Lexmark Error Codes Override

What Are The Lexmark Error Codes?

Like other brand printers, Lexmark printer users may receive various Lexmark error codes during printer operation. The Lexmark printer error codes are your printer's method of informing you that something isn't operating correctly. Each type of problem has its own set of Lexmark error codes. With these Lexmark printer error codes, we can diagnose and troubleshoot issues. However, we need to identify what these Lexmark error code lists mean before fixing them. If you have ever been bothered by Lexmark error code and want to find solutions, please read on. This blog about common Lexmark printer error code overrides may help you out.

Common Lexmark Error Codes Lists

Here will be listed some common Lexmark printer error codes you may meet in daily printings and provide the accordingly suggestions. If you see no error code in the table your Lexmark printer shows, you can refer to similar types of errors to get a solution.

Lexmark Printer Error Codes Override

Lexmark Paper Error

Lexmark Paper Error typically indicates a problem related to paper handling or paper feed within the Lexmark printer. You may know Lexmark printers are equipped with sensors and mechanisms to detect and manage various aspects of the paper, such as paper jams, paper size, paper type, and paper tray status. When any of these components malfunctions or encounters an issue, the printer may generate a paper error code to alert the user to the problem. Common Lexmark paper error codes may include paper jam errors; wrong paper size errors; paper tray empty, etc.

Error Code: Error 20, 21, 22, 23, 200, 200.13,202.03(by default); Older Lexmark printers:201,241.06; 24, 26, 27, 31; 28, 36; 39

Solution: The following are general guidelines, as specific instructions may vary depending on your Lexmark printer model.
1.Reset Printer: Resetting your Lexmark printer may resolve paper errors.
2.Identify Paper Error Code: If the error is still on, check the error code message on the printer display panel or computer screen. It will provide information about the specific paper problem.
3. Remove Paper Jam: Turn off your Lexmark printer and open it to clear any jammed paper to fix pager jam errors.
4. Fix Fed Sheet: Inspect the paper tray and paper path to ensure there are no loose or partially fed sheets of paper that may be causing the error.
5. Ensure The Paper Size And Type: Please verify paper size and type in the tray match the settings in your printer's control panel or the print driver on your computer.
6. Check Paper Quality: This helps to ensure the paper you're using is in good condition and not wrinkled, torn, or curled.
7. Clean Paper Path And Rollers: Dust and debris will accumulate inside the printer's paper path and rollers, causing paper feed issues. You can gently clean the rollers and paper path using a lint-free cloth and isopropyl alcohol if necessary.

Lexmark Toner Cartridges Error

Lexmark toner cartridge error is a common issue printer users encounter in daily printing. This error can occur for various reasons, and the specific message or code may vary depending on the model of the Lexmark printer. Common reasons for toner cartridge errors in Lexmark printers include missing toners, incorrect/unfixed cartridges, communication error between cartridges, issues with one or all of the ink cartridges, toner low error, etc. Here are some common toner cartridge error code for your reference.

Error Code: Error 32, 32.5, 930, 931, 932, 933, 934, 935, 936; 1102, 1203,1204,120F; 1200; 200.28,200.21,200.29; 88

Solution: Once you identify the Lexmark error code is about toner cartridges, you can do as follows to fix the error. Here are some general procedures that can help resolve common toner cartridge issues.

1.Reset Printer: Printer resetting often help to clear any temporary errors. After restarting, check if the error message persists. If not, continue to do as follows.
2.Check Cartridge Compatibility: Ensure that the toner cartridge model inside the Lexmark printer is compatible with your printer. You can consult your printer's user manual or the Lexmark website for cartridge compatibility information. If you find it wrong, please replace the wrong one with compatible Lexmark toner cartridge model to fix the incorrect/unfixed cartridge error.
3.Clean Any Contacts: Dust or dirt on the toner cartridge or the corresponding contacts inside the printer can interfere with cartridge communication error. You can use a lint-free cloth or alcohol wipes to clean the cartridge and printer contacts.
4.Proper Installation: Please double-check that toner cartridge is installed correctly in the printer. You can turn off your Lexmark printer, remove the current toner cartridge, and reinsert it inside the printer to see whether the error will be fixed.
5.ReplaceToner Cartridges: If you receive Lexmark printer error code 88 or “Toner Low” error, you should replace the empty Lexmark toner cartridges with a new one.
6.Contact Lexmark Support For Professional Help: If the error persists after trying the above steps, try to contact Lexmark customer support for further assistance.

Plus: Lexmark printers typically have a limit on the number of pages they can print before requiring a new maintenance kit replacement. When your Lexmark maintenance kit requires to be changed, your Lexmark printer will show Lexmark Error code 80 or Lexmark error code 81. If you receive this Lexmark printer error code, you should buy and install a new maintenance kit in your printer.

Lexmark Printhead Error

As a crucial component of the Lexmark inkjet printer, printhead is responsible for dispensing the ink onto the paper during the printing process. When a Lexmark printhead error occurs in Lexmark inkjet printers, it can result in various printing problems, including poor print quality, streaks, missing or faded colors, and even complete failure to print.

Error Code: Error 107.08;108.01

1.Check The Lexmark Printhead Alignment: Ensure the printhead is aligned and securely installed in the printer. Refer to your printer's manual for instructions on how to check and adjust the printhead alignment.

  • Access the Printer Software from your computer's control panel or system tray.
  • Select the printhead alignment option in the maintenance or printhead settings.
  • Lexmark printer usually prints a test page with alignment patterns or instructions on the screen.
  • Examine the test page to see which alignment pattern or set of instructions is the closest to perfect alignment.
  • Choose the alignment pattern that best matches the one on the test page in the printer software.
  • If your printer allows you to adjust the print-head position manually, you can adapt the printhead position manually following the on-screen instructions to move the printhead slightly left, right, up, or down as needed to match the alignment pattern.
  • Confirm confirm your selection in the software after adjusting the printhead.

2.Clean The Printhead: Lexmark printers often come with a built-in printhead cleaning utility for removing dried ink or any unclog nozzles. To initiate the printhead cleaning process, you can access the printer's control panel or software on your computer. Just follow the on-screen prompts to perform a thorough printhead cleaning.
3.Check Ink Cartridges: Verify the current Lexmark ink cartridges compatibility. And check again the installment of ink cartridges are proper without any obstructions or protective tapes left on them.
4.Run A Printhead Diagnostic Test: Check whether your Lexmark printer supports a diagnostic test or printhead health check option. You can run such test to identify and diagnose any issues with the printhead.
5.Update Firmware And Drivers: Check the printer firmware version. Sometimes, outdated software can lead to printhead errors. If you need the latest firmware or drives, you can visit the Lexmark official to download and install any available firmware updates and printer drivers.

Lexmark Fuser Error

Error Code: Error 920,920.06, 921, 922; 923,924,925

1.Reset your Lexmark printer to see whether the error is fixed.
2.Check whether your printer is in an environment above 16 degrees.
3.Check any cool or hot things near your printer.
4.Contact Lexmark technical support for help if this Lexmark error code is still on.

Lexmark Fan Error

The Lexmark fan is usually set on the left-hand side of the printer. However, it may vary from different printers.

Error Code: Error 9, 7, 970, 972,927
1.Turn off your Lexmark printer and open its cover to find a circle or wheel (looks like a fan)
2.Try to spin it manually to check if it can work as usual.
3.Remove any potential obstructions on the fan.
4.Close your Lexmark printer and power on it.
5.Try to print again to see if the Lexmark fan error code disappears.
6.If the error is still on, contact Lexmark official for help.

These errors above are common error Lexmark printer users may meet in daily printing. You can collect this post and look it up quickly when needed. I hope you will only need it some of the time. But if you encounter any Lexmark error codes when printing, don't be afraid. Most Lexmark printer error codes can be fixed within several minutes by following the solutions. If you have any suggestions for Lexmark error code override, or if you need other help, please leave a comment below.

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