Canon printer is printing blank pages

Canon printer is a common office device in life, can efficiently print out the documents and information we want, and provides us with a lot of convenience. However, even the famous brands of printers, there will be some failures after a period of use, such as paper jams, unclear printing, unable to print, and so on.
This blog also identifies the causes and solutions for common Canon printer problems. There is a situation where you normally start your Canon printer, but it outputs a blank document while your document appears on the computer with words. If you have this problem with your Canon printer, it will be helpful to read through this blog.

Canon Printer Giving Blank Pages Is The Common Fault

When we use the Canon printer, it is possible to encounter the printed paper without any images, that is to say, a piece of white paper. It is a problem that some Canon users will encounter, so what should we do when we encounter it?
In the beginning, it is necessary to analyze the causes of this fault. Only when the causes of the problem are found out there will be a direction to implement solutions. Two influences can cause blank pages: Canon cartridges and the printer itself.
Then, the proposed solutions also contain these two aspects. For Canon cartridges, check the capacity of ink or toner and whether the ink cartridge is properly installed. For Canon printers, check whether the printer hardware is cleaned and the software is updated. Here are some more details for you.

The Main Reasons Of Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages

Starting analysis from cartridge and printer levels respectively.

  • Cartridge Matters

The most vulnerable to suspicion is the toner cartridge in the printer because the printer is able to print clear words by virtue of its operation. It is also the simplest case.
1. Ink or toner depletion
If your Canon printer has been in use for some time and the ink or toner cartridge is exhausted, your printer may start printing blank pages. Your printer will give you signs of low ink before the old cartridge dries up and the ink is completely used up. Then, you need to remove the ink cartridge and install a new cartridge for it. Please pay attention to purchasing Canon genuine products and reliable toner cartridge suppliers. Printer cartridges without a quality guarantee may cause other printer problems.
2. Incorrect installation of Canon cartridges
Improper installation of Canon cartridges can also cause the printer to print blank pages or even fail to print. In the case the toner cartridge is intact, it is effective to reinstall it into the printer. If the ink cartridge is worn, you need to replace a new one. The products within the warranty period can be replaced free of charge. If it doesn't work after reinstallation, please continue reading to find other reasons.
3. Clogged ink nozzles
Inkjet printers often suffer from clogged ink nozzles, resulting in poor print quality and even blank pages. The reasons for the blockage of the printer inkjet nozzle may be as follows:
a. The use of low-quality ink cartridges causes the ink to solidify or settle in the inkjet nozzle.
b. Without using the printer for a long time, the ink dries up in the inkjet nozzle.
c. The long working time of the printer leads to the blockage.
d. The print nozzle is not well maintained, and the dust and paper scraps accumulated for a long time clog it.
e. Too much air in the printer cartridge prevents ink from flowing out smoothly.
Therefore, regular nozzle checks are essential.

  • Printer Matters

Printer Matters will make the situation even more complicated. Not only does the printer's hardware have to be considered, but it also monitors its software.
1. Connection errors
Suppose the Canon printer is not properly connected to the computer or other device. In that case, it will not be able to obtain information about the document to be printed, resulting in the printing of blank pages. There are two reasons why the Canon printer cannot access the computer's document information.
The computer cannot communicate with the printer because two-way communication is not enabled. Or the computer cannot communicate with a printer that is redirected in a terminal connection environment. Each of these connection errors may result in the Canon printer giving blank pages.
2. Print head issues or damage
The print head is a delicate part of the printer but also a fragile component. It is a kind of consumable that will eventually be replaced. Only continuous attention to maintenance can prolong the life of the print head. Clean the print head after each roll of ribbon or thermal paper for better performance. If not cleaned regularly, it is possible to cause the print head to become clogged or even damaged, resulting in blank pages.
3. Printer driver problems
The driver is the bridge between the printer and the computer and controls all functions of the printer. If there is a problem with the driver, the printer may not work properly. The driver is incompatible, or the system hardware does not support the printer. These may cause color problems in the printed document, including blank pages. At this point, you need to check and fix the driver installation problem.

How To Solve Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages Problem?

After enumerating the main reasons that Canon printer starts printing blank pages, do you want to know more about how to solve Canon printer printing blank pages problems? The following is the specific repair guide proposed for the above reasons.
1. Check ink levels
The correct way to check ink levels on your Canon printer is through the corresponding software of the computer and printer Settings. It is very simple for you to follow these steps.
Use a computer to check the ink allowance for all Canon series printers. So, the first thing you should do is connect your computer to the printer.
a. If you're using Windows 10, open the "Start" on your desktop, select "Settings", and then click "Devices".
b. In "Printer & Scan" you will see the model number of your printer. Right-click on it and select "Printing preferences" from the menu.
c. Go to the "Maintenance" tab and click on "View printer status". You will see the window with complete information about the status of your printer, including the ink level.The specific steps of checking the ink levels through the printer's control panel:

Step 1: Find the Setup

Step 2: Select “Estimated ink levels”

Step 3: Check the current ink levels

2. Clean print heads
Canon printer, after a period of use, to clean its print head to prevent blocking. Note that when cleaning the printhead, it is necessary to remove hard objects such as rings to prevent scratches on the print head, and be careful not to damage the print head with grounded metal tape or objects with static electricity. Then, remember to use a lint-free cloth to dry the surrounding water stains after cleaning. When two cleaning attempts fail to solve the print head problem, perform deep cleanings.
a. Open the printer driver settings window and click "Deep Clean" on the maintenance tab. When the deep cleaning dialog opens, select the ink group to perform deep cleaning. Click the initial inspection item to show the items that need to be inspected before performing a deep cleaning.
b. Make sure your computer is turned on while performing deep cleaning, and then click Execute. Click OK when a confirmation message appears. Print head deep cleaning begins.
c. After a confirmation message appears for thorough deep cleaning, the nozzle inspection dialog box will open.
d. To check if the print quality has improved, click the Print Check pattern. To cancel the checking process, click Cancel.
3. Update Printer driver
If cleaning the print head does not fix the problem, you may need to update the printer driver. The printer driver is the software that allows your computer to communicate with the printer, and if it is outdated, it can cause problems with printing. You can download the latest printer driver from the Canon website. The specific steps will be presented using the Canon 465dw printer as an example.
4. Reset the Canon printer
Resetting the printer can effectively fix printer failures, configure debugging, and system updates. So when your Canon printer is printing blank pages, try resetting it.
a. Power off the printer. Press the power button on the printer until the printer is completely turned off. Then, unplug the power cord from the power outlet to ensure that the printer is completely disconnected from the power supply.
b. Manually clean the printer. After completely disconnecting the power supply, we need to turn on the printer and wipe the inside of the printer to ensure that the interior is clean and tidy.
c. Select factory data reset. Select "Settings" on the Canon printer. Then, navigate to "Device Settings" using the arrow buttons and press "OK". Select the "Reset settings" option using the up and down arrows, then press the "OK" button.
d. Confirm factory data reset. The system will prompt whether to confirm the restoration of factory Settings, then press the "Yes" button.
After waiting for the system to complete, the Canon printer will automatically restart. Some options need to be reset.

Take Canon imageCLASS MF465dw Printer As An Example To Repair

In this blog post, most of the specific solutions mentioned above are for inkjet printers. Here, we take a laser printer as an example to introduce two solutions.
1. Change Canon 070 toner cartridges
If the Canon imageCLASS MF465dw appears to print blank pages, our first step is to open the printer and check whether the toner is used up. If it is indeed empty cartridges in the printer, then you need to replace the toner cartridge. The compatible consumable model of Canon MF465dw is Canon 070, which is the latest toner cartridge launched by Canon. Want to know how to install it? The recommended steps are as follows:
a. Open the front cover of Canon MF465dw.
b. Pull out the empty Canon 070 toner cartridge.
c. Remove the replacement toner cartridge from the protective case.
d. Shake the new toner cartridge five or six times as shown below to evenly distribute the toner inside the cartridge, and then place it on a flat surface.
e. Remove the drum protective cover of the new one.
f. Install the new Canon 070 toner cartridge
g. Close the front cover.

Canon 070 Canon 070H
2. Download and update the printer driver
The second way is to update the printer driver. Go to the Canon homepage and find the support navigation page. Click on "SOFTWARE & DRIVERS." Enter Canon imageCLASS MF465dw (printer model) in the search box. Finally, select and download according to the operating system and version of your computer. Opening the downloaded file will start the installation.

3. Adjust paper settings
Many users ignore the effect of paper Settings on print results. Erroneous printing properties and paper sizes can also cause the Canon printer to print blank pages. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the paper settings before printing the document. We need to make sure that the paper size for printing or copying is the same as the paper information registered to the printer. If it is different, it needs to be adjusted
a. Click "Start" in the bottom left corner of your computer, and then select "Devices and Printers". In the window that opens, locate and select the Canon printer.
b. Right-click the printer icon and select Print Preferences.
c. In the window that opens, click the "Paper/Quality" tab.
d. In the "Paper Size" drop-down menu, select the desired paper size. If you do not have the required size, you can select "Custom" and manually enter the width and height of the paper.
e. Click "Apply" or "OK" to save the Settings. Then, papers in the paper trays can be printed normally.
If the above solutions still do not work, it is recommended to contact Canon to find a further repair guide.

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