Canon 070 vs 070H: Which One Is Right for You?

Are you the proud owner of a Canon ImageCLASS printer like the LBP246dw, LBP247dw, MF462dw, or MF465dw? If so, you may have been faced with the situation of choosing between two toner cartridges: Canon 070 and Canon 070H. Both cartridges are compatible with your printer, but they offer different page yields and prices. In this guide, we'll help you figure out "Canon 070 vs 070H: which one is right for you."

Understanding Toner Cartridge Basics

Before delving into the details of Canon 070 and Canon 070H toner cartridges, it is necessary to grasp some basic concepts. Toner cartridges are an integral part of laser printers like your ImageCLASS. They contain toner powder, which is a vital ingredient in producing prints. Toner cartridges may be available in more than one capacity option for the same printer model. When it comes to Canon toner cartridges, standard and high-yield options are the most common. Canon uses the letter "H" to indicate "high yield". Canon 070H refers to the high-yield version of the standard-yield Canon 070.

Canon 070 toner cartridge

Compatible Canon 070 Toner Cartridge - With Chip - 5639C001

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Canon 070H toner cartridge

Compatible Canon 070H Black Toner Cartridge - High Yield - With Chip - 5640C001

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Canon 070H toner 2-pack

Compatible Canon 070H Toner Cartridges 2-Pack (With Chip)

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Similarities between Canon 070 and 070H:

Applicable Printer Models (Compatibility)

Canon 070 and Canon 070H toner cartridges are compatible with a specific set of printer models. These models include Canon ImageCLASS LBP246dw, LBP247dw, MF462dw and MF465dw. This compatibility ensures that users of these printers can flexibly choose between these two types of toner cartridges without worrying about printer compatibility.

Print Quality

One of the basic expectations of toner cartridges is to consistently produce high-quality printouts. In this respect, both Canon 070 and Canon 070H toner cartridges shine brilliantly. They are designed to provide clear, professional-quality prints. Their top-notch toner ensures that your documents and images are with the highest accuracy and detail. The identical print quality of these two cartridges assures users that their choice will not affect the final output.

Shelf Life

Like any other consumables, toner cartridges have a shelf life. The shelf life of Canon 070 and 070H toner cartridges is the same, usually in the range of 18 to 24 months. But this shelf life depends on the correct storage method. It would be best to store the cartridges in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, to maintain their integrity and prevent toner from caking. Users can rest assured that if stored correctly, both these cartridges can extend their shelf life so that they can fully prepare for their printing needs.

Differences between Canon 070 and 070H:

Page Yield

The most significant difference between the Canon 070 and Canon 070H toner cartridges is their page yield. The Canon 070 has a page yield of around 3,000 pages, while its high-yield alternative, the Canon 070H, impressively offers 10,200 pages. The difference in page yields directly affects the lifespan and cost-effectiveness of the printer cartridges, making it an important consideration for users with varying print volumes.

Cartridge Price

The disparity in page yield is reflected in the prices of the toner cartridges. Standard cartridges, such as the Canon 070, are generally more affordable upfront, making them an attractive option for users with lighter printing needs. On the other hand, high-capacity cartridges, such as the Canon 070H, usually have a higher initial price. This price discrepancy is due to the increased amount of toner contained in high-yield cartridges, allowing them to print more pages before being replaced. As such, they provide a cost-effective and convenient solution for users with frequent or high-volume printing needs.

Quick Review: Comparison of Canon 070 vs 070H

Canon 070

Canon 070H

Product Capacity



Page Yield

3,000 pages

10,200 pages

Cartridge Price



Print Quality



Compatible Printer Models

LBP246dw, LBP247dw, MF462dw, MF465dw

LBP246dw, LBP247dw, MF462dw, MF465dw

Shelf Life

18-24 months

18-24 months

Canon 070 vs 070H: Factors to Consider in Your Decision

To make an informed choice between Canon 070 and Canon 070H toner cartridges, it's important to weigh various factors based on your personal needs. These factors include:

Print Volume

Print volume is a key deciding factor. As stated above, a Canon 070 cartridge yields 3,000 pages, while a Canon 070H cartridge lasts up to 10,200 pages. If you print a lot of pages on a regular basis, the high yield may be more practical, as it prints 7,200 pages than the standard yield. Suppose you need to print 10,000 pages; the Canon 070H cartridge can cover your needs and have 200 pages left. However, if you use Canon 070 cartridges, you need to change cartridges three times after installing the first one. In situations like this, the high-yield toner is the way to go. Using a toner cartridge that matches your high print volume can keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

For those who print infrequently, the Canon 070 may be a good choice. On the one hand, it can meet your printing needs with low investment (Standard-yield toner cartridges generally cost less upfront). On the other hand, it helps avoid deterioration in print quality due to the toner cartridge being left in the printer for too long.

Budget Constraints

Initial cost is another aspect to consider. The standard cartridge holds less toner powder and prints fewer pages, so it costs less. In contrast, the high-yield one is filled with sufficient toner to ensure a 10,200-page yield. So, it is reasonable that the 070H Canon toner is priced higher. According to Canon's official shopping website, a Canon toner 070 is $117.99. A Canon toner 070H costs $248.99, which is $131 more than a Canon 070.

For printer users who have low printing needs, the Canon toner 070 is more budget-friendly. But for busy offices or companies, a 070H Canon cartridge is a better option. That's because the page yield of Canon 070H is 3.4 times that of Canon 070, but the price is only 2.1 times that of Canon 070. 2x money for 3x printouts, it's definitely a good deal.

Cost Effectiveness

To make a well-informed decision, it's advisable to calculate the cost per page(CPP) for each cartridge. It helps you clearly know Canon 070 vs 070H, which one is more cost-effective. This calculation involves a simple formula:

Cost per Page = Price of Cartridge / Page Yield

By applying this formula to these cartridges, we can get their costs per page:
CPP of Canon 070 Toner Cartridge = $117.99 / 3,000 pages = 3.93 cents per page
CPP of Canon 070H Toner Cartridge = $248.99 / 10,200 pages = 2.44 cents per page
Difference: 3.93 -2.44 = 1.49 cents

As you can see, the high yield prints every page 1.49 cents cheaper than the standard yield, offering a better value for money.

Environmental Impact

In a world where sustainability and Eco-conscious choices are paramount, the environmental impact of your printing decisions shouldn't be underestimated. As mentioned before, Canon 070H prints more pages and requires fewer replacements. By choosing the high-yield cartridge, you can reduce the number of cartridges that need to be manufactured, shipped, and ultimately discarded. This contributes to a reduced carbon footprint and a more sustainable printing method.

Reduce Costs with Canon Compatible 070 and 070H Toner Cartridges

Did you know that the most expensive printer using Canon 070/H is $499.99, and the cheapest is less than $200? This means that the money for 1-3 pieces of Canon 070H or 2-5 pieces of Canon 070 is enough to buy a new printer (with toner cartridge included). The Canon original toner cartridges are expensive, aren't they? Switch to True Image brand Canon compatible 070/070H cartridges to save a fortune. You are going to enjoy guaranteed quality, identical page yield, and reliable performance at a discounted price.

OEM Canon

True Image


Canon 070




Canon 070H




*Store pricing may vary in different periods.

As the table shows, you can save $199.04 by using a Canon compatible 070H toner and $78.04 by using a Canon compatible 070 toner. Do not hesitate any more. Shop confidently since all True Image brand printer cartridges have a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty.


In summary, deciding between Canon 070 and Canon 070H toner cartridges should align with your specific needs. If your printing volume is light to moderate, and budget constraints are a concern, the standard cartridge might be the right choice. However, if you engage in frequent or high-volume printing and want to realize long-term savings, Canon 070H, with its high page yield, is the optimal selection.

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