Brother HL L2370DW Toner Replacement for Brother 2370DW Printer

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Brother TN760 Toner Cartridge Replacement High YieldWhy buy True Image toner cartridges
Brother TN760 High-Yield Toner Cartridge Replacement
 Page Yield: 3,000* Pages
Sale price$24.95 Regular price$49.99
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Brother TN730 Toner Cartridge Standard Yield 1 PACKHow to Install Brother TN730 Toner Replacement
Brother TN730 Toner Cartridge Replacement - Standard Yield
 Page Yield: 1200* Pages
Sale price$18.95 Regular price$39.99
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  • Want to Print More for Less? Order TN730 2-Pack or TN730 4-Pack at a Discounted Price.
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Compatible Brother DR730 DR 730 Drum Unit for TN730 TN760 TN770 TonerCompatible Brother DR-730 Drum Unit for TN730 TN760 TN770
Compatible Brother DR-730 Drum Unit for TN730 TN760 TN770
 Page Yield: 12000* Pages
Sale price$24.95 Regular price$57.99

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Need TN760 and Want to Save More? Shop Brother DR730 Drum Unit & TN760 Black Toner Cartridge 4-Pack at Special Discounts

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Compatible Brother TN730 Toner 2-PackHow to Install Brother TN730 Toner Replacement
Compatible Brother TN730 Toner Cartridges 2-Pack
 Page Yield: 1200* Pages each
Sale price$34.95 Regular price$77.99

Avg Price Per Cartridge: $17.48

Want to Save More? Order TN730 Toner 4-pack.

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TN770Why buy True Image toner cartridges
Brother TN770 Super High Yield Toner Cartridge Replacement
 Page Yield: 4500* Pages
Sale price$26.95 Regular price$35.99

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TN770 2pkHow to Install Brother TN770 Toner Replacement
(2-Pack) Compatible Brother Toner TN-770 With Super High Yield
 Page Yield: 4500* Pages each
Sale price$49.95 Regular price$70.99
Avg Price Per Cartridge: $ 27.00
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Brother tn760 10pkHow to Install Brother TN760 Toner Replacement
(10-Pack)Compatible Toner TN760 for Brother Printers
 Page Yield: 3000* Pages each
Sale price$179.95 Regular price$399.99

Avg Price Per Cartridge: $18.00

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Cost-effective Brother HL L2370DW Toner

The key component of an excellent Brother HL-L2370DW printer is toner cartridge. It not only determines the print quality, but also determines the cost invested by users. Nowadays, There are many stores with third-party standard yield compatible consumables on the Internet, and their prices may vary. True image is also one of them. You only need to spend half the costs to buy the high-quality toner from True Image. We will recommend you to buy high yield Brother TN760. Its page yield is 3,000 pages. Single page cost as low as 0.29 cents. Super high yield black Brother TN770 also a advisable option. It is also one of the toners suitable for this printer. Add to cart now, you can get free shipping for orders above $30 in the mainland of the United States.

High-quality Brother 2370DW Black Toner Cartridge

In the laser printer, more than 70% of the imaging components are concentrated in the laser cartridges. The quality of the toner greatly determines the print quality. Our compatible product comes from one of the largest compatible manufacturers. The factory abandoned the traditional mode and adopted modern automatic production. And they use intelligent testing to reduce the defective rate. Before shipping on orders, each replacement cartridge follows strict industrial standards. Each replacement toner goes through a series of printing tests to ensure that they are compatible with your printer.

True Image has kept the promise that we manufacture the products intelligently and integrated design. No matter how much paper you print, we can ensure that you receive high-quality prints.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for HLL2370DW Toner

Brother ink and toner service from True Image is ideal. Our compatible product has a 1-year limited warranty. We have professional experts who are proficient in laser cartridges and printers.

Users receive technical support and printer warranty throughout the life cycle of products. And We will refund or replace the defective Brother HL-L2370DW toner for you. Please note we also provide free shipping for orders above $30.

We have professional customer service. You will get a reply within 3 minutes in working day. You can learn not only the price and discount of replacement toner, but also the troubleshooting knowledge of the printer from our staffs. Our customer service follow up the orders. And we offer discounts to our regular customers by mail during the festival activities. Users may wonder whether True Image will “sell my personal information”. Please rest assured that we abide by the law and care about customers’ privacy. And we will never disclose data.

About Brother HL L2370DW toner’s printer

Brother HL-L2370DW printer has become the first choice for small businesses, because its print speeds is fast and easy to maintain. It adopts black-and-white color design, and its appearance is small and exquisite. It occupies little space and suitable for small offices and home offices. If you are interested in Brother's printer, you can find out about Brother MFC L2710dw.

Compared with inkjet printer, its performance is also quite efficient. Its main performance includes printing, scanning, copying. The print speeds can achieve 36 pages per minute, 1.7 times faster than the general printer. It only takes you 13 minutes to print 500 pages, which brings you an efficient and convenient office experience. In addition to high-speed printing, users will have a variety of options to connect the printer. Options including USB interfaces, print wirelessly and connecting WI FI from your mobile devices. It adapt to the changeable office environment and make users obtain a more intelligent printing experience.

Its closed carton can hold 250 pages. The closed design can keep the paper flat in the carton, reduce the impact of the external environment. And effectively reduce the probability of paper jam caused by paper wrinkling. At the same time, the compatibility of its paper tray is also pretty good.

However, it is a monochrome laser all in one printer and not suitable for printing color images. If you run a photography studio, I suggest you choose an inkjet printer. You can print very clear and colorful pictures on ordinary paper.

How to set the Brother 2370DW default printer in Windows 10?

First, click the start button on your computer. Then, select the settings button. Next, click the Devices > printers and scanners > select printers > manage. Finally, select set as default device. Please note that the printer based on one sided printing. If you need double-sided printing, please change default setting required.

Compared with inkjet printer, what are the advantages of Brother HLL2370DW toner printer?

1.First of all, compared with the traditional inkjet printer, its print speeds is 36 pages per minute. In addition, it is also a multifunctional and intelligent printer. High resolution and advanced function such as wireless connection. It supports USB interfaces, Wi Fi and other mobile devices, which can easily improve office efficiency. Please note that this function is based on one sided printing and you need to change the default setting required.

2.Secondly, the carton capacity is also very large. Its paper capacity can reach 250 pages, which is suitable for small businesses that print frequently.

3.Save money. Inkjet printers cost more. For small office and home offices, this is a lot of expenses. And the ink is not durable. L2370DW is a toner cartridge separated printer, which is also equipped with starter toner. The Brother HL-L2370DW toner is exhausted and you need to replace it. Some users browse the website of compatible product, and they will find that the high volume Brother genuine cartridge is more expensive. You can try to purchase True Image compatible ink and toner that are comparable with quality of the original. Now add to cart, you can not only enjoy the discount, but also enjoy the printer warranty.

4.Laser printer has many printing solutions. You can connect locally to a single computer via its USB interface. Besides, you can connect with versatile options including Wireless Ethernet or print wirelessly from your mobile device. You can also connect Wi Fi to print.

Common Problems and Printing Solutions of Printer

1.The printing effect is different from the preview: It is caused by improper settings during editing. The solution is to change the page properties of the file, such as the paper size, paper type, etc.

2.The printing handwriting is not clear: It is mainly related to hardware failure. Because the problem is complicated, we recommend sending printer to after-sales maintenance for inspection.

3.The Printer is unable to print large file: It is mainly software failure. You can check the remaining space on the hard disk and delete some useless files.

4.The most common problem with laser printer is paper jam: you just open the cover and remove the jammed paper. However, the paper jams happen frequently, it’s necessary for you to check the paper feed channel. In addition, improper installation of the paper tray and poor paper quality (too thin, too thick and damp) may also cause paper jam.

Common problems during installation of cartridge

1. The seal cannot be pulled out: It is caused by poor assembly. The seal is stuck.

2. Powder leakage: In addition to the powder leakage caused by the poor sealing, multiple parts in the cartridge will also cause powder leakage.

3. Poor printing effect:

A. The seal is not opened.

B. The cartridge is not shaken before pulling the seal, and the powder is not smooth.

C. The laser does not shine on the toner cartridge, the shading plate or the protective cover is not opened.

D. The electrical connection between the cartridge and the machine is unstable.

Frequently asked questions about Brother HL L2370DW toner

Q1: What compatible product should I choose for my printer?

Brother TN760 and TN770. Both the toners are suitable for Brother 2370DW monochrome laser printer. But their page yield are different. TN770 is a super high yield black toner, which can print 1500 more pages than high yield TN760. Although it can print more pages, most users choose the TN760.

These toners’ prices may vary with almost similar features. The TN760 costs lower than the high volume TN770, and according to the customer’s feedback, Brother TN770 is said to be expensive. The price difference is mainly caused by the page yield of the toners. However, TN770 is cost-effective for the user in the long run because TN770 requires a lesser replacement than TN760.

Compatible DR730 drum unit is also suitable for this printer. The page yield is 12,000 pages. True Image store offers set TN760&DR730. The combo is more cost-effective.

Please do not confuse Brother HL-L2370DW toner with Brother HL-L3210CW toner. Brother HL-L2370DW uses TN730 & TN760, while HL-L3210CW uses Brother TN223 and Brother TN 227.

Q2: Will use of replacement cartridge void my print warranty?

No, All items are auto-produced strictly under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 STMC standard. The black toner cartridge is guaranteed to print clear images with the highest level of print quality performance and with the most affordable cost. The product compatibility is good and the printer is easy to recognize it. Our high-quality cartridges will not harm your printer.

Q3: When I install the toner replacement, the printer will still prompt me that I need to “replace toner”.

1.The toner we replaced is not the OEM, so the printer will still show toner deficiency. You can cancel the display of toner deficiency through printer setting.

2.Wet and dry toner will also lead to insufficient toner prompt. In this case, we can shake our toner box and then put it into our printer.

3. Like all technologies, remove the toner, unplug the printer, wait 15-30 seconds, let the capacitor release all energy, reinstall the toner, and finally insert the printer.

4. If the above methods cannot solve the problem, it means that the new cartridge may not fit your printer. You can choose to try again after replacing a new cartridge.

Q4: How about True Image’s after-sales service? Will True Image sell my personal information?

Our company mainly produces various printing consumables, including toner, ink, drum unit and so on. Since we mainly deal in printing consumables, we provide professional printing solutions and high-quality service for users. If your toner has printing problems during the one-year warranty, our customer service can provide the knowledge of cartridge and relevant technical service consultation help for you. We promise 100 satisfaction guarantee for users who can enjoy timely, efficient and convenient service.

The law stipulates that selling personal information without our customer’s permission is an illegal and criminal act. We are obligated to protect our customers’ privacy. Your address, email address, telephone number and other private information are only used for shipping on orders.