How To Clean Printhead HP OfficeJet Pro 8022?

The printhead is a key component of a printer, responsible for spraying ink onto paper to form text and images. If the printing head is not cleaned in a timely manner, it may cause problems such as blurry handwriting and unclear images when printed. Moreover, it may also cause the printer to malfunction and affect its lifespan. Regularly cleaning the printhead can help the printer restore normal printing performance and avoid this situation. So how do I clean the printhead? This blog will take HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 as an example to provide a detailed introduction.

Introduction About HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 Printer

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 is a multifunctional all-in-one machine that integrates printing, copying, scanning, and fax functions. This printer is suitable for the HP 910XL toner cartridge model and always generates printed output with rich black and bright colors. But as a component of the printer, the printhead plays a crucial role. If the HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 printhead is not cleaned for a long time, it may cause the following problems:

1. Print Quality Degradation: The ink inside the printhead may get blocked or solidified, resulting in incomplete or uneven ink ejection. This phenomenon affects printing quality and clarity.
2. Slow Printing Speed: Blocking the printhead may cause the printer to spend more time clearing the printhead, resulting in slower printing speed.
3. Increasing Printing Costs: Because of the deterioration in printing quality, it may be necessary to print the same document many times, which raises printing prices.
4. Printer Damage: If the print head is badly obstructed or damaged, the printer may suffer irreparable harm.

Therefore, in order to maintain the normal operation and printing quality of the printer, it is recommended to regularly clean the printhead. So, what is a printhead? How should we clean it? Please continue reading.


What Is A Printhead?

The print head of a printer is the part where the printer outputs text and graphics. The HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 inkjet printer's printhead is made up of thousands or even a large number of ink channels with very small diameters (a few micrometers). The number of these channels, also known as the number of holes in the inkjet printer, directly determines the printing accuracy of the inkjet printer. The printhead is usually located under the printer cover. If the printhead is not tightly sealed or left for a long time after completing the printing job, it will cause excessive evaporation of water. As time goes on, the ink particles will dry and clump on the fine print head tips. Eventually, The print head is clogged, and ink cannot be properly discharged.

Why Clean Printhead HP OfficeJet Pro 8022?

Long-term use of the HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 printer can accumulate ink and dust on the printhead. These impurities may mask the heating elements of the printhead, leading to blockage of the printhead. Blurred, striped, or spotted printed content are common signs of blockage. Blocked printhead not only affects print quality but may also damage the printer. So, regular clean printhead HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 can prevent these problems and extend the lifespan of the printer. However, it should be noted that regular cleaning is necessary, but excessive cleaning should be avoided.

When To Clean Printhead HP OfficeJet Pro 8022?

The print head will grow dirty whether or not you have used the printer. It is advised that users print numerous times per month to maintain print quality and avoid ink from drying out in the ink cartridges. Even if you print once a month, your HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 printer will still have print head troubles. You can make your decision using the printer or computer display screen. If your printer's or computer’s display screen indicates that the ink cartridge is full, but the ink level is low, you most likely have an issue with blocked print heads. The printing effect can also be used to make a determination. If the printer only prints a portion of the content, causing streaks, blurred documents, and faded images, it may also be due to dirty print heads. So how to clean HP printhead? Please continue reading this blog.

How To Clean HP Printhead About HP OfficeJet Pro 8022?

Before starting to clean the printhead, you should carefully inspect the printhead nozzle to see if there are any printing problems caused by it. You can usually perform this operation through a computer or printer. This method can help you avoid touching the printhead and damaging the ink cartridge or the contacts of the printhead itself. Also, check if your ink cartridge is an HP ink product and is suitable for your model. If you notice damage or incorrect installation of the ink cartridge, you should remove the ink cartridge and insert a new one. Wait for the HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 printer to complete the automatic maintenance task for the new ink cartridge, and then try printing again. Cleaning the printhead is the correct step to ensure good printer operation.

So how on earth should we clean the printer? In general, using the printer’s automatic maintenance mode is sufficient. The HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 printer can sense the initial signs of failure and automatically place the printer in maintenance mode. This model includes two types: printhead cleaning and alignment. However, if you haven’t printed for a long time, you may need to perform additional steps to clean the printhead. There are two ways to clean the HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 printhead: automatic cleaning and manual cleaning. Please refer to the following specific steps for how to clean printhead on HP printer.

How To Clean Printhead On HP Printer automatically?

You can automatically clean the HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 printhead by following these steps:
1. Click the "Start" button to start cleaning the HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 inkjet printer printhead.
2. Access control panel. You can see multiple menus on the control panel, including "Printers and Scanners". You can find a list of all previously connected printers and currently used printers in this option.
3. Select "Properties" from the printer icon. You can check the available ink level in the ink cartridge and see if there are any issues related to your device.
4. If the status display indicates that the ink cartridge is empty, but the print result is unclear or discolored. This status indicator indicates that the printhead needs to be cleaned.
5. Select "Printing Preferences ", then the "Service"option.
6. In the following window, you can choose "Printer Services".
7. The command "Clean Printhead" will appear. You only need to lightly click this button, and this command will start the process of cleaning the printhead. This printer can automatically clean without the need for you to manually remove it.

You can also perform automatic cleaning on the HP Smart app, see our blog How to Automatically Clean HP Printer Cartridge to learn more. 

Cleaning the printhead takes approximately 1 or 2 minutes, and some ink may be used to complete the cleaning process. After completing the cleaning, you can test the printing quality by printing a test page. If the printing effect is good, it indicates that the cleaning has been successful. However, if the printing effect does not meet the standard, you might need to utilize the printhead cleaning feature another 2-4 times to improve printing quality. It is worth noting that excessive cleaning of the printhead should be avoided as it may cause damage. If the automatic cleaning does not achieve the expected results, you can continue to read and learn how to clean printhead on hp printer manually. Please continue to read patiently.

How To Clean HP Printer Printhead Manually?

If you still find problems with the print job through automatic cleaning, you can try manual cleaning. The specific steps about how to clean HP printer printhead manually are as follows:

Clean The Contacts On The HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 Printhead

  • Prepare cleaning supplies. a lint-free, dry cleaning towel, as an example. Additionally, get some fresh tissues ready.
  • Open the access door to the HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 printer compartment. Position the printer door so that it is open.
  • For a short period of time, press and hold the * button. Place the bracket on the printer's left side.
  • Remove the power cord from the back of the printer. Then lift the printhead latch inside the printer.
  • Pull the printhead out of the slot by raising the printhead handle.
  • Grab the printhead by its two sides and use a dry, lint-free cloth to carefully wipe the contacts on the printhead.
  • Place the printhead on lint free paper with the nozzle facing upwards.

Clean The Ink Cartridge Contact Points Of The Printer

1. You can use a lint free cloth to wipe away excess ink from the bottom contacts of the ink cartridge. However, it should be noted not to clean or touch the nozzle itself.
2. This contact point should be carefully placed to avoid damage. And ensure that the nozzle is placed facing upwards to avoid allowing the remaining ink to drain.
3. If there is any remaining ink on the contact point, gently wipe it clean with a cotton swab dipped in mineral water. It should be noted that alcohol and other cleaning agents should not be used to clean contacts or printhead.
4. Before replacing the printer ink cartridge, dry the contact points with a clean cotton swab. Ensure that the contact points are in a dry state.
5. When you finish using an ink cartridge, you can place it on clean paper. Then you can use the same method to clean the remaining ink cartridges.

Excessive cleaning should be avoided, whether it is automatic or manual cleaning. And excessive cleaning may cause printhead damage and limit its lifespan. Meanwhile, if you detect any problems, such as lower printing quality or blockage, you should clean it immediately. As a result, the best cleaning time is determined by the printhead's actual usage and condition. If you have any questions, you can log in to the HP customer support website and find suitable solutions based on your printer model.


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