TN227 vs TN229

When choosing a toner cartridge for your Brother printer, you’ll sometimes see two similar options: Brother TN227 and Brother TN229. This may confuse you, but they are completely different toner cartridges. In this blog, we’ll explore the differences between these two Brother toner cartridges, TN227 vs TN229, to help you make an informed decision.

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Quick Overview

TN227 vs TN229, they are different in many ways.

In terms of the number of pages printed, the Brother TN227 is a high yield toner cartridge. Its standard-yield toner cartridge is the Brother TN223 toner cartridge. The Brother TN229 has three versions of toner cartridges, namely the Brother TN229 (Standard-Yield), Brother TN229XL (High-Yield), and Brother TN229XXL (Extra High-Yield).

Additionally, TN229 is an upgraded version of TN227, but they are not interchangeable.

They differ in compatible models, page yields, replacement frequency, and matching drum units. This also leads to differences in their selling prices. You need to select the corresponding toner cartridge and page yield version based on your Brother printer.

Therefore, Brother TN227 and Brother TN229 are different toner cartridges.

    TN227 vs TN229, What’s the Difference

    TN227 vs TN229, differ in working printer, page yield, replacement frequency, matching drums, and selling price.

    TN227 vs TN229

    Different Compatible Printers

    The biggest difference between Brother TN 227 and TN 229 is the compatible printer models. Both work with specific HL and MFC series.

    The Brother TN-227 is designed to perform seamlessly with the following Brother printer models. These printers meet a variety of needs from home offices to small businesses, delivering reliable and high quality printing.

    Brother HL Series:

    HL-L3210CW; HL-L3230CDN; HL-L3230CDW; HL-L3270CDW; HL-L3290CDW.

    Brother MFC series:

    MFC-L3710CW, MFC-L3750CDW, and MFC-L3770CDW.

    For Brother TN-229 and TN-229XL, they can be used with the following Brother printer models. These printers meet a variety of low-volume to high volume printing needs, offering advanced features and fast print speeds.

    Brother HL Series:

    HL-L3220CDW; HL-L3280CDW; HL-L3295CDW; HL-L3300CDW; HL-L8245CDW.

    Brother MFC series:

    MFC-L3720CDW; MFC-L3765CDW; MFC-L3780CDW; MFC-L8395CDW.

    But in the case of the Brother TN-229XXL, it only works in four printers due to its physical size: HL-L3295CDW; HL-L8245CDW; MFC-L3780CDW; MFC-L8395CDW.

    The comparison shows that TN227 and TN229 are suitable for completely different printers. They cannot be applied to the same Brother printer.

    Different Page Yields

    In addition to printer compatibility, their page yields also vary greatly. Page yield is the number of pages a toner cartridge can print before needing to be replaced, at 5% coverage (Letter/A4).







    3,000 pages

    1,500 pages

    3,000 pages

    4,500 pages


    2,300 pages

    1,200 pages

    2,300 pages

    4,000 pages

    Brother genuine TN227 black toner cartridge can print 3,000 pages, while the color cartridges print 2,300 pages each. 

    Toner TN229 offers standard page yield and high page yield, providing options for users with different printing needs. The Brother TN229 toner cartridge can produce 1,500 pages and 1,200 pages for its black and color cartridges respectively. Besides, the Brother TN229XL toner cartridge can produce the same number of pages as the TN 227. As for the TN229XXL, its extra high yield black toner cartridge prints up to 4,500 pages. Its color toner cartridge prints up to 4,000 pages.

    While TN 227 has a standard yield version, Brother TN223, TN 229 excels in terms of multi-version and page yield. The TN229 offers a wider range of applications and higher print output.

    Different Replacement Frequency

    The higher the page yield, the more toner powder a toner cartridge contains. When a toner cartridge contains more toner, it is replaced more slowly. 

    Therefore, the Brother TN229 toner is replaced more frequently than the Brother toner TN227. However, the replacement frequency of TN229XL and TN229XXL is the same or even slower than that of TN 227. For users with high volume printing, this becomes an important consideration.

    Different Matching Drums

    Unlike HP and Canon printers, Brother printers have separate toner cartridges and drum units. The photosensitive drum unit transfers toner to the paper and plays an important role in the printing process. Both the TN-227 and TN-229 work with drum units to ensure optimal performance and laser quality.

    Brother TN227 toner uses the Brother DR223CL drum unit, which has a printing capacity of 18,000 pages.

    Brother TN229 toner performs well with the Brother DR229CL drum unit and has a page output of 30,000 pages.

    In comparison, the DR229CL drum unit delivers more print output, helping to extend service life and potentially reduce overall costs.

    Different Sales Prices

    Prices for TN 227 and TN 229 vary based on toner content. It is best for you to choose the most suitable toner cartridge according to your budget and printing requirements.
















    Toner Cartridges 4-Pack





    Prices are from Brother and may change over time. 

    A Brother TN227 black toner cartridge costs $78.99, and the color cartridges cost $100.99 each. The TN229 standard yield black toner cartridge is priced at $65.49 and the color cartridges are $69.99 each. For Brother TN229XL, its black and color toner cartridges cost $78.99 and $101.49 respectively. The Brother TN229XXL black and color toner cartridges are priced at $104.99 and $132.99, respectively.

    According to the table, we know that the price of the Brother TN227 toner set is similar to that of the TN229XL toner set. As the toner powder increases, the price of TN229 also increases.


    In summary, TN227 and TN229 toner cartridges are not interchangeable due to significant differences in printer models, page yields, and compatible drum units. These differences extend to replacement frequency and pricing structures. It is crucial for users to carefully evaluate them before making a choice.

    If you own a Brother printer, we recommend selecting the appropriate toner cartridge based on compatibility and your specific printing needs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about TN-227 and TN-229

    1. Which Brother TN229 toner cartridge should I buy?

    Which TN229 toner cartridge to choose depends on your budget and printing needs. Estimate your printing volume to determine which TN229 toner cartridge is better for you. Once you’ve confirmed your print volume, consider your budget constraints.

    If you don’t print often, a standard capacity TN229 toner cartridge will suffice. It’s a cost effective option that balances performance and affordability. Heavy printing users, on the other hand, may find the TN229XL or TN229XXL more suitable. They don’t require frequent cartridge replacements, making them a smart choice for those looking for optimal long-term efficiency and cost savings.

    2. How to install Brother TN-227 toner cartridge?

    Installing the Brother TN227 toner cartridge is a breeze; follow these steps to help you have a smooth installation.

    Turn off your Brother printer and open the top cover of the printer.

    Gently pull out the old TN 227 toner cartridge and remove it from the DR223CL drum unit.

    Unpack the new TN227 toner cartridge and gently shake it horizontally 5-6 times.

    Then, remove any protective tape or seals of the new toner.

    Combine the new TN-227 cartridge with the DR223CL drum unit.

    Then, slide this assembly into the color slot until it clicks into place.

    Finally, close your Brother printer cover and turn on the printer power. The printer will recognize the new toner cartridge.

    Check out the video below to learn how to replace a Brother TN 227 toner cartridge.

    3. What is the shelf life of TN 227 and TN 229?

    The shelf life of TN227 and TN229 toner cartridges is typically 24-36 months. It’s worth noting that this duration is based on appropriate storage conditions. We recommend storing cartridges in a cool, dry place. Also, it’s a good idea to keep the cartridges in their original sealed packaging until ready to use.


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