How To Hack HP Instant Ink After Cancelling?

According to the HP Instant Ink Terms of Service, upon canceling your subscription, HP Instant Ink cartridges will be remotely locked and stop working completely at the beginning of the next billing cycle. But what if there is still ink or toner in the HP Instant ink cartridges? Can you continue to use the cartridges after canceling the HP Instant Ink subscription? This blog will tell you the answers and details how to hack HP Instant Ink.

What Is HP Instant Ink?

The HP Instant Ink is a subscription program that charges you monthly to provide you with HP Instant Ink Carriage on demand. It is a unique printing service for HP printers. It is also a printing method that saves time and money. This service eliminates the hassle of purchasing new ink/toner cartridges from retail stores through automated processes. When you use HP Instant Ink cartridges, the HP server will monitor your printer's ink/toner usage in real-time. When your printer is about to run out of ink/toner, they can deliver new cartridges in advance through email. This service ensures the continuity and smoothness of printing. In addition, HP Instant Ink offers multiple packages for users. You can choose a suitable package based on your printing needs and budget. The monthly fees paid include ink, transportation, and recycling costs.

Can I Use HP Instant Ink after Cancellation?

According to the HP Instant Ink Terms of Service, HP will remotely disable the subscription cartridges at the end of your current billing cycle. And you need to returned the subscription cartridges to HP. This means that after canceling your HP Instant Ink subscription, you can still use the subscription cartridges until the end of the current billing cycle. But at the same time, your final monthly charge comes at the end of the billing cycle. After your current billing cycle ends, the subscription cartridges will completely stop working with your printer.

However, with some technical tricks, you can still use the HP Instant Ink cartridges after you cancel your subscription and your current billing cycle ends. And there is no problem not returning the ink cartridges to HP after canceling the subscription. Want to know HP Instant Ink cartridge hack? Continue reading!

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How to Use HP Instant Ink without Subscription?

How to use Instant Ink cartridges after cancellation? To use up your remaining HP Instant Ink cartridges after canceling the subscription, you need to reset the printer network before your current billing cycle ends. Here are the detailed steps to reset your printer network:
1. Go into the Wi-Fi details page on the printer (pressing wifi-icon on the screen).
2. Click the settings icon.
3. Scroll down and press Restore Network Settings.
4. Disconnected the printer from your computer settings.
5. Enable Wi-Fi Direct on the printer by pressing the WiFi-Direct icon for 3 seconds.
6. Connect your computer to the HP’s Wi-Fi (WiFi-Direct).
7. Add the printer back into your computer settings.

By doing this, you prevent the printer from reporting to HP that the HP Instant Ink cartridge has expired. This is why it is important to perform a network reset while your HP subscription is still active. You can then use up your HP Instant cartridges even if you've canceled your subscription and your current billing cycle has ended.

However, it is worth noting that this is only a solution to running out of remaining Instant Ink cartridges. You must purchase traditional replacement cartridges from genuine source or 3rd party suppliers before the remaining ink/toner is used up.

Possible Issues After Canceling HP Instant Ink

Before canceling your HP Instant Ink subscription, we strongly recommend you consider the following three situations:
1. An error message “cartridge cannot be used until the printer is enrolled in HP Instant Ink” will appear after canceling HP Instant Ink, indicating that the subscription cartridges cannot be used anymore. Read the blog How to Fix "Cartridge Cannot Be Used until Printer Is Enrolled in HP Instant Ink" Error to learn how to bypass HP Instant Ink error.
2. HP will no longer send replacement cartridges to you automatically. If you forget to purchase traditional replacement cartridges before the ink/toner runs out, you will not be able to continue printing after the cartridges are completely empty.
3. HP+ printers only accept original cartridges and do not recognize 3rd party cartridges. This means that if you have an HP+ printer, even if you cancel HP Instant Ink, you won't be able to save money using non-HP cartridges. From this perspective, HP+ printers are not worth buying. Check our blog Is HP Plus Worth It to learn more about HP+.

HP Instant Ink

More about HP Instant Ink

HP Instant Ink Plans

HP Instant Ink is ideal for people who require printers regularly but do not want to buy ink cartridges regularly. HP Instant Ink may be a good option if you have a few hundred pages you print monthly. This is because after enrolling in HP Instant Ink, the printer will automatically supply new ink cartridges to consumers when they run out of ink, saving them the time and trouble of purchasing them. However, only HP printers that meet the Instant Ink standard can be registered. Examine whether your printer model fits the requirements. Almost all new HP printers support Instant Ink. But there are also some exceptions, such as wide mobile printers, wide format printers, HP PhotoSmart, and HP Sprocket.

To test out HP Instant Ink for free, purchase an HP printer with the HP Instant Ink logo. If the printer you purchased meets the conditions of HP Instant Ink, you may receive a free trial during the printer setup process. To qualify, you must register for Instant Ink within seven days of printer setup. The first 1500 pages of each month are included in the free trial regardless of subscription plan. Additional pages will still be charged based on the Instant Ink plan you choose. The specific charges for the HP Instant Ink program are as follows:

As of September 26, 2023:

                   HP Instant Ink| Ink Subscription Plan Costs

Monthly Price

Monthly Page Limit

Unused Rollover Page Limit


 10 pages / month

   30 pages


 50 pages / month

  150 pages


 100 pages / month

  300 pages


 300 pages / month

  900 pages


 700 pages / month

  2,100 pages


                  HP Instant Ink| Toner Subscription Plan Costs

Monthly Price

Monthly Page Limit

Unused Rollover Page Limit


50 pages / month

    100 pages


100 pages / month

    200 pages


400 pages / month

    800 pages


800 pages / month

    1,600 pages


1,500 pages / month

    3,000 pages


Your monthly fee is calculated based on the number of pages rather than the amount of ink you use. So you never have to worry about printing in black and white to avoid using color cartridges. There will be no additional charge. You can adjust the plan if your printing requirements change.

How To Enroll In HP Instant Ink

HP Instant Ink is a replacement ink cartridge service suitable for HP printers. When the printer runs low ink, this service automatically ships new ink cartridges to the user. The ink cartridges will be shipped before you need them, so you will never run out. So, how do you use the HP Instant Ink? We will guide you through the HP Instant Ink setup process and ensure an easy printing experience.

Verify Printer Compatibility

Before registering for the service, please ensure your printer is compatible with HP Instant Ink. HP will verify the eligibility of your printer during the registration process. If your printer does not meet the conditions of Instant Ink, your service will not start and you will not be charged. Please visit the HP Instant Ink website or refer to the printer manual for specific steps.

Register HP Instant Ink

The steps to register HP Instant Ink are as follows:

  • Visit the official website of HP Instant Ink in your browser. In the upper right corner of the website, click on the "Login" or "Create Account" button.
  • You must create a new HP Instant Ink account if this is your first time using the Instant Ink service. On the account creation page, you need to enter a valid email address and payment method (credit card, debit card, or PayPal). Create a username and password, and agree to Instant Ink's service terms.
  • Choose the package that best meets your printing needs based on how many pages you print each month. HP offers ink subscription plans, which you can purchase on demand.
  • Click save and submit your registration. HP will send you an email to verify your subscription.

For more information about HP Instant Ink, you can visit the HP Instant Ink website or use the HP Smart smartphone application.

Install HP Instant Ink

Suppose you have enrolled in HP Instant Ink; you need to set up an Instant Ink cartridge in the printer. The procedure is as follows:

  • Open the ink cartridge compartment or access door on the printer.
  • If your printer has HP ink cartridges, please remove them and recycle them properly.
  • Remove the label and cling film from the new HP Instant Ink cartridge. Avoid contact with ink nozzles at all times.
  • Use color coding markings and instructions on the printer. Place the HP Instant Ink cartridge in the correct card slot.
  • Close the ink cartridge compartment or access door. This way, the HP Instant Ink cartridges are installed properly.

Connect Your Printer To The Internet

Connect your printer to the internet to ensure a smooth connection to HP Instant Ink services. First, navigate to the printer control panel's Network Settings or Wireless Configuration menu. Next, select your WiFi network from the list of options. After a successful connection, the printer will provide a confirmation message or an indicator of a successful connection.

Enjoy Automatic Ink Supply

All the preparation work is completed, and your printer can automatically interact with HP to track your ink usage. However, ensuring your printer remains turned on and continuously connects to the internet through Wi-Fi is important. And a valid email address and payment method. At the same time, the delivery address remains up-to-date. When you run out of printer ink, HP will send you a new ink cartridge. This service ensures the continuity and smoothness of printing. You can fully enjoy the fun of an automatic ink supply.

How To Cancel HP Instant Ink?

If you do not want to continue using the HP Instant Ink service, you can cancel it by following these steps:

  • Log in to your account. If the type you choose is Home/Home Office, you can log in to your Instant Ink account. If the type you choose is Enterprise, you can log in to your Instant Ink for Business account.
  • Verify the serial number by selecting Overview and then selecting Printer Details in the Status area.
  • Click HP Instant Ink, then Update Schedule from the menu.
  • Scroll down to the Plan Details section. You can cancel my HP Instant Ink membership by clicking here and following the procedures.

It should be noted that even if HP Instant Ink is terminated, you can still print with Instant Ink consumables until the conclusion of the current billing cycle. To continue printing, you must remove the Instant Ink cartridge at the conclusion of the billing cycle and purchase the original HP toner from the store. Own an HP+ printer? Read our blog How to Use Non-HP Ink or Toner in HP+ Printer.

Save More than HP Instant Ink with True Image Compatible Ink and Toner Cartridges

Although HP Instant Ink charges monthly fees, long-term usage costs may be higher than compatible ink or toner cartridges. Therefore, if you want to save more on printing costs, you can cancel HP Instant Ink and purchase True Image compatible ink or toner cartridges. Using compatible ink or toner cartridges allows you to choose the printing solution that suits your needs more freely. You can choose compatible ink or toner cartridge brands and models based on your printing needs and budget.

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Trouble shooting




I am having the same issue, I have 2 XL cartridges I’ve never used and can’t now because I was billed for a product I never received. They explained that if I pain $6 ( what I owed for a SUBSCRIPTION) that they would then send me 2 new ink cartridges and reactivate my acount. I explained that this made no sense that I didn’t need any more ink I just wanted to use the ink that I already paid for. As far as sending me more ink that is definitely not inline with being an “eco friendly” company and I explained that it would cost the company more money to send me new ink than it would to just forgive the $6 that I owe them for ??? I asked if she could tell me what I got in exchange for that $6 as I never received more ink and she stated that I pay for them



Instant ink plan and paper



My cc expired and of course I didn’t update it before the subscription fee rolled. Tried using the app since update account is an actual option. Nope, can’t do that. Get in touch with customer service. Get shuffled around. Miss dead line. Get told to “be professional”. Finally sent a secret link to update my payment. Only after I was told to simply use store cartridges and this wouldn’t be a thing. Not true. The cartridges are from the store, generic in-fact, because instant ink didn’t deliver in time. The company has published statements stating that unless you use instant ink your machine will be locked. They go on to say that making printers doesn’t make them money but making the use of the printer a paid subscription is the way around that.



What is scary is the fact that they can disable an ongoing cartridge.
Is HP linked to your printer?
Is that a hacking procedure??
that is what concerns me



I boycoutt HP due to their ongoing support in the genocide in Gaza, Palestine. So i stopped everything and now i have a full ink cartridge whom i cant use. Sickenning that they try to brand them as eco friendly

Wayne Morris

Wayne Morris

In the UK we took over an HP OfficeJet Pro 6960 that had been on an HP Instant Ink plan but that plan had been cancelled. The printer control panel displayed a message to the affect that the installed HP Instant Ink cartridges could not be used (i.e. they’d been disabled by HP). So we tried to re-register the printer and had a whole heap of issues with no wording to suggest what was causing the problems. It was only after speaking to HP Support that we found out that the Terms and Conditions for HP Instant Ink limit a printer to a maximum of 3 registrations. Yep, you’ve guessed it … our registration attempt was the 4th (at least).
This “3 registration limit” doesn’t appear to be openly displayed on any of the HP Instant Ink pages.



I discontinued my subscription but have ink remaining. Is there any way to use this ink without
reinstating the instant ink subscription? I do not want to do that. Thanks



If you purchase ink cartridges through the instant ink plan, but finances run tight so you can let the plan. You should be able to print till the cartridge is empty before purchasing more ink. A printer is almost a necessity on the home. Not everyone can afford to purchase ink and then have to replace it because the manufacturer turns off your ink cartridges. This is an underhanded business practice. makes me think twice about supporting this company.

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