Compatible HP 64XL Ink Cartridge - K/C/M/Y

 Page Yield: Black 600 Pages; Cyan/Meganta/Yellow 415 Pages

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Ink Color: Black
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This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:


  • HP Envy 6220 

  • HP Envy 6230 

  • HP Envy 6232 

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  • HP Envy 6255 

  • HP Envy 6258  

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Compatible HP 64XL Ink Cartridge - K/C/M/Y Description

If you want affordable and reliable compatible ink cartridges for your HP printer, our HP 64XL high-yield ink cartridges will be your ideal choice! True Image compatible HP 64XL ink cartridges not only offer price advantages compared to original HP 64XL ink cartridges but also offer high-quality printing results. It allows you to enjoy an excellent printing experience while helping you save nearly 50% of your budget! Moreover, True Image is committed to providing consumers with a 100% satisfied shopping experience. We provide you with various after-sales services and provide you with multiple guarantees. What are you still hesitating about? Add this HP 64XL high-yield ink cartridge to your shopping cart now!

If you want to buy more for less money, come to buy our compatible HP 64XL ink cartridge multi-pack

Why True Image Compatible HP 64XL Ink Cartridge Is Your Ideal Choice?

Super Cost-effective Price

The most prominent feature of True Image compatible ink cartridges is their highly affordable price, especially our HP 64XL ink cartridge. Compared to the original HP ink cartridge, purchasing our HP 64XL black ink cartridge can save you 45% of your printing budget. Buying our HP 64XL tri-color ink cartridges can save you up to 50% of your budget! It is an attractive transaction!

High Capacity

One of the apparent features of the HP 64XL ink cartridge is its high capacity. HP 64XL ink cartridges come in HP 64XL black and HP 64XL tri-color ink cartridges. Our compatible HP 64XL black high-yield ink cartridge can print up to 600 pages. The compatible HP 64XL tri-color high-yield ink cartridge can print up to 415 pages. They can significantly meet your high printing needs. Moreover, they can also reduce the frequency of replacing ink cartridges and improve your printing efficiency to save you time.

Excellent Printing Results

True Image compatible HP 64XL ink cartridges feature high-quality ink and advanced craftsmanship. Our HP 64XL black ink cartridge prints documents with clear and sharp text, which is waterproof, fade-resistant, and long-lasting. Besides, our HP 64XL tri-color ink cartridge produces bright, rich, and highly reproducible prints to present you with realistic image effects. Enjoy higher quality, clearer, and more realistic printing results with our HP 64XL black and tri-color ink cartridges!

Convenient to Use 

Preferential and high-quality products often require features that allow users to use them conveniently and quickly. Our HP 64XL ink cartridge is precisely such a product. You don't need to worry about complex installation or replacement issues. In just a few minutes, you can quickly complete the entire installation process to continue your printing tasks.

Good Compatibility

True Image compatible HP 64XL ink cartridge has undergone rigorous testing and has the same good compatibility as the original HP ink cartridges. Our HP 64XL ink cartridges work with HP Envy printers and HP Tango series printers. For example, they are perfectly compatible with HP printers such as HP Envy 7155, HP Envy Photo 7855, and HP Tango.

Free Shipping & Warranty

If your single order exceeds $30, you can enjoy our free shipping service in the United States region. And after purchasing our products, we always provide you with guaranteed services. From the day you confirm your order, you can enjoy a 2-year free warranty. If there are any issues with your HP 64XL ink cartridge during this period, you can consult us. We will help you solve the problem promptly. If the problem still cannot be solved, you can choose to exchange the product.

FAQs about HP 64XL Black Ink Cartridge & HP 64XL Tri-color Ink Cartridge

Which one to choose: HP 64 vs HP 64XL?

The biggest difference between HP 64 ink cartridges and HP 64XL ink cartridges is page yield. The HP 64XL high-yield ink cartridge has the characteristic of high printing capacity. Its page yield is two to three times that of HP 64 standard ink cartridges. It can print more number of pages. Therefore, choosing these two ink cartridges mainly depends on your printing needs. If you have a high printing volume, then the HP 64XL ink cartridge is more suitable for you. If you have a low printing volume, HP 64 ink cartridges are your better choice.

When must I replace the HP 64XL black ink cartridge and the HP 64XL tri-color ink cartridge?

When you use an HP printer, you need to replace your HP 64XL black ink cartridge and HP 64XL tricolor ink cartridge when one of the following situations occurs: Firstly, when your HP printer prompts you that the ink in the black or tri-color ink cartridge is low, you need to replace the HP 64XL ink cartridge promptly. Additionally, if you notice a decrease in the printing quality of your work, such as blurring or streaking, it may be due to insufficient ink in the ink cartridge. Therefore, in this case, you can check the printer or ink cartridge. If there is indeed a shortage of ink, replace the ink cartridge on time to ensure regular printing.

In addition, if you want to know more timely when to replace the HP 64XL ink cartridge and ensure that the printing task can proceed normally, you can check the ink level. Determine your ink consumption based on your print volume and ink cartridge consumption speed, and manually check the ink level before the estimated time. 

HP 64XL Ink Cartridges Specifications

Product Brand True Image
OEM Number HP 64XL (N9J92AN/N9J91AN)
Product Capacity High Yield
Shelf Life 18-24 Months
Page Yield 600 Pages(BK); 415 Pages(C/M/Y)

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