HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw Review

The HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw wireless black and white printer is excellent. This printer can provide clear and sharp print output. In addition, the HP LaserJet 3001dw has faster speed and is built with powerful productivity. It can provide professional quality black white prints for your documents and reports. If you want to purchase a printer suitable for small teams, the HP LaserJet 3001dw is a good choice. This printer can help you complete much office work in fewer steps. This HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw review will provide a detailed introduction to the characteristics and functions of its printer, helping you better understand it. Please continue reading the blog post to better understand the details of this printer.

HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw Wireless Printer Appearance

The HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw wireless printer is meticulously designed to save space. The maximum size of this LaserJet Pro printer is 14.4 x 29.9 x 14.4 inches. It is compact and suitable for various spaces. This printer adopts a black-and-white color scheme with advanced and elegant colors. It has a simple exterior design and is suitable for small teamwork environments. And this printer weighs very light, only 16.1 pounds. Even one person can easily move. In addition, the LaserJet Pro printer also emphasizes humanized design. Provide easy-to-operate control buttons and display screens on the panel for user convenience.

Introduction Of HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw Wireless Printer

Simple Setup

The HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw features simple settings that allow you to quickly set up your printer. Simple shortcuts allow you and your team to complete common tasks with just one touch. At the same time, the printer has pre-configured settings that are ready to use out of the box. Simplified settings make it easy to set up and manage business. You can complete more things with fewer steps. Save your time and improve work efficiency.

Fast Printing Speed

Do you need a printer with fast printing speed to help you complete urgent tasks? You can save time and cost using HP LaserJet 3001dw printer for fast and auto 2-sided printing. The printer can print up to 35 pages per minute on both sides. And the printer has a printing speed of up to 35 ppm, which can help you complete printing quickly. At the same time, this printer is designed specifically for small teams to make your printing more efficient.

Professional Quality

The HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw wireless printer provides professional black-and-white printing quality. The printing effect is clear and can meet the needs of daily office work. Its 1200 x 1200 dpi printing resolution brings you a clearer and more comfortable reading experience. As a black-and-white printer, this printer performs well in printing clear and sharp black-and-white documents.

Mobile Device Connection

The HP LaserJet 3001dw printer supports wireless connection and printing from all mobile devices, PCs, and tablets. At the same time, the printer will remain the connection to stay. Intelligent Wi-Fi seeks the best connection way to stay online. HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw printer will remain connected and ready to print anywhere and on any network. And you can enjoy the convenience of mobile printing programs, enhancing the flexibility of printing. It can provide convenient services for your printing and improve work efficiency.

Why Do HP 3001dw Is Worth Buying?

Powerful Productivity

This HP LaserJet 3001dw printer is built with powerful productivity features for small teams — fast speeds, built-in security, and cloud connectivity. Therefore, you can manage and set it up multiple locations. This wireless intelligent printer is designed for a work team of up to 7 users. Support your small workteams with this LaserJet Pro printer. The printer makes your printing more efficient through fast and automatic double-sided printing. You can also use HP Smart shortcuts for printing and save time. Keep productivity in your hands.

Seamless Management

The HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw wireless printer can centralize printing management for your enterprise. You can use the HP Web JetAdmin printer management tool. This printer management tool can help users manage and monitor HP printers and print servers. This allows users to easily view the status of printers, check print queues, manage print jobs, and more. In addition, it also provides advanced features such as remote management, print security, and troubleshooting. The series of features of HP Web JetAdmin make everything simple. And Wi-Fi can intelligently find the best connection to stay online and avoid interruptions. For small team offices, it is convenient to handle business and improves work efficiency.

HP Wolf Pro Security

HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw provides out-of-the-box printer security. The hardware part of this product features unique CPU forced isolation technology and HP's built-in motherboard hardware security features. Provide solid hardware security protection for computers. As for software, HP Wolf Pro Security is equipped with advanced threat containment strategies and micro virtual machine container technology. It can effectively isolate malicious software and ensure the security of user data. The PIN/Pull option will only validate your print job when you are present. In addition, you can use HP JetAdvantage Security Manager to set configuration policies and verify settings to enhance user print data security.

HP Smart

The HP LaserJet 3001dw printer supports HP Smart Service. HP Smart is a dedicated HP print management software. Printing using HP Smart shortcuts can reduce the number of steps and maximize printing efficiency. You may print from anywhere by sending files from your mobile device to the HP Smart application. In addition, this HP printer supports work team connections for up to 7 users. Team members can connect using mobile devices, whether iOS or Android. Once successfully connected, impressive clear and sharp black text can be printed. Printing with HP Smart shortcuts can boost productivity and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions About The HP 3001dw Toner Cartridge

What Kinds Of Toner Cartridges Match With HP 3001dw?

The HP LaserJet 3001dw printer is compatible with two 138 series ink cartridge sizes. One is the standard yield HP 138A (W1380A), and the other is the high yield HP 138X (W1380X). The HP 138A and HP 138X toner models both feature black toner. Black toner always produces crisp text and graphics. Provide clear and high-quality printing results for your documents.
True Image offers affordable compatible HP 138 series ink cartridges. All of our toner cartridges have undergone rigorous testing. We guarantee you can buy the same quality as the original HP toner cartridges at a lower price. If you are still hesitant about how to choose an HP 138 series ink cartridge that matches your printer, True Image compatible HP 138A and HP 138X are good choices for you.

HP 138X

How To Install A Toner Cartridge In An HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw Wireless Printer?

The specific steps to install the HP LaserJet 3001dw printer toner cartridge are as follows:
1. Open the toner cartridge door and remove the used toner from the printer.
2. Open the packaging of the ink cartridge. Generally speaking, new toner cartridges will use filled airbags as packaging. It can effectively avoid damage to the ink cartridge.
3. Please pick up the toner cartridge and gently shake it a few times, then tear open the plastic strip. Be sure to handle the toner cartridge with care and caution.
4. Align the toner cartridge with the guides inside the printer. Then install the toner cartridge until it is firmly seated.
5. After plugging in the power, turn on the printer and print the test page. If printing is normal, it indicates that the toner cartridge has been successfully installed.

What Is The Difference Between HP 138A And HP 138X?

The HP 138 series ink cartridges include HP 138A and HP 138X, so what is the difference between these two ink cartridges? The main distinction between the HP 138A and HP 138X is page yield. The HP 138A cartridge has a standard yield of 1,500 pages, while the HP 138X cartridge has a high yield of 4,000 pages. Because of their varying capacity, these two toner cartridges may have different pricing. The HP 138X prints more, so its cost will also be higher.
If you have a large print volume and a low frequency of replacing ink cartridges, the HP 138X toner cartridges may be a better choice. Even though its ink cartridges are pricey, the HP 138X may be more cost-effective in the long term. Because the cost per page of high-yield toner cartridges is lower. But if you don't need to print too many files, choosing HP 138A would be more cost-effective. In a word, you can select the best toner cartridge based on your usage frequency and printing requirements.
Toner cartridges are commonly required in our jobs and daily lives as office supplies. Will you be affected by the high prices of HP 3001dw toner cartridges? The current price of the original HP 138A black LaserJet toner cartridge is $62.99, while the current price of the original HP 138X black LaserJet toner cartridge is $119.99. If your budget is limited, you can purchase True Image compatible ink cartridges. True Image compatible HP 138A black LaserJet toner cartridges are currently $39.99, while compatible HP 138X black LaserJet toner cartridges are $49.99. Our compatible HP LaserJet 3001dw printer toner cartridges are rigorously tested and manufactured to ensure that they operate as well as genuine HP toner. Whether you print photo papers or color documents, our toner will produce a suitable print image quality. All of our products are over $30 free shipping. True Image guarantees all compatible toner cartridges with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year product warranty. As a result, the products will provide you with a satisfaction guarantee.

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