Canon 067 VS 067H :Which One is More Worth Buying?

Canon 067 and Canon 067H are the latest toner products that release on February 8, 2023. As an update of Canon 054 model, the two toners have excellent printing performance with the advanced printing technology. If you are finding a toner matching your Canon LBP633Cdw/LBP632Cdw/MF653Cdw/MF654Cdw/MF656Cdw printer, True Image’s compatible Canon 067 model is a great option to you. The blog post will share what is Canon 067 and Canon 067H, what are similarities and differences between them at great length, and finally tell you which one is a suitable toner for you. If you are interested in this toner model, continue to read the rest of post to learn more.


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Canon 067/067H at Glance

The Canon 067/067H toner cartridge series includes four color options: magenta/cyan/ yellow/black. The black toner prints crisp, sharp and darker black text and images. They are more suitable for office documents. The color toner prints a more vivid, vibrant, and clear color image. They are suitable for high-quality documents like resume that need professional printing affect. Besides, the Canon toner series offer two options in size: Canon 067 (standard yield) and Canon 067H(high yield). Both page yield toners offer black toner and tri-color toners, and you can buy it separately when one of color toners is out of use. If you choose this Canon toner series, their professional and consistent printout doesn’t let you down.

Canon 067 VS 067H, What Is the Similarities?

Printing Quality

Canon 067 and Canon 067H belong to the same toner series. The two toner cartridges are filled with the same powder with high quality. The first-rate quality powder matching the rigorous cartridge design will provide an excellent printing effect. The black toner prints darker and clear black text, while color toners print vibrant and clear colorful images. Though the toner colors are different, each color toner whatever standard yield and high yield achieves optimal printing performance.

Appearance and Shape

The two kinds of page yield toner have the same appearance and shape. The two toner is built with the same component and structure, including developer roller, OPC(Photo-Conductor), PCR(Primary Charging Roller) and other basic unit parts. The reason for the same appearance and shape is to place perfectly inside the compatible printer model.

Compatible Printer

Canon 067 and Canon 067H are compatible with the same canon printer model. The following canon printer models can work with two toners:
Color Imageclass LBP633Cdw
Color Imageclass LBP632Cdw
Color Imageclass MF653Cdw
Color Imageclass MF654Cdw
Color Imageclass MF656Cdw

Canon 067 vs 067H , What Is the Differences?

Page Yield

Canon 067 and Canon 067H are different in powder volume, which is called page yield. page yield refers to the estimated number of pages when a toner cartridge work with printer until out of powder. The actual number of page yield will vary based on the toner coverage of the documents. Usually, 5% toner coverage is used in toner advertising, meaning that the printed scale is 5% on the whole page. The page yield of two Canon cartridge below is also calculated by the 5% toner coverage.

Standard Yield: Canon 067
Yield up to 1,350 pages with 5% coverage (black on letter/A4) and yield up to 1,250 pages with 5% coverage (color on letter/A4).

High yield: Canon 067H
Yield up to 3,130 pages with 5% coverage (black on letter/A4) and yield up to 2,350 pages with 5% coverage (color on letter/A4).


As mentioned above, the two kinds of page yield are different because of the powder contained in the cartridge. Different toner capacity results in different toner weight. Usually, high yield toner is slightly heavier than standard yield toner. The toner cartridges are made of light material, so you are easy to move them even though the two kinds of page yield are different in weight.


The more powder contains, the more pages print. That means the high yield toner contains more powder and prints more pages, but the cost increases with higher powder volume. So, the price of high yield toner containing more powder is higher than standard yield toner. According to the following table, original Canon 067H toner is 2/5 higher than original Canon 067 toner. Besides, the price of the black toner is cheaper than color toner. There are two main reasons causing this. One is that production process for black toner is simpler and more efficient which help to lower cost. The other is large demand and mass production for black toner makes its price cheaper. It is seen that the black Canon 067 toner is slightly lower than the color Canon 067 toner according to the following table.

Black  Color (C/Y/M)
Canon 067  $65.99 $78.99
Canon 067H $100.99 $103.99

(The data is from Canon official website)

Cost Per Page

Cost Per Page means how much spend on each printed page when toner is printing. Cost per page= total price/page yield. The following data take Canon 067 and Canon 067H sold at Canon official website as a sample( toner coverage is standard for 5%).
Here is the cost per page comparison between the two Canon toners.

Black Color (C/Y/M)
Compatible Canon 067 4.88 cents 6.31 cents
Compatible Canon 067H 3.22 cents 4.42 cents

Here is detailed data between the two Canon toners

OEM Number

Canon 067(Black)

Canon 067(Color)

Canon 067H(Black)

 Canon 067H(Color)

price $65.99 $78.99 $100.99 $103.99
page yield 1,350 pages 1,250 pages 3,130 pages 2,350 pages
Cost per cost 4.88 cents 6.31 cents 3.22 cents  4.42 cents


Canon 067 VS 067H, Which One Is More Worth Buying?

In most cases, choosing high yield toner can save you more money. However, it doesn’t mean that high yield toner is the optimal choice. You should buy Canon 067 or Canon 067H according to your real need for printing.

Less Need for Pages

If you are working at home or office that print a document occasionally. The printer is a piece of necessary office equipment but is used a less time. Especially for the printed page within 50-100sheets monthly, Canon 067 is a more suitable choice than Canon 067H. Though the shelf life unpacked toner cartridge is around 2-3 years if it is stored properly, the packed toner cartridge needs to be used within 6 months when it was placed into printer. For the people that need to print documents occasionally, Canon 069H isn’t an economical choice because there is much powder left inside cartridge until the toner expires.

Large Need for Pages

If you often use toner to print a lot of documents, it is undoubted that Canon 067 high capacity is an economical choice for you. For people who need to print many documents requiring more professional printing quality or print stacks of reading materials, Canon 067 high capacity offers high quality printing results as well as high yield pages. Especially the large team often printing amounts of black and white documents daily, you may think about choosing black Canon 067H to help you complete printing tasks cost-efficient.

Economical Alternatives to the Genuine Canon 067 Toner and Canon 067H Toner

Though genuine Canon 067/067H are outstanding toner product, their price is too expensive for most customers. So, Compatible Canon 067/069H become an economical choice for customers with limited budgets.

Cost-efficient Price

True Image offers an excellent alternative to the genuine Canon 067 and Canon 067H.Their prices are far low than the original. Except for affordable price, True Image’s compatible toner cartridges give genuine-like printing performance and page yield as same as the genuine. The compatible toner produces high quality printout which give you the professional printing experience. The following table is the cost per page of True Image’s compatible Canon 067/067H toner.

Black Color (C/Y/M)  4-Pack (BK/C/Y/M)
Canon 067 3.70 cents 3.97 cents 3.92 cents
Canon 067H 1.99 cents 2.65 cents 2.45 cents

Circumspect After-Sale Service

True Image offers free&fast shipping service. We free-ship each order if it is over $30 and address within the Continental USA. Besides, we deliver each order the same day if it is placed before 4:00 pm PST or 5:00 pm EST.
True Image offers 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and a 2-Year Product Warranty for all toner product besides low price and high quality printing result. You can choose refund or free replacement for defective products under warranty.
We will try our best to give you the most satisfactory product service.

We hope you’ve found this comparison post helpful. If you have any questions about similarities and differences between the two Canon toners, please leave you note in the comment below, we are willing to help you answer your question.

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