Canon 069 vs 069H, Which One Is Better?

Deciding between the Canon 069 and 069H can be challenging for some printer users, especially those buying toner cartridges for the first time. We hope to make it easier, so we wrote this blog. In the blog, we will go through what you need to consider when choosing between Canon 069 and Canon 069H toners.

Quick Buying Guide

Canon 069 toners print less and cost less, suitable for users with small printing volumes or tight budgets. Whereas Canon 069H toners last longer and are at higher prices but cost less per page. So, they are optimal for people who need to print tons of paper or pursue long-term benefits.

canon 069h toner cartridges


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What Are Canon 069 and Canon 69H Toner Cartridges?

Canon 069 and Canon 069H are toner cartridges designed for use in selected Canon laser printers: Canon Color imageCLASS LBP674CDW, MF753CDW, and MF751CDW. They are consumable components that contain toner powder, which is used to create text and images on paper through the laser printing process.

The Manufacturer produces Canon 069 and 069H toner cartridges using the same materials and technologies. So they are identical in print quality, performance, storage, and shelf life, which you don't need to consider when making a purchase choice.

The factors you need to think of are their differences. Literally, the difference between Canon 069 and Canon 069H is the letter "H". So what does "H" mean? Will this be the key clue to unraveling the puzzle of "Canon 069 vs 069H, which one is better"?

In fact, the "H" stands for high capacity, differentiating Canon 069H cartridges from standard-capacity Canon 069 cartridges. The Canon 069H and 069 cartridges are filled with the same-quality toner, but not the same amounts, which results in their different page yields and prices. So, to figure out "Canon 069 vs 069H, which one is better," you need to compare their page yields and prices.


Page Yield Comparison

Per ISO/IEC standards, the Canon 069 black toner yields 2,100 pages, and each Canon 069 color toner yields 1,900 pages. Meanwhile, the high yield Canon 069H toner cartridges provide 7,600 pages black and 5,500 pages cyan/magenta/yellow. Please see the below table, which shows the differences directly.




Canon 069H

7,600 Pages

5,500 Pages

Canon 069

2,100 Pages

1,900 Pages


5,500 Pages

3,600 Pages


Only simple calculation can we know that Canon 069H toner cartridges print 5,500 pages more black and 3,600 pages more each color than that of Canon 069 toner cartridges. To put it another way, the Canon 069H toners produce about three times as many pages as the Canon 069 toners. So, you can imagine that you can print many more pages and replace cartridges less often when using 069H Canon toners. But if you print infrequently or in small quantities, the Canon 069 standard yield cartridges might be sufficient.

Please keep in mind that the page yield is measured at 5% page coverage (Letter/A4) and is for reference. Printing at 5% page coverage means only 5% of the page has toner on it. To explain it concretely, you might get 14 full lines of text in 11-point font when printing on A4 paper at 5% coverage. So you can expect how much and how long you can print with Canon 069 or Canon 069H toner cartridges according to the published page yield and your printing habits. Then, you may find out which version suits your printing needs.

In case you still don't know how to estimate your print volume, we have searched a lot. According to the study, the average printer user prints 100-400 pages monthly. With a simple calculation, you know how long you can use these toner cartridges.

Price Comparison

Filled with different amounts of toner powder, Canon 069 and 069H cartridges vary in production cost. Correspondingly, they are priced differently. According to Canon's official website, a Canon 069 black toner cartridge is priced at $84.99, and a color toner cartridge is priced at $100.99. Meanwhile, A Canon 069H black toner costs $173.99, and a Canon 069H color toner costs $219.99.




Canon 069H



Canon 069







According to the table above, we can intuitively see that Canon 069 is far cheaper than Canon 069H, offering more than 50% savings. So Canon 069 is an excellent choice if you don't plan to spend much on printer supplies. (The premise is that Canon 069 can meet your printing needs.)

Cost Per Page Comparison

After knowing the page yield and price of Canon 069H and Canon 069, here we come to calculate and compare their costs per page (CPP). You may have a question: Why does cost per page matter when shopping for toner cartridges? The answer is that the cost per page of a cartridge determines whether it is cost-effective. Simply divide the cartridge price by the page yield, and you can determine the cost per page.

Cost per page = Cartridge price / Page yield.

Applying this formula method, we can get the cost per page of Canon 069 and 069H cartridges as follows:




Canon 069

4.05 Cents

5.32 Cents

Canon 069H

2.29 Cents

4 Cents


1.76 Cents

1.32 Cents


As you can see, Canon 069H high yield black toner cartridge prints at 2.29 cents per page, 1.76 cents cheaper than Canon 069 black cartridge. And Canon 069H cyan/magenta/yellow toner costs 4 cents per page, 1.32 cents lower than the standard yield. Definitely, the Canon 069H high yield toners will offer you better value for money in the long term.

Seeing this, do you think things get a lot easier? Just buy the high capacity version so you can print more pages, replace toner cartridges less, and get the better value for money. Honestly speaking, if you don't care about the upfront cost, most of the time, yes. But that's not necessarily true if you print little. That's because the print quality may suffer over time. If you make sure you can run out of the toner before it expires, purchasing the high yield cartridges is OK.

In Summary

There is no standard answer to the question "Canon 069 vs 069H, which one is better?". Both of them would be an ideal choice when they suit your demands. Canon 069 toners have a lower upfront cost and are suitable for low-volume printing. And Canon 069H toners have higher yields and lower cost per page, making them an excellent choice for large-volume settings. 

Cheap Canon 069 and 069H Printer Cartridge Replacements

If you are looking for a cheap printing solution, consider True Image's compatible Canon 069 and 069H toners. Our compatibles are produced using brand-new materials and advanced technologies to ensure their reliable quality and compatibility. Aside from this, each cartridge is filled with enough toner to guarantee its page yield equal to the original.

We'll demonstrate the cost savings of using compatibles by comparing the cartridge prices of ours and Canon's.


OEM Canon

True Image


Canon 069 Black




Canon 069 Color(C/M/Y)




Canon 069 4PK




Canon 069H Black




Canon 069H Color(C/M/Y)




Canon 069H 4PK





As you can see, our compatible Canon 069H and 069 toners can help you save a lot of money (40%-70% off Canon's price). So please take advantage of the low price of our compatible Canon 069/069H toners. A lifetime 100% satisfaction guarantee backs all True Image toner cartridges.

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