HP 202A VS 202X: Which One Is More Worthwhile to Purchase?

If you own an HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dw, M254dn, M254nw or HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M280nw, M281cdw, M281fdn, M281fdw printer, you could have seen two toner cartridges with identical names: HP 202A and HP 202X. The two toners have excellent printing speed and quality, so which one is more worthwhile to purchase? I'll separate them from their similarities and contrasts so you can understand which product is more intuitively worth purchasing.
The HP 202A/202X toner cartridge series includes four color options: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The difference between black toner and colored toner is in their use and color. Black toner is typically used for printing reports, documents and images that require black printing. The font it prints is clear and sharp, leaving a lasting impact. Color toners are mainly used to print color images and documents, such as posters and promotional materials. They have high quality color images and high speed text output ability, making printing more colorful. You can choose the suitable toner according to the printing requirements. Besides, the HP toner series offers two options in size: HP 202A (standard yield) and HP 202X (high yield). Both page yield toners offer black toner and tri-color toners. You can buy separately if one of the colors runs out of toner. HP toner 202A vs 202X: Which one is more worth buying? In this blog, I will tell you clearly.


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HP 202A VS 202X Ink Toner Cartridge, What Are They in Common?

Printing Quality

Both HP 202A toner cartridges and HP 202X toner cartridges are printer supplies for HP printers. The original HP toner cartridges use high-quality raw materials and a production process. The excellent powder combined with the stringent cartridge design will produce an outstanding printing effect. The two toner cartridges have the same quality and deliver the best print results. HP 202A black toner and HP 202X black toner produce darker and clearer black writing. In contrast, color toners can produce high-resolution, clear, and full-printed images. Even if the toner cartridges are of various colors or models, they can achieve optimum performance. And they provide us with the best possible printing experience.

Appearance and Shape

Even though these two toner cartridges have different models, they have the same appearance and shape. The components and structure of the two types of toners are identical, including basic unit components such as the developing roller, OPC(Photo-Conductor), PCR(Primary Charging Roller), and so on. Their identical appearance and shape make their products perfect with compatible printers. Allowing different printers to adapt to different models for better printing performance.

Compatible Printer

Both HP 202A and HP 202X are compatible with the same series of printers, including Color LaserJet Pro M254dw, Color LaserJet Pro M254dn, Color LaserJet Pro M254nw, Color LaserJet Pro MFP M280nw, Color LaserJet Pro MFP M281cdw, Color LaserJet Pro MFP M281fdn, and Color LaserJet Pro MFP M281fdw. Please carefully check compatibility before purchasing to ensure seamless fit.

HP LaserJet 202A VS 202X Toner, What Are They in Difference?

Page Yield

The standard yield of the HP 202A black toner cartridge is 1,400 pages. While the HP 202A cyan, magenta, and yellow toner cartridges each yield 1,300 pages.  HP 202X has more toner powder and prints more. Therefore, it is more cost-effective. The high yield of the HP 202X printer toner cartridge is 3,200 pages based on 5% average page coverage for Black and 2,500 pages based on 5% average page coverage for Color. HP 202A vs HP 202X ink toner cartridge: You can choose the appropriate printer toner cartridge based on your needs for printing quantity.

Item Weight

The weight of various toner cartridge types is determined by a variety of factors. Toner cartridges come in a variety of capacities and weights. Due to the different amounts of toner contained in different models of toner cartridges, larger capacity toner cartridges have more toner content than smaller capacity toner cartridges. So toner with a high yield is slightly heavier than toner with a low yield. The HP 202A weighs 3.51 pounds, while the HP 202X weighs 1 pound.


The main reason for the pricing difference between the HP 202A and HP 202X is their varied performance and consumable capacity. The HP 202A is a standard capacity ink cartridge that accommodates less ink, resulting in a lower price. The HP 202X is a high capacity ink cartridge that accommodates more ink, making it more expensive. At the same time, the larger the toner cartridge model, the more powder it contains. As a result, the price of high capacity toner powder is higher than that of standard capacity toner powder. The price of genuine HP 202A black laserjet toner cartridge is $99.99, and the price of genuine HP 202A color toner printer cartridge is $119.99 at present. While the original HP 202X black laserjet toner cartridge costs $151.99, and the original HP 202X color toner printer cartridge costs $158.99 now.

Cost Per Page

There are differences in the cost per page between HP 202A and 202X ink cartridges. The HP 202A ink cartridge is a standard capacity ink cartridge, and the cost per page is usually relatively low. The HP 202X ink cartridge is a high capacity ink cartridge, which may have a slightly higher cost per page. But it can print more pages, making it more cost-effective in long-term use. If you need to print large quantities, using HP 202X will save you even more money. But if you use the printer less frequently, using HP 202A is the best choice. HP Laserjet 202A vs 202X printer toner cartridge: You can select the product that best meets your daily printing needs.

HP 202X VS 202A : Which One is More Worthwhile to Purchase?

In the long run, if you have a high demand for printing, choosing the HP 202X high-page output toner cartridge will save you a lot of money. But if you use a printer with a lower frequency, choosing an HP 202A printer toner cartridge with a standard page output will save you more money. HP 202X vs HP 202A: You can choose the appropriate printer toner cartridge according to your needs and usage frequency.

A Large Printing Demand

If you are an office worker, you need to print a large number of files and images. You can choose HP 202X, although the price is higher when you first buy it. But in the long run, its cost per page is lower and its price is better. At the same time, high page production of toner cartridges can reduce the frequency of cartridge replacement. It can improve our work efficiency and save money on printing costs. If you use it in conjunction with the original HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M281fdw printer, it can extend the lifespan of the toner cartridge and printer.

Less Frequent Printing Requirements

If you only need a few printers for work and life, the HP 202A is a good option. The price of standard page production toner cartridge is lower than that of high production toner cartridge. It is suitable for users with low printing cost budgets and low printing needs. The compatible printer model is the same as the HP 202X, which is also compatible with the HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M281fdw printer. HP MFP M281fdw toner 202A vs 202X: You can choose the product that suits you based on your printing needs and costs.

Select a Lower-cost But High-quality Substitute Toner Cartridge

As we all know, original products cost more than compatible products. If you want to have original product quality but want to spend less money, I recommend purchasing True Image compatible toner cartridge. If you think genuine HP 202A/X is expensive, you can purchase our compatible HP 202A and compatible HP 202X toner. All our products undergo rigorous product testing and guarantee the same quality as the original product.

High Cost-effectiveness

The genuine HP 202A laserjet black toner cartridge costs $99.99. But you buy our True Image compatible HP 202A black printer toner carttridge only $29.95. You can buy three products of the same quality as the original one at the same price. True Image is a good choice for your cost-effective compatible toner cartridge.

Reliable Quality

Our compatible HP 202A/X printer toner cartridges are rigorously tested and manufactured to ensure that they operate as well as the original HP toner. Using True Image toner cartridge you can print legible text and satisfying images. And you can use our compatible printers to give you a perfect printing experience.

Hassle-free Guarantee

True Image guarantees all compatible toner cartridges with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year product warranty. All of our products are full of $30 free shipping. If you have any printer-related questions, you can contact us. We will try our best to help you. So you can buy our compatible HP 202A/X toner cartridges with confidence and enjoy superior quality printing at low cost.

In Summary

Both HP 202A and 202X are worth buying. HP toner 202A vs 202X: You can choose the right toner cartridge based on your printing needs and printing cost. If you need so many printing needs due to your work and life, buying the 202X is the most cost-effective. Even though 202X is a little more expensive, 202X is cheaper per page and more economical in the long term. Compared with the original products, our products are more worth buying. You can also buy high quality products at lower prices, and we guarantee the quality of each product. You give us an order and we guarantee your product quality. We will try our best to give you a quality experience.

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