TN223 vs TN227

You may be confused when it comes to choosing a toner cartridge for your Brother HL-L3270CDW or MFC-L3770CDW printer. TN223 vs TN227, which of these two Brother toner cartridges is better? This blog will explore the similarities and differences between TN223 and TN227 and will also provide you with some purchasing suggestions.

I.Sneak Peek

The TN 223 toner cartridge is a standard-yield toner cartridge, and the TN 227 toner cartridge is a high-yield toner cartridge.

Brother TN223 and TN227 toners are interchangeable. They share common features in their print performance, working printers, and compatible drums. However, they differ in toner content, page yield, replacement frequency, price, and cost per page.

The Brother TN223 toner cartridge is cheaper and has moderate page output. It is an excellent choice for users with light printing needs.

In the long run, Brother TN227 toner cartridge has a lower cost per page despite its higher price, making it cost-effective over time. This cartridge is also great for users with heavy printing needs.

II.Brother TN223 Toner Cartridge Specification

  • Standard Yield Toner Cartridge.
  • Page Yield: TN223BK: 1,400 pages; TN223C/TN223M/TN223Y: 1,300 pages.
  • Works Well with These Brother Printers:
    • Brother HL series: HL-L3210CW; HL-L3230CDN; HL-L3230CDW; HL-L3270CDW; HL-L3290CDW.
    • Brother MFC series: MFC-L3710CW, MFC-L3750CDW, MFC-L3770CDW.
  • Price: TN223BK: $60.49; TN223C/TN223M/TN223Y: $75.99; Brother TN223 4PK: $259.49.
  • Matching Drum: Brother DR223CL drum unit, 18,000 pages.

III.Brother TN227 Toner Cartridge Specification

  • High Yield Toner Cartridge.
  • Page Yield: TN227BK: 3,000 pages; TN227C/TN227M/TN227Y: 2,300 pages.
  • Works Well with These Brother Printers:
    • Brother HL series: HL-L3210CW; HL-L3230CDN; HL-L3230CDW; HL-L3270CDW; HL-L3290CDW.
    • Brother MFC series: MFC-L3710CW; MFC-L3750CDW; MFC-L3770CDW.
  • Price: TN227BK: $78.99; TN227C/TN227M/TN227Y: $100.99; Brother TN227 4 Pack: $381.96.
  • Matching Drum: Brother DR223CL drum unit, 18,000 pages.

IV.Brother TN223 and TN227 Toners: What’s the Same?

Print Performance

The Brother toner TN223 and TN227 are physically the same size. They all offer exceptional printing performance, producing quality results that withstand the test of time. Whether you print documents, vibrant images, or precise graphics, these toner cartridges consistently deliver crisp prints.

Compatible Printer Models

Both Brother TN223 toner cartridge and Brother TN227 toner cartridge are compatible with the same Brother HL and MFC series printers. They will work seamlessly with these Brother printer models:

Brother HL-L3210CW

Brother HL-L3230CDN; 

Brother HL-L3230CDW

Brother HL-L3270CDW; 

Brother HL-L3290CDW;

Brother MFC-L3710CW

Brother MFC-L3750CDW; 

Brother MFC-L3770CDW.

Matching Drum

Brother printer drum, also known as drum unit, works together with toner cartridge in your Brother printer. It transfers toner powder to paper to create text or images. Additionally, it lasts longer than a toner cartridge. Generally, the drum unit is replaced only after replacing the toner cartridge 3 to 4 times.

TN 223 toner cartridge and TN 227 toner cartridge use the same drum unit, Brother DR223CL. The Brother DR-223CL drum unit has a page yield of up to 18,000 pages. Brother TN223 and TN227 toners get consistent high-quality printing with it.

V.Brother TN223 vs TN227, What’s the Difference?

What are the differences between TN227 vs TN223 toner? They vary in toner content, page yield, replacement frequency, sales price, and cost per page. 

TN223 vs TN227

Toner Content

For users with different printing needs, printer manufacturers will produce different toner contents. This will cause overall printing capabilities and lifespan to vary between cartridges. The Brother toner TN227 is a high-capacity toner cartridge. It contains more toner powder than the standard capacity brother toner TN223.

Page Yield

Page yield refers to the number of pages that can be produced before the toner cartridge is replaced, based on 5% coverage (Letter/A4). This is also the most significant difference between Brother TN223 and Brother TN227 toner cartridges. 

Brother TN223 black toner cartridge produces 1,400 pages, and its cyan, magenta, and yellow toner cartridges can each produce 1,300 pages. The Brother TN227 black toner cartridge prints up to 3,000 pages, while its cyan, magenta, and yellow toner cartridges can print 2,300 pages each. The TN 227 provides more pages per cartridge than the TN 223.

Replacement Frequency

Due to the difference in page yield, the replacement frequency of TN-223 and TN-227 also changes. 

TN227 users can replace printer cartridges less often, reducing downtime and increasing printing efficiency. By comparison, TN223 users may find themselves replacing cartridges more quickly, especially with higher print volumes.

Selling Price

The TN 227 has more printed page output and therefore costs more in price. Brother TN 227 black toner, color cartridges, and 4-pack are all more expensive than TN223. 

A Brother TN223 black toner cartridge sells for $60.49, and color cartridges cost $75.99 each. The Brother TN223 toner set costs $259.49. The Brother TN227 high yield black toner cartridge costs $78.99, and the color cartridges are $100.99 each. The Brother TN227 toner set is priced at $381.96.













The above prices are from Brother’s official website and may vary over time.

Cost Per Page

Cost Per Page(CPP) takes into account price and page yield. We can use this number to measure the long-term cost-effectiveness of the printer toner cartridge.

The Brother TN223 black toner cartridge costs 4.32 cents per page, and each color toner cartridge costs 5.85 cents per page. Brother TN227 black toner cartridge is 2.63 cents per page, and the color toner cartridge is 4.39 cents per page.

In comparison, we can see that Brother TN227 printer toner will be more cost-effective in long-term use due to its lower CPP. The Brother TN 227 offers good value for money if you print often.

Cost Per Page




4.32 cents

2.63 cents


5.85 cents

4.39 cents


4.90 cents

3.86 cents

Cost Per Page (CPP) = Cartridge Price/Number of Pages

VI.How to Choose: TN223 vs TN227?

Choosing between Brother TN223 and TN227 toners requires careful consideration of your print volumes, budget constraints, and printing convenience.

Printing Volume 

If you don’t print much, the Brother toner TN223 is a good option. Its standard capacity is ideal for users who don’t need a large number of pages. For users who print a lot, the high-capacity Brother toner TN227 is a perfect fit.

Budget Expenditure 

While the TN-227 toner has a higher upfront cost, its increased page yield reduces the overall cost per page in the long run. For long-term users, TN-227 is more cost-effective. For those who don’t plan to use their Brother printer all the time, the TN-223 will suffice.

Printing Convenience 

When it comes to prioritizing efficiency and reducing downtime, the toner TN 227 offers convenience in this regard. Its increased number of printed pages reduces printer toner cartridge replacements, helping to improve overall printing efficiency.


The choice between TN 223 and TN 227 depends on your needs. Buy the TN223 toner if you print less and are not prepared to spend too much money. Buy the TN227 toner if you are looking for long-term economic benefits.

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