjet Pro MFP series. HP Color Laserjet Pro series printers are HP Color Laserjet Pro M454dn and HP Color Laserjet Pro M454dw. And Color Laserjet Pro MFP series printers are HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M479dw, HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M479dn and HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M479fdw.

The Color Laserjet Pro MFP M479fdw is one of the HP hot-selling printers, which can print, fax, scan and email. Its print speed is up to 28 pages per minute, with such high speeds, no wonder it will be the hot-selling printer.

HP414A Toner Replacements with Best Print Quality

These compatible HP414A toners are with standard cartridge yields. The W2020A black toner cartridge yields approx 2,400 pages. W2021A W2022A W2023A color toner cartridges will print 2,100 pages each. And they can print at high speeds, up to 28 pages per minute.

If you are looking for high yield options for offices supplies or school supplies. Our HP 414X toner 4-pack with high cartridge yields might be your favourite ones. With this high yield toner set, you can print 7,500 pages black and 6,000 pages color documents.

Whether you are an enterprise user or a home office user, I believe that every consumer pursues high quality printing color documents. After all, no one wants a low-quality printed document to reduce their work efficiency.

We True Image produce superb HP toner cartridges and you can count on consistent high performance of it. Many businesses sacrificing quality of black toner cartridge in order to achieve low prices. But we will never sacrificing quality merely for the lower price. Our requirements for LaserJet Pro MFP M479fdw toners’ quality is extremely strict, because this is what we value the most.

Creating ink and toner with high print quality as well as affordable price is our continuous pursuit, and we firmly believed that there will be no return customers for products with poor quality. True Image products’ pricing may vary compared with the original HP toner cartridges with jetintelligence, but our pursuit toward creating products with high quality that customers can count on consistently is the same.

Compatible HP 414A Toner with Best Price

We firmly believe that providing affordable ink and toner supplies is a valuable thing. Because we are providing options other than original cartridges to help customers save printing costs. We offer lower store pricing for than original HP 414A cartridges. And our price is also more favorable than local supply dealers. So shopping 414A toner on our online store is definitely a good choice.

The store pricing of a genuine standard yield black toner cartridge is $84.89. More surprisingly, the price of genuine color standard yield toner cartridges can even reach to $109.89 ea. The store pricing may vary from different suppliers. But the fact is that almost all suppliers are selling them at high prices.

Not to mention the high yield cartridges, like HP 414X toner cartridges has consistent quality with anti fraud technology. You can’t believe your eyes when you see an original HP 414X toner’s price is $171.89. Because the price for one set of high yield original HP toner cartridges with jetintelligence is higher than the price of a new printer.

Compare to the prices offered by OEM supply dealers, the price we offer is a real benefit. Our HP414A replacement toner 4-pack comes with HP W2020A black, HP W2021A toner cyan, HP W2023A magenta, and HP W2022A yellow toner cartridges. But a whole set only costs $119.99 in total. Add to cart now!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for HP 414A toner

As we mentioned above, we will provide you with the services you need at full stretch, including 100 satisfaction guarantee. So that you can get a satisfactory shopping experience here. After you finish this purchase, we hope you will keep connected with us and share your real experience with us. And we encourage customers to leave a product review by offering gift cards or coupon codes.

We are very happy to hear from you whether your feedback is positive or negative. If you are not satisfied and you want to return the goods, we will immediately arrange replacement or refund for you. It would be better if you could tell us the reason for our dissatisfaction. We will take it very seriously, improving our products as well as after-sales service according to the precious feedback of each customer.

Free Shipping for HP 414A Toner

We provide our customers with all the possible services we can offer. Free shipping is one of them. We know that for small and medium-sized brands like us, the popularity is certainly not as high as that of big brands. Therefore, what we can do is to provide our customers with more and better services than big brands. So you can enjoy the best service at the most affordable price.

Please note that we only offer free shipping for orders shipped to the continental United States. If your order is outside the continental US, additional shipping fee may apply. Please check with our customer service team to confirm the accurate shipping fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Will your compatible HP 414A black toner work with original HP high yield toner cartridges?

Yes. Our compatible HP 414A toner will perfectly work with original HP 414X high yield toner cartridges. And you can also replace your compatible toners from others suppliers with ours.

Q2: Do you know what is jetintelligence? I once saw it on the HP official website. If the anti fraud technology was true, how can your cartridge be compatible with my HP printer?

- The original HP toner has consistent quality with anti fraud technology and protection against counterfeits. HP invented this technology was to resist other alternative compatible cartridges in order to sell their expensive original HP toner cartridges with jetintelligence. And they create this technology not just for protection against counterfeits only.

However, our R&D team work very hard to study this anti fraud technology, so we produced our own cartridges with or without chips. Cartridge with chip can be installed directly into your Laserjet Pro MFP M479fdw printer. For the cartridge without chip, you can remove the chip from the original one and install it on our replacement cartridge, which can still be used normally. If you don’t know how to to it, contact our customer service and they will help you with patience.

Q3: I purchased some office supplies and school suppliers from a bad seller before. They might sell my personal information because I got a bunch of annoying promotional messages after that. Will you sell my personal information to other businesses to make profits?

-No need to worry about it, your confidential information is our biggest concern. Our company’s programmers have established a first-class security network to protect our company’s private information. The first-class security network is your information’s bodyguard.

More importantly, we strictly abide by The California Consumer Privacy Act(CCPA) terms conditions, the strictest privacy law in the USA. There are 11 categories terms conditions involved in protection for confidential information. By the way, the law for personal information California has been widely adopted in the US. Therefore, if a business violates your privacy, you can take up the weapon of the law to defend your rights.

Q4: What is HP Suresupply? Can you explain it more specifically to me?

-HP suresupply is a free software for HP printer users. HP created Suresupply for reminding consumers to change cartridge when the toner is running low. And invite customers to purchase through HP online store. 

Q5: Will using your cartridge affect my printer warranty?

-The answer is NO. Using our ink and toner replacement has nothing to do with your printer warranty. You can rest assured. Because True Image products will not cause any damage to your HP printer.


HP 414A Toner Cartridges, W2020A W2021A W2022A W2023A 4-Pack Specifications

Product Brand True Image
OEM Number 414A 4-Pack No Chip
Product Capacity Standard Yield
Shelf Life 24-36 Months
Page Yield Black: 2400 Cyan/Yellow/Magenta: 2100
Cost Per Page 0.83 cents

Compatible HP 414A Toner Cartridges | W2020A W2021A W2022A W2023A Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
PRINTER INK FOR CHEAP!?!?! and was GOOD!?!?!?

Yo i was totally shook by the quality this **** was bussin. y'all rad for this fr fr

Miras Thierry
Great quality and easy to install

Very pleased with print quality and color. Very easy to install.

Very good

Very good

Chris Cronk
Great savings and product

Great savings compared to HP site. Print quality is the same. excellent product, I would buy again for many reasons. First the savings, second the quality is the same. Third the purchase and delivery were on time, not issues at all. Very happy, would recommend to all for HP printers.

Great Quality at a Reasonable Price

We were searching for this toner and it was much more expensive through other retailers. This was packaged well and arrived quickly.

Great product for a great price

I was really surprised by the quality of this toner! I bought the entire pack because it was such a great deal. Typically I spend $400-$600 on toner for the office when ordering it direct from HP. This has saved the office money and the quality is wonderful. I will definitely be ordering again!

damara hill
414A Ink

This is the first time I didn't use the HP brand, I was very skeptical, but the Ink came out perfect. Directions was easy, of course easy to install. Will definitely order more in the future.

Jack D Carlson

Will not use the new cartridges soon. The shipment came quickly—excellent service!
Thank you…

Mick Gillen
Very pleased

I did not follow the instructions exactly and of course had some trouble (mea culpa). I called your support line and the young lady was patient and very helpful (cannot recall her name, call 10-3-23 @ 1405 hrs. EST (roughly)). Many thanks.

Hello Mick Gillen,

Thank you for your positive feedback. We will continue to work hard to improve our products and services. And we sincerely look forward to your next visit to our store.

All True Image brand printer cartridges are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year product warranty. If you encounter any problems, please call our customer service team at (855)412-1136 or send an email to Our customer service team are ready to help you.

Your 100% satisfaction is our goal!

Best regards,
True Image Customer Service Team

Ana Calderon
Impressive toner! Vibrant prints, easy install. Great Value

First and foremost, the installation process was easy. The cartridges fit perfectly into my printer, and the clear instructions made the setup seamless. I was up and printing in no time without any messy spills or difficulties. In terms of printing, the text is clear and the color is vibrant. Whether I am printing documents, presentations, or high-resolution images, the results are consistently outstanding. The toner also seems to last quite a while, which is a definite plus for someone like me who does a lot of printing.