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Many HP users often face such a problem: how to choose the right toner cartridge for their HP original HP printers. The first and most important step is to determine the applicable cartridge model for your printer. Then, purchase the product according to its model and your budget. This blog post will provide advice for customers who need to replace their HP 148A or HP 148X toner cartridges. The HP 148 toner cartridge is a basic printer consumable designed for HP Laser printers. It comes in two different capacity versions. The HP W1480A toner cartridge corresponds to the standard capacity version, while the HP 148X corresponds to the large capacity version. We comprehensively compare them from their differences and similarities.

Quick Review:

Just to make it clear: HP 148A vs HP 148X. Here is a comparison table for them.


Original HP W1480A

Original HP W1480X

Compatible Printers

HP LaserJet Pro 4001n

HP LaserJet Pro 4001ne

HP LaserJet Pro 4001dn

HP LaserJet Pro 4001dne

HP LaserJet Pro 4001dw

HP LaserJet Pro 4001dwe

HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4101fdw

HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4101fdwe

HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4101fdne

HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4101fdn

Page Yields

2,900 pages

9,500 pages


Only black

Only black




Prices are from the HP store and exist fluctuation.

In addition, there is a business that specializes in providing high-quality compatible printer products - True Image. If you are interested in it, please come to the website and look for updates!

Chip-Ready HP 148X Black Toner Replacement - W1480X

 Sale price: $69.95


HP LaserJet Toner Cartridge 148A 2 Pack

Compatible HP LaserJet Toner Cartridge 148A (With Chip) 2-Pack

 Sale price: $119.95


HP Toner 148X Replacements 4 Pack

HP Toner 148X Replacements (With Chip) 4-Pack

 Sale price: $249.95


HP 148A vs 148X: How To Distinguish?

HP 148A and HP 148X are the same cartridge model, but there are some differences to know to help us distinguish them.
1.Page Output
The page output of the toner cartridge determines how many pages your printer can print for you, which is also called page yield. This is the most fundamental difference between the HP 148A and HP 148X. For HP genuine printer cartridges, how to quickly distinguish between the two capacities relies on the two suffixes "A" and "X". "A" represents the standard page-yield, which is 2900 pages per black HP 148A standard yield toner cartridge. "X" stands for high page-yield. Each HP 148X high yield black cartridge yields a staggering 9500 pages, which is 6600 pages more than the HP 148A black toner cartridge. So, HP 148X vs 148A toner, whose page output is more attractive to you?
2.Cost per page
From the comparison table above, we can know that the price of cartridges W1480A and W1480X are different. As a result, the cost of sharing each piece of paper will also be different. Based on the number of pages produced, we can calculate that W1480A costs 3.9 cents per page; W1480X costs 2.4 cents per page. By contrast, the cost per page of the HP 148A is 1.5 cents higher than that of the HP 148X. Although the 148X is more expensive overall, it has a longer life and a lower cost per page. Then, HP 148X vs 148A toner, whose cost meets your budget?
3.Item Weights
Another point worth mentioning is the different weights between W1480A and W1480X. The product dimensions of the two toner cartridges are 14.25 x 4.02 x 7.80 inches and ‎14.25 x 4.02 x 8.94 inches, respectively, and the 148X is heavier than the 148A. Each High-yield 148X cartridge weighs about 2.97lb, and the standard 148A cartridge weighs about 2.35lb. That's because heavier ones contain more toner. You should pay attention to this nuance.

HP 148A vs 148X: What Are The Similarities?

At the same time, although there are some differences, most aspects of the two products are similar. This is equally important to know.
1.Corresponding Printers
HP 148A and HP 148X serve the same printer model. The following printers all use these two toner cartridge products:
HP LaserJet Pro 4001n; HP LaserJet Pro 4001ne; HP LaserJet Pro 4001dn; HP LaserJet Pro 4001dne; HP LaserJet Pro 4001dw; HP LaserJet Pro 4001dwe
HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4101fdw; HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4101fdwe; HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4101fdne; HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4101fdn
Friendly tips: It is important to note that the HP 148A and HP 148X toner cartridges are specific to original HP laserjet printers, and they may not be interchangeable with other printer brands. Ensure compatibility with your printer model before purchasing any replacement toner cartridge.
2.Toner Colors
Unlike other HP ink toners, there is no brightly colored cyan, magenta, or yellow toner. Both cartridges W1480A and W1480X have the most basic black toner. One possibility points to the fact that the HP 148 was designed for a specific use scenario, with black being the most appropriate color considering factors such as practicality and aesthetics. Another possibility is that only the black version of the 148 is produced due to market demand or the manufacturer's decision, while also taking into account factors such as the cost and difficulty of producing other colors.

True Image HP W1480 Toner Replacements

HP 148A vs HP 148X, which would you choose? Don't rush to make a choice because there is still an alternative you need to face: original W1480 vs compatible W1480. True Image is an excellent supplier of compatible printer consumables. Here you can find various models of ink cartridges and toner cartridges from well-known office brands such as HP, Canon, Brother, etc.
Based on the analysis of the following aspects, it is wise to choose True Image HP W1480 toner replacements without hesitation.

hp 148a vs hp 148x

1.High Compatiblity
Many users may have such concerns: can compatible toner products be successfully adapted to their printer? The clear answer is you do not need to worry at all. Compatible cartridge industry has been very mature. True Image's HP 148 comes in two versions - with chip and without chip. HP 148 toner cartridge without chip needs you to replace the chip. It is a very simple operation, and we will provide you with tools to replace it. Chip-equipped HP 148 toner cartridge can be used without replacing the original chip. This ensures high compatibility and allows you to save time and effort in the installation.
Note: This compatible product does not work with HP+ printer models with suffix "e", such as 4001dne, 4001dwe, 4001ne, 4101dwe, 4101fdne, 4101fdwe, etc.
2.More Low Price
Compatible HP 148 is cheaper than the original ones. As things stand, True Image gives us the following prices:


 Compatible HP W1480A

Compatible HP W1480X

With Chip



No Chip



Regardless of chip and capacity, the price of the W1480 replacement is much lower than the original product. Although its prices are so attractive, some customers will consider the quality. Don't worry! We can guarantee that the substitutes' printing quality will perform the same as the OEM products.

3.Amazing Print Results
With your wallet in mind, our HP 148 laserjet toner cartridges can also produce high quality business documents at high speeds. For large format or professional printing jobs, print quality is particularly important as it can have a significant impact on the overall appearance and impression of the printed material. True Image compatible cartridge industry has been deeply developed for many years, accumulated countless positive feedback, and has a certain brand awareness. Our HP 148 replacement uses premium toner and recyclable shell with advanced production technology and processes. The HP 148 you received must be in line with product standards because it has been rigorously tested many times before delivery.
4.Impeccable Customer Service
True Image adheres to the customer-centric business philosophy and provides excellent customer service. We have a professional customer service team to solve all kinds of problems for you 24 hours. In addition, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all products on our site, ensuring that the goods you receive meet your expectations and needs. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year product warranty, so please shop with confidence!

Frequent-Asked Questions And Answers About HP W1480 Toner Cartridges

Q1: How to replace the HP 148 toner cartridge for your printer?
Step 1: Make sure the HP printer is off, open the ink/toner door, and press the label next to the slot to release the empty HP 148 cartridge.
Step 2: Remove the used HP 148 from the printer and dispose of it properly.
Step 3: Remove the protective packaging from the new HP 148 cartridge and insert it into the empty slot of the printer. Be careful not to touch the OPC.
Step 4: Close the HP ink/toner door. Turn on the printer and wait for the printer to print the test page to ensure normal operation.

Q2: Will a compatible HP 148 toner cartridge damage the original printer?
To avoid potential problems, it is recommended to purchase compatible HP 148 toner cartridges from a reputable source to ensure they meet high-quality specifications. True Image's chip-equipped W1480 replacement won't invalidate your HP printer insurance. In addition, please replace the toner cartridge according to the printer manufacturer's instructions to ensure the correct installation and operation of the printer.

Q3: How to choose between HP 148A and HP 148X?
HP 148A vs HP 148X, which one do you prefer? There is no definitive answer to prove which of the two products is better. They are both recommendable products producing impressive results, the main difference being the amount of output. Therefore, you should combine your printing habits with your printing needs to decide. It's up to you.

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