Hp Ink System Failure: Causes And Solution

The error message “Ink system failure” is an error code related to ink cartridges. This has been one of the most common error messages of HP printers with touchscreen control panels. This error can also be represented in alphanumeric codes depending on the printer, such as 0xB or 0xC. There are several reasons why this error message appears but it’s that one can be easily fixed. If you are using HP 6600 ink and encountered such error, here are the causes and fixes you could try.


What are the causes of Ink system failure?

There are several reasons why this error message occurs.

The ink cartridge is not compatible

Ink cartridges are meant to work for a specific printer or printer series. Not any ink cartridge can be used. For instance, HP 6600 ink cartridges are HP 932 and HP 933 series. If you use another brand or another ink cartridge number, the error message will appear and will keep your printer from functioning.

Fix: Use the correct ink cartridge number for your printer. Check your empty cartridge and use it as your guide. You can also check in the manual. If not, online stores that sell ink cartridges only needs our printer model to find the compatible cartridge.

The printer cannot read the newly installed cartridge

When this happens, the ink cartridge is probably not installed properly or the counter was not reset.

Fix: Reinstall the ink cartridge or reset the printer. To reset, turn on the printer and let it set to idle and silent to continue. While still turned on, disconnect the power cord from the printer and unplug from the power outlet. Wait for 60 seconds before plugging the cord again. Turn on the printer and let it set to idle and silent before you run test print.

Ink levels might be too low or empty to print

The reason for the error message might be due to low ink level or empty ink cartridge. If your ink cartridge is new and you already tried reinstalling, the reason might be the counter needs to be reset.

Fix: To reset counter, turn off power and unplug. Press “#” and “9” buttons and hold them down together for 30 seconds. Still holding the buttons, plug the printer and turn on. Wait for another 30 seconds before releasing. Press the power button and see if the error still occurs.

Clogged ink cartridge vents and printhead

Dried ink on the nozzle or printhead can prevent the printer from reading the ink cartridge. Therefore, cleaning it is the only solution.

Fix: Use lint-free cloth. Remove the ink cartridges. Remove the dried inks on the nozzle if there is any using lint-free cloth and alcohol or warm water. To clean the print head, simply wipe the cartridge slot and remove any dust or dried ink. Do not touch any wirings. Reinstall ink cartridge and see if the error still persists.

HP ink system failure error appears for various reasons. It is likely due to ink cartridge or the printhead needing replacement. Try these easy fixes and see if it works.

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