HP 141A Compatible Toners 10-Pack - With Chip

Page Yield: 950 Pages Each   

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Note: This product does NOT work with HP+ printer models with suffix "e", such as M139we, M140we, M110we, etc. Contact us if you have any questions.

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In stock

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HP 141A Compatible Toners 10-Pack - With Chip Description

HP 141A compatible toners 10-Pack has excellent output, quality prints and the most affordable price. Its cost is less than half of the original HP product, and page yield is the same standard as the HP toner cartridge W1410A. So please rest assured to purchase. The original brand of this product is HP. The original code is W1410A. The production capacity is the standard yield, and the page yield up to 950 pages each. If you need high-yeild version, you can try our compatible HP W1410X toner cartridges which print up to 2,000 pages. The toner cartridge works seamlessly with HP laser printers. The printer models are HP LaserJet M110w, LaserJet MFP M139a, LaserJet MFP M139w, LaserJet MFP M140a, LaserJet MFP M140w, LaserJet MFP M141w and LaserJet MFP M142w.

Do You Want More Affordable Toner Cartridges? Choose HP 141A Black Compatible Toners 10-Pack.

As we all know, the toner cartridge is a new type of office supplies designed to meet users' needs. It's a great innovation in office supplies. The toner cartridge can be used for personal offices or business offices. It can effectively improve our office efficiency. It is convenient to save office documents and improve the quality and timeliness of file preservation. And provide a lot of convenience for our office. The original HP toner cartridge price is very expensive for people who often print a large number of documents. Our compatible toner is affordable and perfectly compatible with HP printers. Therefore, this high-quality HP 141A compatible toner is your best choice.

The toner cartridge is an indispensable part of the printer. Its price varies depending on the brand, specifications, model, seller, location, timeliness and other factors. The original HP toner cartridge is highly matched, but the price is much higher than that of compatible brands. Compared to the original brand, this compatible HP 141A black toner cartridge is less than half the price of the original brand. You can compare with other merchants, whether it is price, quality or service, our toner cartridge is definitely your first choice. And our products are free shipping. So don't hesitate to buy our toner cartridge; buy with peace of mind, comfort, and peace of mind.

Do You Want High Quality Cartridges? Choose HP 141A Black Cartridege.

Our HP 141A cartridge enclosures are manufactured from high-quality materials: smooth surface, good texture, and no obvious scratches. Good sealing can prevent outside dust, ensuring the internal cleaning and stability of the toner cartridge. Our prints quality are of high quality, uniform and bright. And there will be no similar problems such as color difference, blurred handwriting, poor printing effect and so on. Our toner printed pages yield is 950 pages each. It can be said that it is a high yield product. This set has a total of 10 packs, which is able to meet the needs of consumers. So choose HP 141A Compatible Toners 10-Pack, you can buy high-quality, high-yield products at the least cost. In addition, we also sell various packs of HP 141A black toner cartridge. We guarantee the quality of the original HP toner cartridge.

Do You Want to Experience the Highest Quality Service? Purchasing Our HP 141A Black Toner Cartridge Products.

We have been implementing the concept of putting customer needs at the center. Always put customer needs first to provide customers with the best quality service. In the face of customers' questions, we respond positively with the most professional and responsible attitude. Our ink cartridge offer a 30-day refund service and a 2-year product warranty. We continue to improve the quality of products and services. We ensure after-sales service reputation and enhance after-sales service reputation. We are committed to building a good relationship of trust and achieving win-win cooperation.

Do You Want to Solve the Trouble of Installation Difficulties? Choose HP 141A Cartridge.

1. Open the purchased toner cartridge packaging box, and take out the new printer toner. And check whether there is air leakage in the outer bag.
2. Cut the outer bag with scissors and take out the new HP compatible toner cartridge. Check the appearance of the toner cartridge for obvious toner, scratches, bruises, etc. If so, you should contact the dealer in time. 
3. After removing the toner cartridge, place the protective cover of the toner cartridge parallel to the top of the table. And pull out the isolation paper parallel to the protective cover. 
4. Hold both ends of the toner cartridge and gently shake 5 to 6 times in a parallel direction. Lose the toner in the powder bin to ensure the stability of the use process.
5. Put the toner cartridge into the printer, and close the lid of the machine. And then turn on the power of the machine, you can use it normally.


Product Brand True Image
OEM Number W1410A
Product Capacity Standard Yield
Shelf Life 24-36 Months
Page Yield 950 each
Cost Per Page 3.72 Cents

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