How To Reset Drum On Brother Printer

Have no idea how to reset drum on Brother printer? Type "reset drum Brother" into the search box and feel lost when faced with a bunch of search results? Follow this quick guide to reset the Brother printer drum and quickly get back to printing!

Important: Only reset the Brother drum counter when replacing a new drum; otherwise, your printer can't track the drum life accurately.


Brother printers with no screen

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How to Reset Drum on Brother Printer?

Depending on which Brother model printer you're using, the Brother drum reset instructions vary. So it is good to double-check your printer's user guide. To make our guide clear and easy to understand, we divide printers into the following three types:
•Brother printers with no screen
•Brother printers with a LED screen
•Brother printers with a touchscreen
The followings are Brother printer drum reset instructions on these three types of Brother printers.

Some small Brother printers, like the old HL series, have no screen but signaling LEDs instead. However, it doesn't mean there is no way to reset the drum. If you own a Brother printer without a screen, you can reset the drum by completing the following steps.
• Make sure your printer is powered on.
• Open the printer's front cover (the "Error" light begins to blink).
• Press and hold the “Go” button until all the LEDs are lit. Once all the LEDs light up, release the “GO” button.
• Then press the “Go” key again.
• Close the front door (the "ready" light keeps flashing).
• Press “Go” one last time.
At this moment, your printer drum has been reset and is ready to use.

Not all Brother printers with a LED screen are identical in drum resetting. Depending on the printer model you are using, the reset procedure may vary. In this blog, we will introduce four common methods, hoping that one can be applied to your printer.

(1) LED Screen with "Options" Button
Make sure the printer is on, and the front lid is open.
Press “Options” on the control panel.
Press “1” on printers with numeric keypad.
Press “UP” on printers without a numeric keypad.
Once the LED shows the "Accepted" message, close the front lid.

(2) LED Screen with "Clear/Back" Button
Leave the printer powered on and the front cover open.
Press “Clear” or “Clear/Back” on the control panel to clear the error message.
Press “1” or “UP” to start the drum reset.
When the screen displays "Accepted," close up the front cover.

(3) LED Screen with "OK" Button
Turn on the machine and open the front cover
Hold down "OK" until "Drum Unit" is shown on the screen (some printers display "Replace Drum?")
Press "OK" to select "Drum Unit" or "Replace Drum?" (this step can be skipped on some printers).
If your printer has a numeric keypad, press "1" to reset the drum.
If your printer doesn't have a numeric keypad, press "UP" to reset the drum.
Close the front cover when the "Accepted" message pops up.

(4) LED Screen with "OK" and "Up" Button
Turn on the printer.
Make sure the printer's front door is closed.
Press and hold "OK" and "up" at the same time.
Press "OK" to select "Drum."
Select the "up" or "down" arrow to initiate drum reset.

If you are resetting drums on a Brother color laser printer, you need to select the toner color for the drum unit that you replaced. Depending on what printer model you have, you can do this by pressing the "OK," "up" or "down" arrows. And repeat the Brother drum reset steps when you need to reset more than one drum.

There are two popular solutions for how to reset the drum on a Brother printer with a touchscreen. We will show you as below.

Solution One
Turn on the machine.
Press “Cancel” button) to clear the error message if there is one.
Press and hold the “Toner” button for five seconds.
Tap on "Drum."
Select the drum you just replaced, then press "Yes."

Solution Two
The printer should be powdered on.
Press “Settings”.
Press "All Settings" if it is necessary.
Select "Machine Info" or "Machine Information," then choose "Parts Life."
Press and hold "Drum" or "Drum Life" until the touchscreen message changes.
Press "Yes" to reset the printer drum.

The above is the introduction to how to reset the drum counter on Brother printers. If you still have any questions about the Brother printer replaced drum reset, you can check the FAQs section to see if there is an answer. If not, please leave your questions in the comments section; we will be happy to assist you.

If you want to save money on Brother drum units, try affordable drum unit replacements that cost less than the name-brand ones but are just as reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brother Printer Drum Resetting

What is the difference between the toner cartridge and the drum unit?

The toner cartridge and drum unit are different consumables that are essential for printing. The toner cartridge contains toner powder used for forming letters and images. And the drum unit has a photosensitive drum used for fixing powder to the paper by heat and pressure.
Most toner cartridges have the drum unit built into the cartridge. In this case, when you replace a toner cartridge, the drum unit is replaced at the same time. But some printers, like Brother laser printers, use a separate toner and drum unit. Also, the toner cartridge and drum unit generally have different lifespans. So you just need to replace the consumable, which comes to its end of life.

When should I reset the Brother printer drum?

Once you replace a new drum, it is time to reset the drum you just replaced. Please keep in mind that you need to reset the drum counter only when you replace a new drum. That's because resetting the drum in advance will result in inaccurate tracking data.

Should I open or close the front door when resetting the drum counter?

It depends. Some printers require the front door to be opened to begin the drum reset procedure. But some are not. It is best to check your printer’s user manual. Or you can try both methods because the printer won't allow you to reset the drum if the front door is not in the correct position.

How to reset the drum counter on a color Brother laser printer?

Resetting the drum counter on a color Brother laser printer is similar to how you reset the drum counter on a monochrome printer. You just need to press "OK," "up," or "down" (depending on the printer model you have) to choose the toner color for the drum you just replaced. Resetting multiple drum units requires repeating these steps.
But it is not the same when it comes to Brother printers without a screen. Resetting the drum on a Brother printer without a screen is much easier. When you complete the steps, you reset all the drums in the printer at once.

Do I need to reset drum Brother every time I replace a new toner cartridge?

No. Brother printer replaced drum reset is subject to drum replacement, not toner cartridge replacement. The service life of one drum unit is approximately equal to that of three or four toner cartridges. So you don't need to reset the drum counter every time you replace a toner cartridge. You need to reset the drum counter only when you replace a drum.

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