Compatible HP 206X Toner Black- High Yield W2110X Cartridge - With Chip

 Page Yield: 3150* Pages
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This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

HP Color LaserJet Pro

HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP

Compatible HP 206X Toner Black- High Yield W2110X Cartridge - With Chip Description

Our replacement HP 206 toner is compatible with the original HP printer. The W2110X black toner is designed to satisfy the high quality of customers’ needs. It produces an outstanding printing output with clear text. Meanwhile, our HP 206X black toner has a fast print speed to save you time. Its page yield is 3,150. If you want a high yield toner cartridge, it is one of the best choices. And we also sell toner set HP206X 4-pack for you to save cost. It contains four colors: black, cyan, yellow, and magenta. What is more, True Image provides a one-year warranty with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So when you confirm with any problems, we have a free consulting service.

The Advantages of True Image Compatible HP 206 Toner 

Stable quality of compatible HP 206X black toner 

Through cooperation with experienced industries, our HP W2110X toner can stand the tests of quality. Besides, this HP206X black toner cartridge conforms to ISO standards. And also, we have other customers’ comments to prove the reliable quality of our products. On the other hand, the quality of your toner impacts the printing output. So picking the right toner is a better way to receive great printing results.

Compatible W2110X toner with great print performance

To obtain high quality color papers, we evaluated the toner print performance with a series of simple tests. As the replacement for the HP Color LaserJet Pro printer, our W2110X toner prints distinct text. However, this black toner is only a single-color toner. If you seek other colors, the cyan, magenta, and yellow toners are also for sale. In addition, our replacement HP 206 toner provides an uninterrupted printing process and accurate toner level.

standard yield 206A VS high yield 206X

High capacity of HP 206X black toner

True Image HP206X W2110X toner prints 3,150 pages just like genuine HP toner cartridges. In comparison to the standard 206A toner, this high yield black toner brings you more prints at less cost. That means you will have a big capacity toner if you buy our 206X toner. Because the page yield of 206A toner is 1,350. So it is often supplied for family use.

MFP M283fdw toner of best compatibility

With an IC chip, our HP 206X black can be easily recognized by HP Color LaserJet Pro printers. The W2110X toner cartridge works smoothly with the following printers: HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw, HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M282nw, HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283fdw, and HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283cdw.

Toner cartridge W2110X with convenient service

During the shopping process, you will enjoy good service. Since the pandemic arouses, shopping online is a safer option that you don’t worry about personal care. Just stay at home and complete your purchase online. Furthermore, if you order before 4:00 pm PST or 5:00 pm EST on weekdays, the delivery will ship on the same day.

Favorable price for W2110X toner replacement

Compare to original HP toner, our HP206 toner has a lower price. Each page of the toner costs only 2.54 cents. We also have many supplies in stock for you to choose from, such as 206X black no chip toner. Besides, the toner cartridge w2110x without a chip has the same page yield as chipped one. In addition, it cuts down on half the money as toners with a chip.


FAQ about W2110X HP 206 Toner Black Replacement

1. What are the pros and cons of 206X toners with chip and without chip?

Chip HP toners are more expensive than no-chip ones. For example, our 206X toner set with chip costs more than toners without chip. Because a chip needs a certain development cost. Additionally, an IC chip is to monitor the toner capacity. With it, you can know your toner level at any time. However, toners without chip are the most cost-effective consumables. We provide you with high yield toner cartridges for less money. What’s more, removing the chip from original HP toner and installing it on the third-party toner is practicable.

206X with chip VS without chip

2. How to distinguish ink cartridges and toner cartridges?

For some customers, they might mix up ink cartridges and toner cartridges. And toner cartridges can not be used in an inkjet printer. Generally speaking, the ink cartridges use ink liquid to print while toner cartridges use toner powder. Take the HP printer as an example, its ink printers can produce more clear images. But HP Color LaserJet Pro printers have faster printing speed. And HP toner cartridges also cost less than ink cartridges because of the high page yield. So if you value the printing speed more and only print text, then LaserJet printer is your first option.

3. Is it ok to install non-chip toner on HP Color LaserJet Pro printer?

If you buy our toner cartridges W2110X without chip, please do not directly install it on your printer. Instead, you should use the chip recycle tool in your package. Once you put the non-chip toner into your HP printer, it will not read the toner level. And the printer will regard this toner as empty, so your printer can not work normally. In a word, the better way is to reuse the chip on Original HP toner cartridges or buy a new chipped toner.  

4. How can I prolong the working life of my black W2110X toner?

Put your HP 206X black toner in the right place. Because some factors may impact the working life of your toner. For example, the temperature and humidity you place your HP toner cartridges are vital. If the temperature is too high or too low, then the accuracy of your toner will decrease. Moreover, cleaning too many times is not only bad for cartridges but influences the printer. On the other hand, if you are not cleaning the rest toner, it can not last a long time either. Therefore, proper cleaning is quite important to keep high quality of your prints. Constantly printing high-density documents also could reduce service life. Thus you should let your printer rest for a while. If you have more questions, please read the precautions on our cartridge packaging.

5. How to clean the leaking powder of my HP toner cartridges?

The process of replacing the toner might result in some power left in your HP Color LaserJet Pro printer. So it is time to clean it up. But remember do not wipe it by hand or blow with your mouth, it is messy and dangerous. During the cleaning, all you need is a small brush. Just gently use it to brush off the remaining toner. Then you can continue to use your printer.

6. Is my personal information safe on your website?

Will you sell my personal information? This is the problem that many customers may worry about. And we assure you not to divulge the individual information of customers. It is illegal and also loses customers’ trust. Besides, you can check the Privacy Policy on our website. Only when processing orders and shipping, do we need to use your information. Additionally, we will store your personal information on a secure server behind the firewall. Therefore, you can shop on our website safely.



Product Brand True Image
OEM Number 206X (W2110X)
Product Capacity High Yield
Shelf Life 24-36 Months
Page Yield 3150
Cost Per Page 2.32 cents

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