Printer Review: Canon Color ImageCLASS MF753CDW

Do you have a Canon MF753CDW or plan to purchase a Canon MF753CDW? In either case, this blog of MF753CDW review will introduce detailedly this Canon printer in different parts. The entire and detailed guide of Canon imageCLASS MF753CDW will tell you why the printer are worth buying and how you use its features.

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Four Features of Canon MF753CDW

  • Stylish and Medium Shape

If you often work at home to do printing work, Canon MF753CDW is a suitable choice for you. It has stylish color with white and black that decorate your office with its simple style. The volume of this printer is 16.8" (W) x 18.2" (D) x 17" (H), and such a medium volume needs to prepare a special desk to place it. Place it nearby your hand, you can conveniently pick up printed paper when all printing tasks are done.

  • Convenient Wireless Printing System

Now most printers are sold on the market support wireless system including Canon Color imageCLASS MF753CDW. There are three wireless choices, Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet. You need to install specific software on your device before you start to print.

Software Download Channel
Canon PRINT Business
apple airprint
Mopria Print Service
 App Store / Google Play

A simple way is that use your mobile phone to connect with the printer to complete printing tasks. If your file is saved in USB Flash Disk, you can plug it into the USB port of the printer to operate printing tasks.

  • Fast Print Speed

Do you always have too many printing tasks or emergency document printing? Canon imageCLASS MF753CDW with fast print speed is a good assistant for your work. The printer prints up to 35 pages per minute on both sides. After receiving printing tasks , the printer will complete all printing tasks immediately. Even though work at home, you will enjoy professional printing speed to assist your work.

  • High Quality Printout

Canon imageCLASS MF753CDW offers you a high-quality printing result. For print/copy resolution, it prints up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. While for scan resolution, it prints up to 600 x 600 dpi. In most cases, printing and copying are the common functions used in daily work. With the help of high resolution, this color laser printer will produce professional printouts both text and photos. Besides, though scan resolution is lower than print and copy resolution, such a print quality still provides a comfortable reading experience.

Four Main Functions of Canon MF753CDW

  • Print

Printing is the common function that uses most often in daily office work. For most people work at office, they could print some documents or print product photos. So, a good printer with high-quality printouts is an indispensable office device for people who always deal with too many printing tasks. Canon Color imageCLASS MF753CDW is an excellent color laser printer with professional printing performance. Its printing resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi gives you a more clear and comfortable reading experience. Besides, its fast print speed is an advantage for office work. When you receive an emergency document file on your smartphone, you can easily use your phone to connect with printers and then upload the file or photo you want to print. Just wait a few seconds, the crisp and sharp printed document will be delivered from the paper exit.

  • Scan

Scanning is another common function that is used in daily work. Canon imageCLASS MF753CDW provides scanning to help your office work. The first step to scan is Installing the driver and application to the Computer. You need Install ScanGear MF driver and MF Scan Utility on the computer to which to save scanned data before you start to scan. The second step is to open the top scanner lid and place a document facing downwards on the left-hand side corner. The document is placed in the correct place, then you need to lay down the scanner lid. When scan with the machine, you can use the [Send Settings] tab on the scanning screen to set the original size and adjust the image quality. To start scanning, select the scanning color (black and white or color) by pressing [Start B&W] or [Start Color]. When the above steps are done, you will start to scan documents. If the scanned data does not appear as expected, you can change the settings and scan again.

  • Copy

In most people’s opinion, printing and copying is similar to printer function, but there is a little difference between the two. The printing process is any way of delivering texts and images to any materials. It can produce printouts from various materials such as fabric, ceramics, stickers and so on. While Copying is regarded that the means of process is to print any text or images on paper. So, the paper is the only supporting material for the copying process. You can deem it a way of the printing process. Now copying refer to printing text or images on paper after scanning a document. Canon MF753CDW provide the simple copying operation, if you want to learn more detailed information, place click Canon Copying.

  • Fax

Faxing is the sending or receiving of documents and photos as black and white images over a telephone line. You can also send and receive faxes via the Internet without using a phone line. Canon MF753CDW supports the fax functions. You can place the document you want to fax and then set the destination, all documents will be sent to the target device. If you want to learn more specific and detailed operation steps, please click  Canon Sending Faxes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Canon Color ImageCLASS MF753CDW

What Kinds of Toner Cartridges Match with Canon MF753CDW

Canon offers the 069 series in two cartridge sizes that Match with Canon Color imageCLASS MF753CDW, one is Canon 069 as a standard yield, and the other is Canon 069H as a high yield. Canon 069 and Canon 069H belong to the same toner serial, and both contain black toner and color toner (cyan/magenta/yellow). The black toner delivers darker and clear text. Such a clear and black printing performance is suitable for document print. The color toner delivers a sharp, crisp and vivid image. Such a clean and colorful printing performance is more suitable for image print.
True Image offers the compatible Canon 069 series cartridge at a low price. Its price is far lower than the Canon genuine price, which helps customers save more money, especially with a limited budget. If you still hesitate about how to choose a Canon 069 series cartridge to match your printer, True Image’s Canon 069 and 069H are good choices for you.

What is the Difference Between Canon 069 and Canon 069H?

Canon 069 series cartridge contains Canon 069 and Canon 069H, so what is the difference between the two cartridges? As has been said above, Canon 069 is a standard yield toner, while Canon 069H is a high-yield toner. The paper capacity is the main difference between the two. In a nutshell, they play the same role in any function except for the paper capacity. In the part of page yield, Canon 069 standard capacity toner delivers up to 2,100 pages(black) and up to 1,900 pages (color), while Canon 069 high capacity toner delivers up to 7,600 pages(black) and up to 5,500 pages (color). If you work at home that have a demand for fewer pages, Canon 069 is more suitable for your work need. If you always have too much demand for pages at home or office, Canon 069H is a better choice for your need for pages. And whatever you choose from the two, the excellent printing performance of Canon 069 will not let you down.

How to Install  Canon MF753CDW Toner Cartridge ?

1. Open the printer cover.
2. Pull the toner cartridge's tray out and take out the used toner cartridge
3. Open the cartridge over a sink or garbage in case of any misses due to a powder leak, and then pull the sealing tape out from the cartridge.
4. Shake the new cartridge horizontally 5-6 times to ensure the powder in the developer roller is distributed evenly for better clear printing quality.
5. Install the new toner cartridge into its respective slot until it clicks into the right place .
6. Put the toner cartridge's tray back into the printer and close the printer cover.
7. Your printer is about to be used.

After reading this blog of MF753CDW review, you may learn a lot about this printer. As a new model printer, Canon MF753CDW upgrades function like printing and faxing except for printer fundamental performance. An outstanding printer plays an important role that yields twice the result with half the effort, we hope this Canon printer with excellent performance becomes a good assistant for your office work.

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