How to print on Mac

Printing on Mac is not that difficult to operate. Hit “Command + P” simultaneously or click “File>Print” from the menu bar. Then you can change the settings to finish different print jobs. However, it’s not that easy for new Mac users who are not familiar with Mac OS operating system. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to guide you how to print on MacBook step by step. Before you print, please make sure you connect your printer to a Mac computer. See How to add printer to Mac. Besides, the printer ink cartridges and toner cartridges determine the print quality you get. What to buy high quality with low cost printer cartridges? Visit True Image store to find any cartridges you need.

How to print on your MacBook?

Step 1: Open the document you need to print. It can be a PPT presentation, a Microsoft word document, an Excel worksheet, a PDF file, a picture, a web page, or other printable files.

Step 2: Open the printing dialog box. You can click “File” from the menu at the top left corner of your screen. Then select “Print”. Or use the keyboard shortcuts. Press and hold “Command” first, then press “P”. Please note that the print keyboard shortcuts of Windows computer and Mac computer are different. For computers that equipped with Window system, the shortcuts are “Ctrl” + “P”. But you can not press “Control + P” to open up the printing dialog box on a Mac.

①Hit “Command + P”

How to Print on Mac

 ②Click “File>Print” from the menu bar 

How to print black and white on Mac

Step 3: Select your printer from the printer list.


How to Print on Mac
Step 4: Enter Copies Pages you want to print.

Step 5: Click Print button to start print jobs. You can also press Enter button to get it start.


1.You can hit the “Show Details” to access more print options.Then you will see the presets menu, Paper Size, Orientation and other options on the window. From this window, you can save current settings as preset, select Short Edge Binding or Long Edge Binding, check grayscale printing option and change other print settings.

2.You may have several printers connected to your computer. Please click the drop down menu to find the one you are going to use. Do remember, the print quality is depending on your printer. And keep the following points in mind when you select a printer.

①What documents you need to print

When you print documents in black and white on Mac, mono laser printers are the best choice for you. Mono laser printers are designed to produce professional black and white printing results. Besides, the printing cost is much lower than color laser printers and inkjet printer.The most popular mono laser printer for now should be Brother MFC L2710DW. See Brother MFC L2710DW review.

If you need print a document in color but without bright pictures, you can select a color laser printer. It will meet your printing needs on basic colored document. Brother MFC L3770cdw printer and HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283fdw printer are the most popular color laser printers in nowadays. See Brother MFC L3770CDW review and HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283fdw review.

When you print photos or colored documents with bright pictures, you’d better select color inkjet printers. Epson Canon Brother HP are the top manufacturers for inkjet printers. And Epson printers are widely used by thousands of printer users who lived in the United States.

②How many copies do you want to print out

When you have huge volume pages to print, it’s better to select a enterprise printer instead of a compact printer. Usually a enterprise printer is equipped with super high yield cartridges. So you can finish huge volume print jobs without replacing the printer cartridges. On the contrary, if you select a compact printer to print huge number of copies, you should be ready to replace the cartridges often. Besides, there is a maximum monthly duty cycle for every printer. Make sure that your monthly print volume is less than the maximum monthly duty cycle of the printer. For example, the maximum monthly duty cycle of Brother HL L2370DW printer is 15,000 pages. Do not exceed this volume in each month. Otherwise the printer may get damaged because of it or the life cycle may end early.

③The distance between you and the printer

We believe you don’t want to go through several offices to get printed documents. In that way, it will waste so much of your precious time. So you’d better select the nearby printers. It’s more convenient for you to get the documents you need.

④How many print tasks in the printing queue

Check the printing queue is necessary if you need to print documents urgently. Make sure that there are not many tasks in the print queue, so your print tasks can be completed quickly. Otherwise you may need to wait till print tasks of others are finished.

How to view the print queue on Mac?

Step 1: Click Apple Menu, then navigate to System Preferences Printers Scanners.

Step 2: Click the printer icon to select the printer you want to use and open print queue.

Step 3: Click Window and Show Completed Jobs.

Step 4: Choose Jobs and click Show Everyone’s Jobs to see all the print jobs from other users.

How to connect a printer to my MacBook?

1、Connect a USB printer

Connecting USB printers is very easy. Firstly, connect your Mac and printer with a USB cable. Then, check the software update on your Mac and download printer software. After you install the printer drivers, your printer will be connected successfully.

2、Connect a wireless printer

Before adding a wireless printer, make sure your Mac and printer are connected to the same wi fi network. You can click the wi fi button at the top-right corner of your Mac screen to connect the wi fi network for your Mac. On the printer, you can click WPS button to connect the wifi. Then, Click “File>Print” or hit “Command + P” to open the print window. Next, click the “Printer” options and select “Printers & Scanners Preferences”. After that, select an available printer and click Add button to add the printer. Then you can print wirelessly. You could as well delete printer from the Printers & Scanners list.

3、Connect a network printer by the printer’s IP address

People might think that connecting a network printer by it’s IP address is complicated because they are not good at network technology. But actually it’s as easy as connecting your printer via Wifi or USB cable. First, open the print window by clicking “File>Print” or hitting “Command + P”. Then, click the “Printer” options and select “Add Printer”. Next, click the IP icon on the Add Printer window. After that, enter the IP address, Queue (if necessary), Name, Location and Use information. At last, click Add button to add the printer.

How to print black and white on Mac?

On the printing dialog box, there is check box of color options for you to select Black & White print after you select printer. Check the box then you can start printing in black and white on a Mac. In contrast, if you want to print in color, do not check the box.

How to print black and white on Mac

How to print double sided on Mac?

To print double sided on Mac, please make sure that your printer has the duplex printing function first. Then, hold “Command” and click “P” to go to the printing dialog box. Or you can tap “File>Print”. After that, click Show Details and select Layout from the drop down menu. Next, select Two-Sided and click on Print. Your printer will start duplex printing.

If your printer don’t have auto duplex printing function, please don’t worry. You can still print the both sides manually by following below steps. Step 1: Click File Print to open the Print window with your document open. Step 2: Open the drop down menu of Pages to Print and select the Odd Only option.

How to print double sided on Mac

If your printer don’t have auto duplex printing function, please don’t worry. You can still print the both sides manually by following below steps.

Step 1: Click File Print to open the Print window with your document open.

Step 2: Open the drop down menu of Pages to Print and select the Odd Only option.

How to print double sided on Mac

Step 3: Click Print to start printing process.

Step 4: Turn the printed papers over (flit from right to left) and put them back to the paper tray in printer.

Notes: Be careful not to turn the papers upside down. We suggest that you can print a test page first. After you confirm the orientation of printed page is correct, you can continue handling batch print jobs.

Step 5: On your Mac click on File Print to open the Print window again.

Step 6: Open the drop down menu of Pages to Print and select the Even Only option.

Step 7: Click Print to complete double sided printing process.

How to Print on Mac

How to print test page on Mac?

How to print test page on Mac? There are several ways to print a test page on Mac. Let’s introduce two easiest ways to you here.

Option 1:

Step 1: Click on the System Preferences icon to access the control panel. (If you can’t find it, you can click Apple icon at the top-left corner of your Mac screen. System Preferences option is on the drop down menu.)

Step 2: Find the Printers & Scanners icon and click on it.

Step 3: Choose the printer you want to print a test page.

Step 4: Click Open Print Queue.

Step 5: Click Printer from the task bar.

Step 6: Then click Print Test Page and wait for your printing results.

Option 2:

Step 1: Search printer test page on Google and find a test page you want to print.

Step 2: Hit “Command +P” or Click File>Print from top menu bar.

Step 3: Select a printer and change the print options.

Step 4: Click printing click button “Print” to start printing.

Then you will get the printer test page from which you can see the printer supplies status.

How to print PDF documents on Macbook ?

When you browse to a useful web page, you might want to print it out. But you don’t have a printer, what should you do? You could print to PDF file as well if you want!

Mac OS PDF printer makes it very easy to save the web page as PDF. Step 1: On your web page, click on the File menu and select Print to open the print window.

Step 2: In the lower left corner of the window, you can see a PDF button. Click on it to open the drop down menu. Then click Save as PDF to open Save dialog box.

Step 3: You can re-name the PDF file and on the window select a folder to save it. If you want to open the file a little later, we suggest you save it on the desktop. Or you can create a new folder for it by clicking the New Folder button in the lower left corner of Save dialog.

Step 4: Click on Save button in the lower right corner.

For the record, on some web pages or Google docs, you will have an Expert as PDF option on the drop down menu of File. Click on it then you can access the Save dialog with faster speed.

After you save the PDF, you may want to edit it or make some notes on it. In this case, you can download an Adobe PDF Mac APP. Adobe Acrobat allows you to edit, share and e-sign your PDF file.There are also many other Mac Apps for editing PDF. You can download the one you like from APP store.

It’s very also easy to print on Apple devices like iphone ipad because they all have powerful print system. It’s a wise option to select system Mac OS or Iphone OS as the operating system of your devices. If you still don’t know how to print on Mac, you can visit Apple official website or call Apple customer service for help.

True Image customer service team is also very happy to help you with any print issues. At last, please feel comfortable to contact our staff on True Image official while you have any questions that you find confusing.

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