How To Clean Brother Drum Unit?

The drum unit plays a crucial role in the normal operation of the printer, and its quality and condition directly affect the printing quality. Therefore, regularly cleaning the drum unit is crucial for maintaining printing quality. This blog will introduce how to clean the Brother printer drum unit and related precautions. Please read carefully.

What Is The Brother Printer Drum Unit?

Brother printer drum unit is an important component in the printer, mainly used to transfer toner onto paper for printing text and images. The selenium drum unit is mainly composed of a basic substrate made of aluminum and a photosensitive material coated on the substrate. During the printing process, the toner cartridge unit heats and pressurizes the toner onto the paper to form the desired text and image.

Why Do I Need To Clean The Drum Unit?

Cleaning the drum unit is to ensure the normal operation of the printer and improve printing quality. The drum unit is a key component in a printer, responsible for transmitting toner to the printing paper to form the text or image we need. Over time, the drum unit may accumulate dirt such as toner residue and paper scraps. This leads to a decrease in printing quality, resulting in problems such as blurring, stains, or color distortion. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the Brother drum unit to ensure the normal operation of the printer. Regular cleaning of Brother drum units has the following benefits:

Improving Print Quality: When dust and impurities accumulate in the drum unit, the toner cannot adhere evenly to the paper, resulting in a decrease in printing quality. Cleaning the drum unit can remove accumulated dust and foreign objects while also ensuring that the toner is evenly distributed on the surface of the drum unit. Thereby improving the clarity and quality of printing.

Prevent Blockage: Dust and impurities on the drum unit may block the printer's channels, causing problems such as broken lines and blurring during the printing process. Regularly cleaning the drum unit can avoid this situation and maintain the smooth operation of the printer.

Extending Printer Lifespan: The drum unit is an important component in a printer, and if not cleaned for a long time, it may cause printer malfunctions or reduce printer performance. By regularly cleaning the drum unit, the lifespan of the printer can be extended, and the cost of maintenance and replacement can be reduced.

Avoid Contamination: Dust and impurities on the drum unit not only affect printing quality but may also cause environmental pollution. Regular cleaning of drum units can reduce environmental pollution and protect our health.

In short, regularly cleaning the drum unit can improve printing quality, prevent blockages, extend printer life, and avoid pollution. To maintain the good performance of the printer and achieve high-quality printing results, it is recommended to clean the drum unit regularly.

Brother Drum Unit

How To Clean The Brother Printer Drum Unit?

How To Automatically Clean The Brother Drum Unit Through The Machine?

Follow the procedures below to finish the machine's automatic cleaning of the drum unit process (Taking DR420 as an example):

1. Prepare an A4 or Letter sized paper. Press the GO button on the Brother printer to ensure that your machine is in ready mode.

2. Open the front and back covers of the printer (facing up on the paper tray), and it is important to ensure that the two control levers on both sides are in the upward position.

3. Press the GO button on the Brother printer five times.

4. Close the front cover. The machine will prepare for the drum cleaning procedure. When the machine is ready for the drum cleaning operation, the ready LED will turn on. It is important to note that the back cover should not be closed. When the cleaning cycle is complete, the machine will discharge the paper. Otherwise, it can cause paper jams.

5. After the ready LED lights up, open the manual feed tray cover.

6. Ensure that the paper is straight and in the correct position in the manual feed tray, then use both hands to place the paper into the manual feed tray until the top edge of the paper contacts the feed roller.

7. When you feel the machine pulling the paper, release your hand. At this point, the machine will start the drum cleaning process and the ready LED indicator light will flash.

8. After the machine is cleaned, it will return to ready mode.

The above are the steps for automatically cleaning the drum unit through the machine. If you encounter printing quality issues, we recommend that you complete the above automatic cleaning process at least three times and use a new blank paper each time. If the printing quality does not improve after performing three automatic cleaning processes, please manually clean the drum unit.

(The above toner cartridge unit is DR310CL. It should be noted that different printers and drum units have different cleaning methods, and the specific cleaning method also needs to refer to Brother's official website.)

How To Manually Clean Brother Drum Unit?

You can manually clean the Brother drum unit by following these steps (Taking DR830 as an example):

1. Turn off the power switch of the device and disconnect all interface cables.

2. Press the front cover release button, then open it.

3. Grasp the green handle of the toner cartridge unit and pull it out until it can no longer be pulled.

4. Rotate the green locking rod on the left side of the device counterclockwise to the release position.

5. Grasp the green handle of the toner cartridge drum unit, lift the front side of the drum unit, and remove it from the device.

6. Handle carefully to prevent inhaling toner. It is recommended to place the drum unit on a clean and flat surface and place a discarded paper underneath to prevent the toner from splashing or scattering.

7. When handling the drum unit, please grip only the green handle and not the sides.

8. Gently wipe the suspicious area on the surface of the drum unit with a dry cotton swab until the mark is completely removed. Do not use sharp objects or any liquids to clean the surface of the photosensitive toner cartridge.

9. Insert the new toner cartridge tightly into the toner cartridge unit until it locks into place. Ensure that the toner cartridge is properly installed; otherwise, it may deviate from the drum unit.Install the toner cartridge and toner cartridge unit components back into the device.

10. Close the front cover of the device.

11. Press the power button to turn on the device power.

After completing the above steps, your Brother drum unit should have been cleaned. These steps are also suitable for DR730 and DR630, etc. For specific detailed information, please refer to the printer manual or consult professional maintenance personnel.


This blog introduces what a drum unit is and how to clean Brother drum units. Cleaning Brother printer drums is a crucial step in maintaining print quality and extending the device lifespan. Regular cleaning can ensure the normal operation of the drum unit and prevent a decrease in printing quality. To better maintain your brother's printer, it is recommended that you regularly clean the drum unit. Meanwhile, follow the printer's user manual and official guidelines to ensure proper and safe cleaning and maintenance.

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