HP 141A Black Toner Cartridges 4-Pack - With Chip

Page Yield: 950 Pages Each   

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Want To Print More? Try Compatible W1410A 10-Pack


Note: This product does NOT work with HP+ printer models with suffix "e", such as M139we, M140we, M110we, etc. Contact us if you have any questions.

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HP 141A Black Toner Cartridges 4-Pack - With Chip Description

Compatible HP 141A Toner Cartridge Superiority

With the rapid development of the economy, printing equipment began to enter our lives. In life and at work, we use the printer more and more frequently. The compatible HP 141A black toner cartridge uses high quality toner, providing a super high-quality printing effect. This product is available for HP 141A black original laserjet toner cartridge w1410a. This HP laserjet m110w Printer uses the HP 141A toner cartridge. Whether it is text or picture, it can generate high-definition picture quality. The compatible 141A HP toner particles are fine and uniform. Product compatibility is vital, it can protect your printer from damage. It allows for a long life of the printer and regular use. The compatible HP toner 141A has robust stability and a high-quality optical drum core. The product has a large capacity design. And the product allows it to print many documents at once, and it can increase productivity. By the way, if you want other version, you can try our compatible HP 141X toner cartridges.

The Application of Toner Cartridge Is Convenient for Our Life.

Our life is increasingly inseparable from using high-tech products. Most people like to record and print out good things as a souvenir of good things. Or when some people are reading and writing, many learning materials must be printed. At work, office printing equipment has become an essential product. The widespread use of printers also led to large consumption of toner boxes. The ink cartridge becomes essential consumable. A good printer is inseparable from the use of a suitable toner cartridge. The high-quality toner cartridge printing effect is clear and smooth. And it can print 950 pages. Compatible HP 141A laserjet toner cartridges provide a lot of convenience for the family and work. The use of high-quality office supplies can not only save the cost of materials but also save people’s time

Advantages of True Image Compatible HP 141A 4PK

Compared with other office consumables, this product adopts imported printer toner with high color value. The lines are clear and sharp, and the dark part is high. True Image has Jumbo products, and the same can buy more printed pages. The yield toner can print pages which yield up to 950, a total of 4 pack. This product has quality prints. The large capacity of printing is sufficient to meet daily needs. The products introduce laserjet mfp. The toner cartridge supports printing all kinds of paper to meet different needs. Using innovative transcription technology, the printed fonts are apparent. In addition, using green and environmentally friendly raw materials can protect the working environment. The product adopts the easy adding Toner design, making it easier to operate.

True Image focuses on the user experience with the customer’s needs as the highest goal. Our products have eco label emission guidelines and meet eco label emission. We promise to deliver the products to customers within three days. During transportation, we will safely package and seal the products. The products have 100 of original HP toner cartridge. And we provide voluntarily designs and tests. If customers are dissatisfied, we will try our best to protect the rights and interests of consumers.

Common Questions Analysis

1. If the toner is sprinkled on the manuscript in unpacking or use, it may be due to poor sealed conditions or toner. It can continue to use without being polluted the surface and printer. You can contact us to exchange goods if the customer has other concerns.
2. If the regular handwriting is blurred, it may be the photosensitive drum surface coating contamination. You can print multiple blank manuscripts or contact us for exchange.
3. If the overall color is light, it is possible that the paper is damp. Confirm whether the printer is terrible, or contact us for replacement processing.
4. If there is a whole white problem, there may be a problem with the scanner and transfer components. You can reinstall it to see if the component is faulty—some lousy need to replace the toner cartridge. Suppose there is a batch of dire needs to replace the printer.

How to Install a HP 141A Toner Cartridge?

First, shake the it 7-10 times so that the toner powder is evenly distributed in the powder. Then pull out the seal and remove the button on the drum to pull the seal out about two drums in length. Finally, put the toner cartridge into the HP printer. If there are any questions about the installation of doubts, you can contact us, and we will answer their questions.


Product Brand True Image
OEM Number W1410A
Product Capacity Standard Yield
Shelf Life 24-36 Months
Page Yield 950 each
Cost Per Page 3.68 Cents

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