How to Install Canon 069/069H Toner Cartridge?

Canon 069/069H belongs to the same Canon series toners that are standard and high page yield respectively. As a new toner released a short time ago, Canon 069 series have become an option available to customers with outstanding printing performance. In this guide, we offer the relevant toner knowledge as well as the installment of these toner cartridges. If you are interested in the term of toner, please continue to read the rest of this blog.

Canon 069

Canon 069/069H Toner Introduction

The Canon 069 series contains two types of toner cartridge that is Canon 069 and Canon 069H. The Canon 069 is standard yield toner that delivers up to 2,100 pages(black) and up to 1,900 pages (color). The Canon 069H is a high yield toner that delivers up to 7,600 pages(black) and up to 5,500 pages (color). The two types of paper capacity meet customers’ different needs for pages. Each toner includes a black toner and color toners(cyan/yellow/magenta). They can produce monochrome and color output. If one of the four colors is depleted, you can purchase it separately for replacement.
True Image sells excellent compatible Canon 069 toner and Canon 069H toner, which produce high quality results. The Canon 069 black toner cartridge produces high quality monochrome printouts, which is more suitable for document printing. The color toner cartridge prints vivid, crisp, and sharp color images, which is more suitable for photo printing. Besides, their price is far lower than the genuine ones. Such an economical toner product at a low price is a nice choice for home and office work.

Canon 069 standard yield toner
Page yield: 2,100 pages(black) and 1,900 pages (color)
Canon 069H high yield toner
Page yield: 7,600 pages(black) and 5,500 pages (color)

For use with the following Canon printers

Time to Replace a New Canon 069/069H Toner

When a toner cartridge is about to run out, the most obvious sign is poor print quality. It will appear as streaks, lines, or missed printouts when the Canon 069/069H is in a low powder. It is time to change a new toner cartridge for normal print quality. Of cause, you can take the cartridge out from the printer and shake it 15-20 times which prolong its working life. But we highly recommend that you reinstall a new toner cartridge for constant printing performance.
If you install the Canon facilities genuine supplies into your printer, the printer will appear a message on the printer screen reminding you to replace toner cartridges when they are in a low powder. You also check specific powder levels through the printer screen. Due to limited technology, all compatible toner cartridges including Canon 069 and Canon 069H at True Image cannot display accurately the toner level on the printer screen. If you install True Image’s toner, we advise that you check whether need to replace toner cartridges by observing printing results.

The Steps to Install a Canon 069/069H Toner Cartridge

The points listed below are the installation steps for easy reference. Please follow these steps to install a Canon 069/069H Toner Cartridge:

1. Open up the cartridge cover on the front of the printer.
2. Pull the toner cartridge's tray out and remove the used toner cartridge.
3. Unpack the new cartridge over a sink or garbage avoiding any misses due to a powder leak, and then pull the sealing tape out from the new cartridge.
4. Gently rock the new cartridge horizontally back and forth for the powder in the developer roller is distributed evenly for better clear print quality.
5. Install the new toner cartridge into its respective slot until it clicks into the right place.
6. Put the toner cartridge's tray back into the printer and close the printer cover, and then you’re ready to start printing.

The Attention Points During the Canon 069/069H Installment

  • Do not touch the developer roller with your hands.

The developer roller contains an amount of powder inside, and the powder is susceptible to external conditions. If you directly touch it with your hand, temperature or liquid from your hand may affect its quality, and your fingernail may scratch the toner's surface. The wrong powder could easily lead to unexpected and poor printing performance.

  • Open or rock a new cartridge over a sink or trash can.

Sometimes incorrect acts or poor packaging quality may result in cartridge leaks, messy powder is harder to clean up and power floats in the air is harmful to physical health. For avoiding the powder leak causing the messy consequence, we strongly recommend you operate these steps over a sink or trash can.

  • Make sure that the cartridge sealing tape is fully removed before installation.

Sealing tape plays a protective role before the toner cartridge is unpacked. If you put the new toner cartridge with sealing tape into your printer, it does not place perfectly into the slot. The wrong act would lead to your toner cannot be used normally.

  • Make sure that the cartridge is in a normal temperature

The temperature is a significant factor affecting the printing quality of the toner. If the temperature of unpacking cartridge is higher or lower, please wait to return to a suitable temperature before you install it. Otherwise, it finally may produce an unexpected or poor printing performance.

Ways to Store Canon 069/069H Toner Cartridges

  • Keep away from the humid, light, or high-heat conditions.

The toner cartridge is made of some sensitive material. So toner cartridges need to place or store in a propriety environment, otherwise it will affect printing quality or complete failure. The toner is easily out of informal function in humid, light, or high-heat conditions. So, we highly recommend that you should keep it in a dry, dark, and cool environment for normal functions.

  • Keep away from magnetic devices.

The developer roller of toner cartridge is one of the most important parts of the printing process. It is the magnetic unit that affects by other magnetic materials. For avoiding degaussing, please note that keep the toner cartridge away from monitors, hard drives, floppy disk drives, or any other magnetic devices.

  • Keep it in an intact package before using it

Out of the protection from securely sealed packaging, toner is vulnerable to external influence due to its sensitivity. So, we strongly advise you do not open the package of the new toner cartridge before the old toner runs out.

  • Be careful of the expiry date of the toner

The shelf life of toner cartridges usually is 2-3 years. You can use it normally within the expiry date of 2-3 years. You can read Does Printer Ink Expire to learn more information about the ink and toner expiry date.

What is the Difference Between Canon 069 and Canon 069H?

As mentioned above, the Canon 069 toner and Canon 069H toner belong to the same Canon toner model but differ in paper capacity. Canon 069 toner is a standard yield toner cartridge, while Canon 069H toner is a high yield toner cartridge. You can choose one of two according to your real requirement for pages. The price of standard yield toner is lower than the high yield toner, but the amount of powder contained in the former is less than the latter. In a word, The only difference is the page yield between the two. In the other parts such as size, shape and compatible printer, the standard yield toner is as same as the high yield toner. Each one provides excellent printing performance both Canon 069 toner and Canon 069H toner.

We hope that this installation guide is useful to you! Besides, it is a similar guide on how to install toner cartridge in Canon printer for reference. If you have any questions about installing Canon 069/069H toner cartridges, please leave a note in the comments.

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