Compatible Brother DR-730 Drum Unit for TN730 TN760 TN770

 Page Yield: 12000* Pages

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Compatible Brother DR-730 Drum Unit for TN730 TN760 TN770 Description

A perfect choice for compatible Brother genuine DR730. Compared with other brands, True Image drum units always maintaining the advantages of preferential price, high page yield, delicate components and excellent function. By virtue of these strengths, True Image DR730 will give you a different office experience.

1. Excellent Performance

Made with a first-class developer roller, True Image black toner drum provides your pages with clear and crisp text and graphics. At the same time, it has the same professional design as original cartridge, so our drum is perfectly compatible for Brother DR730 toner. Such high yield drum unit is intelligently engineered to work in perfectly with your Brother laser printer.

As we all know, Brother DR730 toner is the drum unit without chip.

Therefore, it’s the matching of the drum assembly parts, and the structure of the finished product determine whether it’s compatible with the printer machine. Before the initial mass production, we purchased the original Brother laser printer, and did a lot of testing on the machine. The printing pass rate is 100%. So far, there have been zero complaints about not being able to install the machine and print.

2. Constant High Capacity

True Image compatible Brother DR730 black drum will yield approximately 1,2000 pages, based on ISO IEC 19752 letter/A4. Obviously, our laser drum will only produce more pages than other TN730 standard yield office supplies. We are not only as equal yield as original Brother drum unit, but we are distinctly superior in price. In short, we are your best choice when you want to replace an old drum unit.

3. Strict Quality Control

True Image is just one of our brands. Our background is a manufacturer, and has been established for over 10 years. Rich experience makes us more professional and rigorous. True Image always strive to achieve the highest standard on print quality. We purchase OEM original equipment printers to print on the machine. And we strictly inspect all drum units and toner cartridges throughout the whole production line, in the two states of semi-finished and finished products. So as to ensure compatibility and reliability. In addition, random inspections will be performed from the finished product warehouse before shipment.

Most importantly, a series of TN730 TN760 black toner and other office products are made of harmless materials and meet environmental standard specifications.

4. Fast Shipping

As long as you place your order within the time limit of the business day, we will arrange the shipping as fast as we can. What’s more, multi-layer shockproof packing can avoid products damage during transportation and distribution.

5. Considerate After-sale Services

What should you do when you have some printing problems, installation or other quality problems about the products? We have patient and experienced online and offline customer service representatives. If you have any problem, you can make a contact with us. Once receiving message or call, we will solve your problems efficiently.

6. Diversified Options

If you want to use for home printing, TN730 standard yield is enough to meet your daily printing need. If you want to use it as the office supply, this product requires a TN760 high yield toner cartridge in order to work properly in your laser printers. Thus, We also recommend different combo of TN 760 high yield cartridge and Brother DR730 toner drum unit with 12,000 pages.

If you want to purchase more Brother drums at a favorable price, we also have a Brother printer toner DR730 discount package for you to select. The prices may vary if you select different combo, please ask our customer service for the detailed prices and offers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Compatible Drum Unit Replacement for Brother DR730

Q1: Is True Image DR730 drum compatible with Brother 730 laser printers?

Yes, True Image DR730 toner with 12000 pages is perfectly compatible with below Brother printer models: DCP-L2550DW HL-L2350DW HL-L2370DW HL-L2370DW XL HL-L2390DW HL-L2395DW Brother MFC-L2710DW MFC-L2750DW MFC-L2750DW XL MFC-L2730DW.

But just in case, You are better to check if your Brother printers model is in one of the listed models. Be carefully that do not confuse Brother HL-L2710DW toner with Brother MFC-L3710CW toner.

Q2: Is True Image Brother laser drum easy to install?

To ensure a smooth replacement, we will have a picture of the installation steps. Meanwhile, when replacing a new drum unit, the Brother laser printer will show the error message, so we also provide a solution through instruction. It will not only solve the problem of difficult installation effectively, but also provide you with an unexceptionable experience.

Important: You need to reset the drum counter after replacing a new drum unit.

Q3: Why choose True Image instead of original Brother drum unit?

Firstly, the most attractive thing is our price. Definitely, the cost of Brother DR730 always more expensive than True Image’s. Secondly, this high yield black drum unit can print to 12,000 pages, it can completely replace the function of Brother genuine DR730. We can enjoy the same performance at a much lower price, it must be something worth buying.

Q4: Does this include the TN730 toner cartridge?

No, it only includes one True Image Brother DR730 toner drum unit. If you need a DR730 combo pack with TN730 toner, you can browse our online brand store to purchase relevant product like TN730 toner and DR730 drum unit 2-Pack.

Q5: How about the comparison between TN 730&TN 760? Can they really match this same drum unit?

They can used in the same OEM original equipment, and the only difference is their page yield. The TN730 standard yield is 1200 pages, while the TN760 high yield cartridge is 3000 pages. Therefore, they can match this same 730 drum unit with 12000 pages.

Q6: The prices on your website are store prices? Then prices may vary if I buy in bulk?

Yes, they are store prices, so prices may vary according to your purchase quantity, please feel free to contact our customer service to consult the specific prices and offers. Don’t worry, it’s free shipping on all orders over $30.

Q7: When place order, I will register the personal information California detailed delivery address, such private information makes me worry someone will sell my personal information.

From the perspective of the manufacturer, we produce the products intelligently engineered to work at high print quality. That’s why there are so many categories of office supply such as ink and toner, but we only specialize in laser printer toner cartridge & inkjet printer cartridge. (All are finished products, no ink and toner) We want to be more professional.

From the perspective of the Brand Enterprise, we insist on customer-centric first. So we guarantee your personal information California address will be only used for delivery.

Tips: You can choose to set your usual address as the default address. So you don’t need to fill in again, when you place another new order in the future. You may have same concern that “someone will sell my personal information”. Please rest assured, saving the default address is only for your convenience, we can only see the address after you submitting the order.

Regarding the classification of printers applicable to this drum, here we make a simple distinction and description, hoping to provide you with additional help.

HL-L2350DW is the monochrome laser printer featuring 30 PPM print speeds with wireless connectivity. HL-L2370DW is black & white laser printer supporting mobile device printing. And the other models HL-L2370DW XL, HL-L2390DW, HL-L2395DW Brother HL printers, you can only print with the them, because they don’t have other functions such as scanning. So, if you need to use the printers at home or at the small office, the MFC series Brother MFC-L2710DW, MFC-L2730DW, MFC-L2750DW, and MFC-L2750DW XL are good choices. Because they are all-in-one printers, not only can they print and scan, but also can copy and fax. The DCP-L2550DW printers are just like all the MFC. They are all-in-one multifunctional printers, and suitable for intensive use in a large office.

Compatible Brother DR-730 Drum Unit for TN730 TN760 TN770 Toner Specifications

True Image SKU TI-DR730
Product Brand True Image
OEM Number DR730
Product Capacity Standard Yield
Shelf Life 24--36 Months
Page Yield 12000
Cost Per Page 0.20 cents

Compatible Brother DR-730 Drum Unit for TN730 TN760 TN770 Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Blue Jay Physical Therapy C. Beeman


Patricia Sexton
toner drum

Works great and easy to install

James Cahill

Compatible Brother DR-730 Drum Unit for TN730 TN760 TN770

Tadd Henry
Fast and Correct

The toner and drum were delivered quickly, and both work great!

yakov steinmetz

excellent service

Dr Whitney Toler
Drum replacement

Did very good … no problems or issues.. would use it again (just as a good as the brand products !!

Dear Dr Whitney Toler

Thanks for your review. We are so glad that our product can win your affection. All True Image brand printer cartridges are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year product warranty. If any cartridges fail to perform within their lifetime, we will provide tech support, free replacements or full refund unconditionally.

If you encounter any problems, please call our customer service team at (855)412-1136 or send an email to Our customer service team are ready to help you.
Your 100% satisfaction is our goal!

Best regards,
True Image Customer Service Team

Curtis Mitchell

Great product! It worked very well! Thank you!

patti lutzke
Refund request was fulfilled

I’m following up in my earlier negative review if not hearing from them. They did get back to me and gave me a free toner for my trouble. Very appreciative…

Works as advertised

Works well

Very affordable

It was very easy to install