W1410A - Compatible HP 141A Black LaserJet Toner Cartridge - With Chip

Page Yield: 950 Pages     

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Note: This product does NOT work with HP+ printer models with suffix "e", such as M139we, M140we, M110we, etc. Contact us if you have any questions.

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W1410A - Compatible HP 141A Black LaserJet Toner Cartridge - With Chip Description

Take advantage of the low price of our compatible HP 141A toner cartridge with professional quality and consistency. Using our compatible W1410A toner will not void your printer warranty. Intend to print more for less? Purchase our discounted HP 141X toner replacements!

Note: Compatible HP 141A toner does NOT work with HP+ printer models with suffix "e", such as M139we, M140we, M110we, etc.

Why Buy Compatible HP 141A Black LaserJet Toner Cartridge at True Image

Get high quality prints for 950 pages. This is a superior compatible 141A HP toner with the ability to print 950 pages of clear, sharp text and rich blacks. The printed pages can stand the test of time. Built under OEM specifications, it is a genuine-like shape and is easy to use. Simply install it in a few steps; this HP 141A compatible toner gets you back to printing in minutes.

Reduce your budget. There is no doubt that 3rd-party printer toner is cheaper than the name brand. True Image Brand compatible 141A HP toner is no exception. Using our compatible HP 141A black toner can save about 25% compared to the original one.

Protect your health and environment. True Image voluntarily designs and tests HP 141A compatible toner cartridges to meet Eco-label emission guidelines. The toner power we use is premium and eco-friendly. It will never compromise air quality and your health.

Enjoy reliable service. We have built a professional customer service team who promptly responds to your questions and concerns. To give you a satisfactory experience, we provide a lifetime warranty on every product and free shipping on all continental USA orders over $30. So don’t hesitate. Shop now to get wonderful prints and service!

Frequently Asked Questions about Compatible HP 141A Toner Cartridge

How long does HP 141A toner last?

HP 141A toner can last 950 pages at 5% page coverage(Letter/A4). But it may last longer or shorter depending on how or what print. The printing setting, environment, and content will influence the page yield.

What printer uses HP 141A black toner cartridge?

HP 141A black toner cartridge is built to work with HP LaserJet printers. The printer models includes HP LaserJet M110w; HP LaserJet MFP M139a, M139w, M140a, M140w, M141w, and M142w. Please confirm your printer is on the list before purchasing.

How to install HP 141A black toner cartridge?

Install compatible HP 141A cartridge is simple since it has nearly the same size as the original. Please complete the installation following the below steps:
1. Open the toner access door to remove the empty HP 141A black toner cartridge.
2. Open the package and remove the new HP 141A toner cartridge.
3. Remove the orange plastic cover.
4. Hold both sides of the cartridge and gently shake it side to side to distribute toner evenly.
5. Pull out the protective tape horizontally.
6. Align the cartridge with the tracks, then put it in the slot until it clicks the place.
7. Close the toner access door.
If you still have any questions, please contact our customer support team.

How to make an HP W1410A toner cartridge last longer?

The following are five ways to prolong your W1410A toner’s lifespan.
1. If you don’t need to print professional documents with extremely high quality, you can use draft or economy mode to reduce toner consumption per page.
2. Check the document before printing to avoid reprinting due to typos or formatting errors.
3. Avoid using large and bold fonts. Reducing the size of the text by using a lighter font such as Arial or New Courier can help save toner.
4. Ignore the low toner warning message. Because when the warning message appears, there is still toner left in the cartridge, which may be enough to get you a few hundred pages. So, just replace the toner cartridge when the print quality deteriorates.
5. Clean your printer to reduce toner waste.

Will using a compatible W1410A toner cartridge damage my printer?

No. Our W1410A compatible toners are of guaranteed quality and reliability. We produce them using high quality parts and state-of-the-art processes. Before leaving the factory, each compatible HP 141A toner will go through extensive tests to ensure its quality and performance. So our compatible HP 141A ink cartridge will not cause any direct damage to your printer or void your printer warranty. Instead, its high quality toner power and genuine-like size can help protect your printer.

Will my personal information be safe if I purchase your compatible HP 141A ink cartridge?

Yes. We will never disclose your personal information, and we apply an SSL certificate to ensure information security.

How do I dispose of original HP 141A black LaserJet toner cartridges?

It is highly recommended to recycle original HP 141A black LaserJet toner cartridges. Actually, HP has been recycling used ink and toner cartridges to reuse them for decades. 100% of original HP ink and toner cartridges contain recycled content. If you want to do your part to protect our planet, you can recycle the empty HP 141A black LaserJet toner cartridges by returning them to HP. Join the HP Planet Partner program for more details.


Product Brand True Image
OEM Number W1410A
Product Capacity Standard Yield
Shelf Life 24-36 Months
Page Yield 950
Cost Per Page 3.74 Cents

W1410A - Compatible HP 141A Black LaserJet Toner Cartridge - With Chip Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amanda Guevara
Excellent product! Thank you for the fast delivery

Excellent product! Thank you for the fast delivery.

Richard Kamm
Five Stars

GREAT cartridge. Excellent seller. I will use again.

Works like new

So cheap and been so long and it’s still printing great

I trust it

I like the product it works well and lasts long.

The cartridge fit perfectly and the quality of print is excellent

I like the price, quality of print and the compatibility with my printer was perfect. Great product.