Brother Printer Doesn’t Recognize the New Cartridge

The Brother printer doesn’t recognize the new cartridges, which is a common and frustrating problem. Often, when replacing these cartridges, the printer may display an error message such as “No Cartridge Installed,” “Cannot Detect Cartridge,” “Replace Toner,” “Replace Ink,” “Incompatible Cartridge,” “Wrong Cartridge,” “Cyan Not Recognized,” or “Toner Low/Empty.” Additionally, the light near the cartridge also flashes red or orange.

This blog details some step-by-step solutions to fix Brother printer not recognizing new toner cartridges or new ink cartridges.

Why Brother Printer Doesnt Recognize the New Cartridge

There are several reasons why your Brother printer may not recognize a new ink/toner cartridge.

Printer Not Recognizing Replacement: Your Brother printer may not detect the replacement immediately after installation. This detection delay may cause it to display a recognition error initially.

Incorrect Installation: Inserted incorrectly, not inserted into the correct color slot, or the protective strip was not completely removed.

Compatibility Issue: Using a cartridge that is incompatible with your Brother printer model. 

Cartridge or Chip Failure: The cartridge or its contacts are damaged, preventing communication with the Brother printer. In addition, dust, dirt, or ink residue on the cartridge contacts may also prevent identification.

Printer Firmware Update: Automatic firmware updates may cause your Brother printer to stop recognizing third-party cartridges.

Printer Disabled Cartridges: Some Brother printers may disable or not support third-party cartridges. It is set up to recognize only genuine Brother printer cartridges.

Troubleshooting: Brother Printer Doesnt Recognize the New Cartridge

Let’s dive into the effective troubleshooting steps to fix your Brother printer not recognizing new toner cartridge/ink cartridge issue. Next, we will help you troubleshoot step by step according to this idea:

The printer responds slowly;

Wrong installation;

Cartridge chip availability;

Internal printer error.

1. Restart the Printer

The printer may not receive a signal to replace the cartridges. Restarting the printer will allow your Brother printer to re-detect and recognize new ink/toner cartridges.

After replacing printer cartridges, please turn off the printer and unplug it for a few minutes. Then, turn the Brother printer back on. It helps you get your printer up and running quickly.

2. Make Sure All Protective Covers Are Removed

Open your Brother printer cover, take out the toner/ink cartridge, and observe whether there is any protective cover or protective tape attached.

Make sure these protective caps, tapes, or seals are completely removed. Any plastic parts may block the connection between the cartridge and the printer, causing your printer to complain.

3. Confirm the Correct Cartridge Model

Brother printer cartridge models are similar, and some users may purchase the wrong model. For example, Brother TN660 and Brother TN760 cannot be used in the same printer. Using incompatible cartridges may result in recognition failure. Double-check that your cartridge model is compatible with your specific Brother printer.

4. Reinstall the Cartridges

When an error such as No Toner” occurs, try reinstalling your printer cartridges. We wrote a blog dedicated to this error: Brother Printer No Toner Override. Also, check that your ink/toner cartridges are in the correct color slots.

Remove the cartridges from the printer and reinstall them according to the color slots.

(1) For Toner Cartridges(e.g. TN227, TN229):

After removing the Brother toner cartridge and drum unit assembly:

  • Press the green locking lever to release the toner cartridge.
  • Assemble the toner cartridge and drum unit again.
  • Move the green slider several times to clean the corona wire.
  • Place the assembly back into your Brotherprinter and close the lid.

(2) For Ink Cartridges(e.g. LC401XL, LC406XL):

Press the lock release lever and take Brother ink cartridges out. Then push the ink cartridges into the Brother printer again until you hear a click, and finally close the printer cover.

5. Reset Brother Ink/Toner/Drum

(1) Brother Ink Reset:

As for resetting Brother ink levels, that’s essentially reinstalling the ink cartridges, as mentioned earlier. Try reinstalling the ink cartridges 3-5 times or more.

(2) Brother Toner Reset:

Generally, the Brother toner counter will automatically reset after installing a new toner. It will recalculate your remaining pages and recommend when to replace the toner cartridge. But in some cases, the Brother printer fails to reset the toner counter, displaying a Toner Empty” or Replace Toner error message. When these happen, we need to reset the toner counter manually.

Take the Brother MFC-L3770CDW printer as an example:

  • Open the front cover of your Brother printer. Hold down the “Back” and “X” buttons. 
  • Then, press the “Back” button again to enter the reset menu.
  • Select the color you need to reset, click “Yes” to confirm, and the toner level will be reset. 
  • Finally, close the printer cover.

Tips: TNR: toner cartridge; STD: standard capacity; HC: high capacity.

(3) Brother Drum Reset:

After replacing the Brother drum unit with a new one, you need to reset the drum counter manually. Like the Brother toner counter, it indicates the number of pages remaining and recommends when to replace the drum. If you encounter a Replace Drum” error message, it is likely you haven’t reset the drum unit. The blog How To Reset Drum On Brother Printer provides a comprehensive explanation.

Take the Brother MFC-L2710DW printer as an example:

  • First, ensure your printer is powered on, and the cover is closed.
  • Press and hold “OK” and “UP” at the same time. 
  • Then press “OK” to enter the drum settings.
  • Finally, select the “UP” arrow, and the printer will reset the Brother drum counter.
Brother Printer Doesn’t Recognize the New Cartridge

6. Check Cartridge Chip

Whether it’s toner or ink cartridges, Brother printers communicate through their metal chips. Ensure your printer cartridge chips are included, dirt-free, and compatible.

(1) Make Sure the Cartridge Has a Chip

Starting in 2017, Brother began to use IC chips on its toner cartridges such as TN223, TN431, TN450, TN730, Brother HL-L3290CDW toner, Brother HL-L3210CW toner, Brother HL-L3230CDW toner, Brother MFC-L3710CW toneretc. These toner chips are designed to store and process critical data, including encryption algorithms, lifespan, toner levels, and more. They monitor the status of Brother printers and provide real-time information updates.

Some compatible toner cartridges may require you to assemble the chip yourself. Check that you have correctly installed the chip on the toner cartridge. Otherwise, the printer may be unable to recognize the toner cartridge due to a missing chip.

(2) Ensure Chip Is Clean

After confirming the chip, please observe whether the surface of the chip is dirty. The chip is usually located on the side of the toner or ink cartridge.

  • Remove the printer cartridge from the printer and check the chip surface for stains or ink residue.
  • If so, clean it with a lint-free cloth (can’t clean it? Consider replacing the chip or replacing the printer ink/toner cartridge).
  • Then, try to put the printer cartridge back into your Brother printer to see if the problem has been solved.

(3) Check Cartridge Compatibility

If the “No Toner” error message still appears, the new toner cartridge chip might not be compatible with your printer. You can also confirm chip compatibility through the method below.

Remove the new cartridge and put the old cartridge back into the printer. If your Brother printer successfully recognizes the old cartridge, then the chip on the new cartridge is incompatible with the printer.

In this case, we recommend replacing the faulty cartridge with a new one that has a chip. If your faulty product is still under warranty, don’t hesitate to contact the seller for a replacement or refund. Repurchasing a better toner cartridge is also a good option.

7. Restore Printer Default Settings

If all else fails, consider returning the printer settings to their default settings. This step can eliminate any internal errors causing recognition problems.

You need to find the tool icon in the menu, enter “All Settings” or “Initial Setup,” and confirm “Reset” to the printer’s default settings. This may vary depending on your Brother printer model.

The video below explains 3 different methods of resetting the default Brother printer(Brother laser printers).

8. Seek Professional Help

If the issue persists, consider contacting professional printer repair for further assistance. They can provide specialized guidance to identify potential problems.


We hope you can successfully solve the problem of Brother printer doesn’t recognize the new cartridge through our blog. If you have any confusion, please leave a comment or contact our customer service, and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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