Epson 232 vs 232XL

Epson 232 vs 232XL, which one is more worth buying? For those of you using the Epson Expression Home XP-4200, XP-4205, Epson WorkForce WF-2930, and WF-2950, you may wonder if they are the same.

In this blog, we’ll show you what they have in common and how they differ so you can make an informed choice. When purchasing Epson 232 and 232XL ink cartridges, it's important to consider your budget and printing needs.

I. Quick Summary

Choose these Epson ink cartridges based on your printing needs:

Epson 232:

  • Ideal for occasional printing situations.
  • Low price, economical choice for standard printing.

Epson 232XL:

  • Suitable for frequent or large-volume printing needs.
  • Higher page yield, most cost-effective for long-term use.


Before we get started, let’s get one thing straight: What does the XL mean on printer ink?

“XL” usually means high-yield or higher-capacity. In the case of Epson printer cartridges, this means that the cartridge contains more ink than its standard yield cartridge version.

II. What's the Same: Epson 232 vs 232XL

Both the Epson 232 232XL cartridges use the same production technology to deliver high-quality printing. Additionally, they are compatible with the same printers, maintaining consistent color cartridge specifications.

Print Quality

Epson 232 ink and Epson 232XL ink cartridges are made from superior raw materials, providing excellent printing results. The ink formula and technology used in these cartridges remain consistent.

Whether you're printing text documents, vibrant photos, or colorful graphics, both cartridge types deliver comparable print quality. Epson ink cartridges maintain professional printing standards, ensuring consistent output regardless of size or capacity.

Printer Compatibility

Epson 232 and 232XL ink cartridges are both designed to work seamlessly with printers from the same series. They all fit these printers without any compatibility issues, including:

Epson Expression Home XP-4200

Epson Expression Home XP-4205

Epson WorkForce WF-2930

Epson WorkForce WF-2950

This ensures that users can easily switch between standard and XL cartridges without having to use a different printer.

Color Cartridge Specifications

The specifications of Epson 232 and 232XL color ink cartridges (cyan, magenta, and yellow) remain the same. No matter which one you choose, these Claria ink cartridges offer consistent page yields. Users will receive the same number of color-printed pages whether they buy the standard or XL version.

Technical Details

Both Claria ink cartridge types are designed to consistently bring you excellent results. They all meet the technical requirements for specialty paper printing.

Therefore, the Epson 232/232XL ink are pigment black ink cartridges and dye color ink cartridges. They have optimized ink formulas for printing on various specialty papers.

III. What's the Difference: Epson 232 vs 232XL

While the Epson 232 232XL cartridges share many similarities, some differences include page yield, lifespan, initial price, and cost per page.

Epson 232 vs 232XL

Page Yield

One of the most significant differences between these Epson printer cartridges is their page yield. Epson ink 232 is the standard yield ink cartridge, and Epson ink 232XL is the high yield ink cartridge. The Epson 232XL cartridge holds more ink than the standard Epson 232 cartridge, delivering higher page yields.

Take the Epson 232 genuine black ink cartridge and Epson 232XL high-yield genuine black ink cartridge as examples. The former has a page yield of 150 pages, while the latter produces up to 380 pages.

This means the Epson 232XL cartridges can print more pages before replacing them, making them ideal for users with high-volume printing needs.



Black Cartridge(BK)

Color Cartridge(C/M/Y)

Epson 232

570 pages

150 pages

140 pages

Epson 232XL

800 pages

380 pages

140 pages

Service Life

As mentioned before, the Epson 232 cartridge has a higher page yield. Due to their higher ink capacity, Epson 232XL ink cartridges tend to last longer than Epson 232 ink cartridges.

Therefore, Epson 232XL ink cartridges are more durable when printing the same number of pages. The extended lifespan is beneficial for those looking for convenience and continuous printing.


Epson ink 232XL cartridges have a higher initial cost than Epson ink 232 cartridges. For example, the genuine Epson 232 black ink cartridge is $19.99, and the genuine Epson 232XL black ink cartridge is $30.49.

Despite the initial cost difference, Epson 232XL provides a greater page yield, ultimately lowering the cost per page over time.



Black Cartridge(BK)

Color Cartridge(C/M/Y)

Epson 232



$6.99(T232220-S, T232320-S, T232420-S)

Epson 232XL



$6.99(T232220-S, T232320-S, T232420-S)

Prices are from the Epson official website and may change over time.

Cost Per Page

Cost Per Page(CPP) can reflect the money you spend on each page, making it easier to manage your budget. It is calculated by dividing the cartridge price and page yield.

The Epson 232 Claria ink set costs 7.18 cents per page, while the Epson 232XL set costs about 6.43 cents per page. Their black ink cartridges cost 13.33 cents and 8.02 cents per page, respectively.



Black Cartridge(BK)

Color Cartridge(C/M/Y)

Epson 232

7.18 cents

13.33 cents

4.99 cents

Epson 232XL

6.43 cents

8.02 cents

4.99 cents

Cost Per Page = Cartridge Price/Page Yield

Epson 232XL genuine ink cartridges have a lower cost per page than standard-capacity Epson 232 genuine ink cartridges. For users who print frequently, the Epson 232XL offers significant cost savings despite their higher price tag.

IV. Epson 232 vs 232XL, Which One to Choose?

The choice between the Epson 232 and 232XL comes down to personal budget and printing habits.

If immediate savings are a priority, the Epson 232 ink cartridge may better fit your budget. Its modest page output is also great for occasional or light printing.

The Epson 232XL ink cartridge is more expensive but has better long-term value due to increased page yield. For frequent or high-volume printing, the Epson 232XL will be more cost-effective in the long run.

By the way, True Image provides compatible Epson ink cartridges at affordable prices. Delivers vibrant colors and long-lasting, high quality results. It will not void your printer warranty.

V. Epson 232 and 232XL: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Epson Standard and XL ink?

The main differences between Epson Standard and XL inks are page yield and price. The Epson XL version contains more ink and prints more pages than the Standard version. Its price is also higher than the standard.

2. Are XL printer cartridges worth it?

It depends on your printing needs. If you print frequently and want less interruption, XL printer cartridges are a good value. They offer more printed pages at a lower cost per page, e.g., Epson 232XL.

3. Can I use Epson 232XL ink instead of Epson 232 ink?

Yes. The Epson 232 and the Epson 232XL are compatible with the same printers, including Epson Expression Home XP-4200, 4205, Epson WorkForce WF-2930, and WF-2950. When Epson 232 ink runs out, you can replace it with Epson 232XL ink.

It is important to note that the Epson 220 ink cannot be used as a replacement as it is unsuitable for the above printers.

4. Is it possible to refill Epson 232 or 232XL ink cartridges?

Yes. Prepare the tools and the ink, try to find/drill a hole in the empty cartridge, then refill the ink, seal the hole, and finally reinstall it into the printer. But we don’t recommend this way because the OEM chip may not work again.

To avoid any problems, we advise you to purchase compatible or re-manufactured ink cartridges. They offer OEM printing quality at a fraction of the cost and don't require refilling.

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