How to Fix Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages

Epson printer printing blank pages is frustrating and disruptive to your workflow. When your Epson printer starts producing blank pages instead of the document or image you intended, something may be wrong. This blog details possible causes of Epson printer blank pages and provides step-by-step solutions.

Why Is My Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages

Epson printer printing blank pages mostly occurs on Epson printers using ink. It may be caused by several factors: Epson ink cartridges, printer environment, paper, printed documents, and printer drivers. 

Low or Empty Ink Levels:

Low or empty ink cartridges are common reasons why your Epson printer prints blank pages. When the ink level is low or depleted, your printer may not have enough ink to print documents or images.

Clogged Print Head Nozzle:

Over time, ink residue can clog print head nozzles, blocking ink flow and causing blank pages. In addition, the protective tape on the ink cartridge or the seal that has not been removed in the Epson printer cartridge slot may also cause the nozzles to become clogged.

Faulty Ink Cartridge:

The Epson ink cartridge itself occasionally malfunctions, causing no ink to come out.

Uneven Printer Placement:

If the printer is not placed on a flat, stable surface, it may cause printing errors, such as Epson printing blank pages.

Incompatible Paper:

Using paper that does not meet the printer specifications may also cause the printer to reject the paper or print incorrectly, resulting in blank pages.

Blank Document Content:

Sometimes, the problem may not lie with the Epson printer but with the document content. The document itself contains blank pages or areas, causing those sections to print blank, or you mistakenly selected a blank document.

Outdated or Incompatible Printer Driver:

Outdated or incompatible printer drivers can cause communication errors between the computer and the printer, resulting in blank prints. Making sure your drivers are up to date and compatible is critical to smooth printing.

How to Fix Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages

After understanding why Epson printing blank pages, there are some ways to troubleshoot this issue. Consider the following solutions:

Check Your Printer Placement:

When encountering blank pages, please first check whether the printer is placed in a level environment. An Epson printer will not function properly if it is tilted severely. Therefore, you need to make sure your Epson printer is placed on a stable, flat surface and avoid tilting or shaking.

If your printer placement is fine but the printer continues to generate blank pages, check for other potential causes, such as ink levels or a clogged Epson printhead.

Check the Ink Cartridges and Printer

Check the Ink Level

Insufficient ink is the main cause of blank pages in Epson printers. When the printer attempts to operate with low or empty ink, the printed page may be completely blank.

Use your Epson printer's software or control panel to check the ink levels. Usually, when the ink level is low, most Epson printers will display error messages such as “Ink Low,” “Ink is running low.” If the ink is low or exhausted, try refilling the ink cartridge or replacing it with a new one.

For Epson EcoTank printers, you can look at the front of the printer to see if the ink level is below the minimum line. If it's below the minimum line, you're low on ink.

For Epson inkjet printers with screens such as Epson Expression Home XP-4205, find "Settings" on the home page, press "OK" to enter, and then select "Supply Status" to clearly see the ink level.

You can also check the Epson printer ink levels on your computer, watch the video below to learn how.

Check the Ink Cartridge

In addition, you also need to check your ink cartridges to see if there is any tape residue on the Epson cartridge or printer.

Open the cover of your Epson printer, take out the ink cartridge, check if there is any protective tape that has not been removed, if so, please tear it off. Then look at the color slot of the printer and check if there is a sealing strip attached. If you see any, please tear it off.

By the way, the best way to check if your ink cartridges are functioning properly is to check for printer error messages. Once there is any problem with your printer's ink cartridges, the printer will prompt a message like "Ink cartridges cannot be recognized." At this time, replacing the faulty ink cartridge can prevent the printer from printing blank pages.

Clean Print Head Nozzle

If you find that the ink cartridge has sufficient ink and is not interfered by any tape through the previous step, it is likely that the Epson print head nozzle is clogged.

Automatic Print Head Cleaning

First check the Epson printer nozzles to detect if there are any clogged areas.

Next use your printer's software or control panel to perform a printhead cleaning to remove dried ink or debris.

If initial cleaning doesn't solve the problem, consider a deep cleaning.

Watch the video to learn how to check the nozzles and clean the printhead from the printer screen.

Check out this video below to learn how to clean the printhead on your computer.

Automatic cleaning still doesn't solve the problem? You need to clean the Epson print head manually.

Use Compatible Paper:

Please do the following to confirm that the paper type and size you are using meet your printer's specifications.

Check paper compatibility: Verify that the paper you are using meets the specifications recommended by the printer manual. This includes paper size, weight and thickness.

Adjust printer settings: Verify and adjust printer settings to match the type and size of paper loaded.

Avoid mixing paper types: Check if you are mixing different types or sizes of paper in the same tray. A paper tray should use a single paper type and size.

Preview Document Content:

Resolving unintentional blank pages in documents is crucial to prevent your Epson printer from printing blank pages. Before printing, use the document preview feature to check your document for any unexpected blank pages. If discovered during preview, edit the document to ensure there are no meaningless white spaces.

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