Can You Print on Watercolor Paper

Watercolor paper is known for its rich texture and ability to retain vibrant colors. So is it possible to print on watercolor paper? In this blog post, we will explore the possibilities of printing on watercolor paper and walk you through the steps to print on watercolor paper.

I. What is Watercolor Paper

There are many types of watercolor paper, each with unique features. There are mainly three types:

Hot Press: Smooth surface, ideal for fine detail and ink line work.

Cold Press: Slightly textured, the most popular choice for watercolor painting.

Rough: Heavily textured, perfect for more dramatic effects.

These papers vary in texture, absorbency, and thickness (measured in pounds or GSM), affecting how they interact with printer ink. Thicker paper is more durable and can handle multiple layers of ink.

II. Can You Print on Watercolor Paper

Yes, you can print on watercolor paper, but there are a few factors to consider:

1. Printer Type:

Use an inkjet printer to print watercolor paper. Inkjets print better on watercolor paper than laser printers because they can handle thicker, more textured paper better.

2. Printer Ink Type:

Another addition to the above: use an inkjet printer that is compatible with pigment-based inks. Pigment-based inks are preferred over dye-based inks because they are durable and adhere well to the paper surface, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting prints.

3. Watercolor Paper Suitability:

Watercolor paper is generally thicker, so your printer needs to be able to handle thick paper. Second, you need to adjust the printer settings based on the absorbency and thickness of the watercolor paper to make the printer ink print on the paper.

III. Watercolor Paper Printing Preparation

1. Choose the Right Paper

Choose watercolor paper that is compatible with your printer. It's best to buy it on the official websites of printer brands like HP and Canon. For art prints, cold press paper is often ideal because of its balance of texture and smoothness.

The weight of the paper should be appropriate for your printer. Typically, watercolor paper weights range from 140 lb (300 gsm) to 300 lb (640 gsm). Most home printers can handle up to 140 lb.

2. Set Printer Settings

Adjust your printer settings to accommodate thicker paper. For paper type, choose thicker or heavier paper. Look for options like “thick paper,” “specialty paper,” or “fine art paper.” For print quality, select the highest print quality available. For color management we recommend using appropriate color profiles (ICC profiles) to ensure accurate color reproduction. 

Then, check by doing a test print on plain paper. Check for any color differences, alignment issues, or other problems.

3. Prepare Watercolor Paper

Sometimes, it is possible that the size of the paper you bought does not meet the printer specifications. Please cut the paper according to A4 or other sizes to ensure that the paper can enter your printer. In addition, watercolor paper needs to be kept flat to prevent paper jams and misfeeds during printing.

IV. How to Print on Watercolor Paper

1. Load the Printer Watercolor Paper

Carefully place the watercolor paper in your printer's paper tray. It's best to place the paper in the rear tray of the printer to avoid paper jams.

2. Confirm Printing Settings

Check the printer settings again, such as paper type, print quality, to make sure your printer prints smoothly on watercolor paper.

3. Start Printing

(1) Print in Layers

To get the full best watercolor paper effect, perform a layered print.

Print the Base Layer: Open the file and click "Print" to print the first layer of the design on the watercolor paper. Wait 15-30 minutes for this bottom layer to dry completely.

Continue to Print the Next Layer: Follow the previous step and continue to print the next layer until all additional layers are printed.

It is worth noting that after one layer is printed, the next layer should be completely dry before printing. In addition, when printing the next layer, use the alignment marks or reference lines to ensure that the layers are properly aligned. Besides, you also need to adjust the color and transparency settings of each layer to get the best printing effect. For this, you can do a test print before printing the final version.

Check the Final Print: After you get the final printout, check to see if it meets your expectations. The complete watercolor print is now complete.

(2) Combination of Printing and Other Creations:

In addition to printing a complete watercolor print, you may continue to work on the print you want to print.

Print a Watercolor Print: First, print a watercolor work according to the above method. At this point your watercolor work is half done.

Ensure Ink Dryness: Before the next step, confirm that the printed ink on the watercolor paper is completely dry. Try a test on a small, inconspicuous area to make sure the ink does not bleed.

Use Watercolor or Other Media: After the watercolor printout is dry, further process it with watercolor or another medium. You can paint over your work with watercolors, or draw with pencils, markers, etc. It is a good idea to use masking fluid or tape to mask off the areas you want to protect to avoid stains. 

For watercolor applications, use light washes to avoid reactivation of the ink. You can gradually increase the color intensity as needed or try different watercolor techniques, such as wet-on-wet or dry brush, to enhance the printed design.

By following these detailed steps, you will achieve professional and stunning results on watercolor paper.

V. Conclusion

Printing on watercolor paper can transform your creative projects, offering a unique blend of digital precision and traditional textures. By following these detailed steps, you can achieve stunning, professional results with watercolor paper printing.


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