Printer Review: HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdw

In this blog, we will introduce the features, functions as well as compatible toner cartridges of HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdw in detail. If you’ve been thinking about buying a new original HP printer recently, but feeling confusing with all these monochrome laser printers, you might need to take a closer look at this blog. We sincerely hope that this printer review can help you out.

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Standout Features of HP M428fdw

1.Save Time with Fast Print Speed

For people who want to grow business and stay ahead of the competition, we are sure that you know how much print speed can mean to you during busy work. Just imagine a scene where your boss is in urgent need of printing an important black and white document. And your printer only prints several sheets of print jobs for half a day. What a devastating thing it is! Whether is in small office or home office, when people thinking about buying a new printer, print speed will always be one of the important factors for them to take into consideration. With high speed up to 42 page per minute, it is able to addressing the issue of slow printing not needing the slightest effort.

2.Enormous Monthly Duty Cycle

For customers who don’t know about printers, you may not know what monthly duty cycle is. In a general way, the monthly duty cycle is the maximum output produced by a printer. Even that the duty cycle of HP LaserJet Pro M428fdw is 80,000 pages. We still recommend you to to print 750 pages to 4000 pages every month. If you don’t print beyond the maximum volume and print within the recommend pages, there is a great chance that the service life of your printer will be prolonged. So please keep that in mind for the maintenance of your printer. Moreover, when you look through the specifications of those HP printers, be sure to check the duty cycle for comparison. In case you have a bigger demand for it.

3. Clear and Intuitive Color Touchscreen

Today, you can see color touch screens on mobile phones and computers, even on printers. With the development of science and technology, buttons have been gradually eliminated by the times. Because the color touchscreen is more sensitive, it also makes it easier to use. With a touch screen printer, you don't have to guess the functions of different keys. There is no need to operate the printer only through mobile printing or computer. And you can activate the scanning and copying functions merely by pressing the appropriate icons on the control panel.


4.Eco-friendly HP Auto on Auto off Technology

Since 2010, HP has invented HP Auto on Auto off Technology, which can save energy and money at the same time. Unlike most of the printers in the market, HP Auto on Auto off Technology can give you more control over the energy consumption of your printer.
With HP auto on technology, you can decide whether it wakes up at a set time every day, or whether it wakes up when it senses activity. In addition, you can decide which types of interaction activities will wake up your printer. Such as a print request or an incoming fax. The less interaction activities you choose, the more energy you can save up from that. As for the HP’s auto technology, you can configure your printer to shut down automatically after a set time interval or at a predetermined time of the day when the printer feels inactive.


Functions of HP M428fdw

There are many multifunction printers, and HP LaserJet Pro M428fdw is one of them for sure. It is a all-in-one laser printer and has all the basic functions you need, like print scan copy and fax. We will introduce these diversified functions to you at length.

1. Printing Function
In one hand, HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdw has duplex printing function. It is designed to let you focus your time on other important things while printing, and you are no longer have to stand there and flip the paper manually.
In the other hand, in order to allow you to use the printer at any time without spatial constraints, HP has designed mobile printing technologies like Apple Airprint, Google cloud print as well as HP ePrint. With these technologies, you don’t need to download the drivers anymore. All you need to do is connect your mobile device and HP printer to the same dual band Wifi, then you can start to print. If you don’t know how to print from Iphone to HP printers, check this blog. What’s more, you definitely can’t miss this HP smart app. It is fair to say that this app can overturn your experience of operating printer. For you can do all the printer settings on it at anytime and anywhere. Also, this app is user-friendly, whether for Apple users or Android users. Thus, you can download it from the software store within seconds.
At last, if you prefer wired connection, there are two USB ports on the printer, 1 rear host USB port and 1 front USB port for your selection.

2. Scanning and Copying Function

With the scanning and copying function, you can scan the documents or photos you want to print. We believe that many home users will like these features very much. Because you can easily print out photos taken with your family while traveling without having to bear the expensive printing cost of Polaroid camera. In addition, you can also set the printing parameters you want, such as color, size or resolution settings.

3. Fax Function

With the fax function, you can send private working documents to your colleagues around the world anytime, anywhere at a very low cost, whether in the Netherlands or the UK. If you buy this printer, you can save money for a fax machine immediately!

Compatible Toners of HP M428fdw

Perhaps you once believed in HP’s anti fraud technology and thought that HP printers can only use the original toner cartridge, or if you use a compatible ink cartridge, it will damage the printer's warranty. We can sincerely assure you that none of these things will happen.

The compatible toner series of HP LaserJet Pro M428fdw printer is HP 58 series. And this 58 series has CF258A and CF258X toners with different page yield. They are also called HP M428fdw toner cartridges. In HP models, A represents standard yield and X represents high yield. In general, X can print more pages than A and also more cost-effective. Take the 58 series for example, the capacity of CF258A is 3,000 pages, and cost $38.99 in our store. While the CF258x is 10,000 pages and cost $104.95. In this way, we can see the cost per page of these two cartridges. The cost per page of CF258A is $0.012, where as the cost per page of CF258X is $0.010. It’s obvious that cartridge with higher page yield is with better value.

What We Think about HP M428fdw

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, but when the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, we can ignore its disadvantages. Many people praise HP’s printing quality, we also think the printing quality of HP printer is very excellent. But the document feeder is often criticized by the mass users. When the document enters the output tray, the back end of the paper usually does not fall. So as to avoid the front edge collision of subsequent documents, resulting in the blockage of the output tray. The level of the output tray is not enough to prevent repeated paper jams. Even when faxing, scanning or copying, you can only put in ten sheets of paper at most. You must stand there and watch all the time in case of paper jam. If you copy, fax or scan more than 10 pages at a time, this may be a big disadvantage for you.
In addition, the touch screen is a little small, but you can also choose to operate with your mobile phone or computer, which has little impact on you. But in the end, it is you to make the choice, we are only responsible for providing you with some pertinent advice.
For more information about ink and toner cartridges as well as printers, please keep following our websites!



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