Why Is My Brother Printer Not Printing?

In modern life, printers have become an indispensable tool in our daily work. However, sometimes we encounter problems where the printer cannot print, which not only wastes time but may also affect work efficiency. In this blog, we will focus on discussing the reasons why Brother printers cannot print and solutions.

Reasons About Why Brother Printer Cannot Print

Insufficient Ink Or Toner Cartridge: Insufficient ink or toner can seriously affect the Brother printer's ability to generate high-quality prints or even print at all.

Paper Issue: It is possible that the paper does not meet the printing requirements or is stuck in the printer.

Connection Issue: It may be due to the USB cable not being plugged in tightly or the network connection being disconnected.

Printer Status: Sometimes, even if the printer is turned on and connected, it may still appear as "offline" on the computer.

Printer Settings: Brother printer settings are not set as default devices, or settings (such as paper size and orientation) do not match the document you want to print.

Printer Driver Issues: Outdated or incompatible printer drivers often cause Brother printers to have printing problems.

Print Queue Issue: If there are multiple print jobs in the queue, it may cause printing delays and even prevent the printer from printing.

Failure To Update Firmware In A Timely Manner: Outdated printer firmware may cause printing issues.

Why Is My Brother Printer Not Printing?

How To Fix The Issue Of Brother Printer Not Printing?

Check The Ink Or Toner Level

You can check the ink or toner level of the printer through the control panel of the printer or relevant software on the computer. If the liquid level is low, please replace the empty ink cartridge with a new one.

The steps to check the ink or toner level of the Brother printer are as follows (using the Brother MFC-J497DW printer as an example):

1. Open the computer and enter the desktop or operating system.

2. Turn on the power of the Brother MFC-J497DW printer, wait for the printer to start, and connect it to the computer fully.

3. Open the printer driver on the computer, which can usually be found in the Control Panel.

4. In the printer driver, find the "View Devices and Printers" option and click on the "Brother MFC-J497DW" printer icon.

5. Double-click on the "Brother MFC-J497DW" printer icon to open the printer settings panel.

6. On the printer settings panel, find "Consumables Status" or similar options.

7. Click on "Consumables Status" or similar options, and the printer will print a consumables status page, which will display the remaining amount of ink or toner.

It is worth noting that the specific operation may vary depending on the printer model and firmware version. If you are not familiar with the structure and maintenance methods of the printer, it is recommended that you seek professional assistance to avoid further damage to the printer.

Check Paper

Open the paper tray of the printer and check for any paper jams. Gently remove all jammed paper and ensure that the paper is properly aligned in the tray. At the same time, ensure that the paper meets the printing requirements.

Check The Connection

For USB Printers:

If you are connecting the printing system to the computer via a USB cable (taking Brother DCP-L2540DW printer as an example), simply disconnect the power wire. Allow the gadget to cool for ten minutes before reconnecting the cords. Also, please check to see if there are any problems with the USB port you're using. If so, please try plugging the cable into a different port to see if it works properly.

For Wireless Printers

Wireless printer users (such as Brother MFC-L8395CDW) must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If they utilize the same network address but have not printed, please restart the router.

Turn Off The "Use printer offline option"

Step 1: On your computer, click the "Start" icon and then select "Settings".

Step 2: Next, click on the device and pick the printer.

Step 3: Right-click on the printer you're using and choose "View what is being printed".

Step 4: Uncheck "Use printer offline" in the "Printers" tab if it is currently selected.

Reinstall The Printer

Step 1: On your computer, go to the Start menu and search for the Control Panel.

Step 2: In the Control Panel, change the "View Method" to "Large Icons" and then click "Devices and Printers".

Step 3: Next, click on the printer and scanner.

Step 4: Choose the printer you're using and then select the "Delete Device" option.

Step 5: Now, reinstall the printer. To begin this process, click the "Start" button on your computer.

Step 6: After that, navigate to "Settings" and select "Printers and scanners".

Step 7: In the "Printers and scanners" section, click "Add printer or scanner".

Step 8: Wait for the system to look for new devices.

Step 9: Once your device has displayed a list of printers, select your printer from the list.

Step 10: Later on, click on Add Device.

Set The Brother Printer As The Default Device

Step 1: To open the "Run" dialog box, simultaneously press the Windows+R keys.

Step 2: Enter "Control Panel" and then press "OK".

Step 3: Change the "View Method" to the "Small" icon, then select "Devices and Printers".

Step 4: Right-click the Brother printer and select Set as the default printer from the menu.

Step 5: Verify that the mistake has been rectified.

Restart Spooler Service

Step 1: To launch the "Run" dialogue box, press the Windows+R keys simultaneously.

Step 2: Enter services.msc and click "OK".

Step 3: Go to "Spooler" and right-click it.

Step 4: Choose "Restart" from the list.

Step 5: After restarting the spooler service, right-click it again.

Step 6: Choose "Properties" from the list.

Step 7: In the "Spooler Properties" box, navigate to the "General" tab.

Step 8: Change "Startup Type" to "Automatic" as well as click "OK".

Verify And Reset The Port Settings

1. Navigate to "Printers" and right-click on your driver.

2. Next, click the "Properties" option, which will bring up a new screen.

3. Select the option "Port tab" in the new screen.

4. At this point, a list of available communication ports will be displayed; select the "Add Port" option.

5. Click "New Port" and select "Standard TCP/IP Port". The menu labeled "Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard" will then show up.

6. Click the "Next" button.Enter the IP address (If you don't know how to find the IP address of the Brother printer, you can refer to our blog How To Find Brother Printer IP Address, which provides detailed explanations.) into the "printer-name" or "IP address" field.

7. If a window appears that demands further port information, it means that your computer and Brother machine aren't communicating properly.

8. A popup will open titled "Completing the Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard". Search for the "adapter type" section.

9. If connectivity is successful, a message from Brother Print Server will be displayed.

10. Now select the "General" tab option.

11. Then click the "Print Test Page" button.

12. If the document is not printed, click "OK" to close the "Print Properties" window. Choose your model and afterwards tap "Cancel All Documents".

13. Finally, reinstall the driver and restart your machine.

Clear Print Queue

The specific steps to clear the print queue may vary depending on the model of the computer and printer, but the following are general steps:

1. Turn on the computer and log in to the desktop or operating system.

2. Open the "Start" menu or "Settings" and search for the "Devices and Printers" option.

3. In the list of devices and printers, find your Brother printer.

4.Select "View what is being printed" or "Manage print queue" with a right-click on the printer.

5. In the open window, you will see a print queue that lists all pending print jobs.

6. Select the print job you want to delete, and then click the "Delete" or "Cancel Printing" button.

7. Repeat step 6 until all pending print jobs are deleted.

8. Close the print queue window.

These steps should help you clear the print queue of Brother printers and ensure that there are no stuck print jobs. If you still encounter problems, please check the status and connection of the printer and ensure that the printer driver is installed correctly.

Firmware Update

Outdated printer firmware may cause various issues. Check the Brother website for any available firmware updates applicable to your printer model, and then follow the instructions for the updates.

The above are some methods to solve the problem of Brother printer not being able to print. If the above methods do not solve the problem, it may be necessary to contact Brother customer support or consult their official support documentation for further assistance.


In this blog, we delve into the common reasons why Brother printers cannot print and provide clear solutions. You can use the above methods to solve the problem of the printer not being able to print. In addition, to prevent future printing problems, it is recommended to maintain the printer and pay attention to its lifespan regularly. By following these suggestions, you can effectively solve the problem of Brother printers not being able to print and improve the effectiveness and lifespan of the printer.

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