HP Supply Memory Error fix

What is Supply Memory Error?

Supply Memory Error is warning information when a printer cannot detect a supply item installed in the machine. The undetectable phenomena can happen to all the brands of printer models, but the information is only displayed on HP printers’ screens. Such as Supply Memory Error 10.10.00, 10.00.02, 10.00.10, 10.00.00. 

The related printers are usually the moderate and small models like HP M152-154 series, M252-254 series, M452-454 series, M402-404 series, and so on, which are widely used as a family printer or in medium and small offices. We will investigate the issue and figure out the quick solutions in this article.

Some standard Supply Memory Error Codes

HP printer error codes include four or six digits grouped into pairs by a full stop.

The Error Codes starting with “10” always indicate a Supply Memory Error. Details are as follow.

  • 00.XX means Black toner undetectable
  • 01.XX means Cyan toner undetectable
  • 02.XX means Magenta toner undetectable
  • 03.XX means Yellow toner undetectable
  • 10.XX means Transfer roller undetectable
  • 22.XX means Transfer Belt undetectable
  • 23.XX means Fuser unit undetectable
  • 31.XX means Toner collection container undetectable
  • 39.XX means Document feeder undetectable
  • 99.XX means Several supply items undetectable

Identifying is important before printing.

When we install an ink or toner cartridge into the printer, the first thing for the machine to do is read the newcomer's information. As we know, a specific toner cartridge is perfectly formulated for a series of printers to deliver excellent printing results. Printing with an unsuitable ink or toner will make a horrible output and bring a risk of damaging the machine. Model name, color, page yield, toner level, and the variety (compatible, reman., and original), things like these are crucial for the machine to take the next actions.

How does a printer identify the consumables?

The machine reads the correct information in the cartridge with the help of the chip or construction parts on the printer cartridge.

The chipped toner cartridge instore the information in the chip, while the unchipped ones have some particular parts on them, the count gear for Brother toner, for example.

We will take the HP toner cartridges as an instance.

Why do we get a Supply Memory Error?

We can attribute all the identification problems to two metrics: physical touch and compatibility.

Compatibility issues

Install a wrong toner cartridge.

The users may mistake some different toner cartridges with identical looking. A wrong toner cartridge will prevent the machine from getting the information and bring the supply Memory Error.

Defective products

Sometimes, the chip on the toner cartridge is damaged, and the function fails. The printer will not get the information from a defective chip and show the error. Also, an absence of the chip will undoubtedly get the same warning.

Firmware updates on printer

Unscheduled firmware updates on the machine will make the compatible toner cartridge incompatible with the printers. The original toner cartridges can automatically catch up with such updates but not 3rd-party products. Firmware updates are always a high-efficiency tactic to maintain the market share of original consumables.

If the Supply Memory Error happens to a printer working with compatible consumables, the probable reason is the firmware updates. In this case, you can ask the seller for a free replacement.

Physical touch issues

Physical damages of the plastic body or chip of the toner cartridge will prevent the printer from touching the contacts to read information.

Sometimes the metal contactor in your printer is curved, and it cannot touch the counterparts of the installed toner.

Sometimes toner cartridge isn't fully seated in the printer and brings the error information. Also, damaged plastic parts on the cartridge body will prevent the toner cartridge from being seated correctly and disable the connection between the printer and the toner cartridge.

What shall we do to fix a Supply Memory Error on toner cartridge?

Firstly, check if the toner cartridge is compatible with your printer.

Google your printer model with toner to find out the correct OEM code of consumables, and compare it with the product information on the toner.

Secondly, check the installation.

Take out the toner cartridge and reinstall it, make sure it seated in the right position.

Thirdly, check the chip.

If the chip is damaged or lost, replace a new toner cartridge.

Lastly, check the firmware updates.

If your printer is new, the firmware may be updated before the sale. Another situation is when the user updates the firmware under the instruction displayed on the printer when it connects to the internet.

The chips on your compatible toner cartridge will be outdated when they meet the firmware updates. Contact your supplier and ask for a free replacement. True Image is a premium compatible toner cartridge online store, close focusing on the OMEs’updates activity and will offer the solution at the first moment.

How to avoid a Supply Memory Error?

Unfortunately, the Error will exist as long as HP printers update the firmware.

Some measures to lower the error rate.

Double-check the supply code to make sure you buy the correct toner cartridge.

Choose a reliable Brand if you want to save with compatible consumables.

The original supply is a solution but will not 100% set your mind at rest. And the original ones usually cost you five times more than compatible toner cartridges.

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