disable hp cartridge protection

Have you ever troubled by the the error message “protected cartridge”? Are your toner cartridges defective? Not exactly! That may be caused by the HP Cartridge Protection. If you want to use 3rd party printer cartridges in the future, I strongly recommend you read on to learn how to disable Cartridge Protection HP. So that you can choose whether generic ink cartridge or original HP ink cartridges according to your preference.

What Does HP Cartridge Protection Mean?

In brief, HP Cartridge Protection is a system set on HP original ink cartridges that can prevent users from using this original one on another different printers by locking it. For example, if the HP Cartridge Protection is ON, the HP 414A toner cartridges in your printer-HP Color LaserJet Pro M454dn will be locked. And you’re gong to buy a new HP Color LaserJet Pro M454dw printer compatible with 414A toners. However, in this case, the HP 414A toner cartridges using in your HP Color LaserJet Pro M454dn printer can’t work with your new M454dw printer.

More than that, once the original ink cartridges locked by HP Cartridge Protection runs out, printer users are unlikely to recycle, refill, or use 3rd-partry ink cartridges. Luckily, the HP Cartridge Protection setting is disabled by default. Therefore, you don’t check whether you need to turn off HP Cartridge Protection or not if your printer can work well with 3rd-partry ink cartridges.

Is It Feasible To Disable HP Cartridge Protection?

The main purpose of HP Cartridge Protection is to stop printer users from using non-HP cartridges. Once the HP Cartridge Protection is on, your printer wouldn’t be compatible with 3rd -party toner cartridges unless you turn off HP Cartridge Protection.


  • Printer users have the option to enable or disable the HP Cartridge Protection at any time.
  • To bypass HP Cartridge Protection has no effect on functions and performance of the printer.
  • The printer's warranty will not be void if you disable HP Cartridge Protection.

How To Disable HP Cartridge Protection On My Printer?

The steps to turn off HP Cartridge Protection can be divided into two types: with touch screen and without touch screen. Read on and try to bypass HP Cartridge Protection.

Disable HP Cartridge Protection With Touch Screen

  1. To access the setup menu by selecting the “Setup”
  2. Click on “System Setup”
  3. Choose “Supply Settings”
  4. Click on “Cartridge Policy”⇒“OFF”
  5. Click on “Cartridge Protection” ⇒ “OF
disable HP cartridge protection

turn off hp cartridge protectionDisable HP Cartridge Protection Without Touch Screen

  1. To get the printer ready by tapping the “Back” icon several times
  2. To access the “Main Menu” by clicking on “OK” button
  3. To enter the “Setup” menu by tapping “OK” button again
  4. To find “Supply Settings” by clicking the “Right” arrow several times
  5. To enter the “Supply Settings” by tapping the “OK” button
  6. To find the “Cartridge Policy” by tapping the “Right” arrow several times
  7. To enter the “Cartridge Policy” by tapping the “OK” button
  8. To disable the “Cartridge Policy” by tapping “Off”⇒ “OK” button

how to disable HP policy
Printer users have the right to choose what ink cartridge they like. To avoid the error message “protected cartridge” or “the indicated cartridge can only be used in the printer that initially used it and must be replaced” while using compatible ink cartridges by disabling HP Cartridge Protection. Even though the specific instructions could vary between printer models, the aforementioned instructions to turn off HP Cartridge Protection can be applied to most HP laser printers. Please feel free to contact us whenever you need help.

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