W1340A - Compatible HP 134A Toner Cartridge - With Chip

 Page Yield: 1,100* Pages
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  • Note: This product does NOT work with HP+ printer models with suffix "e", such as M234dwe, M209dwe, M234sdne, M234sdwe, etc. Contact us if you have any questions. 

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In stock

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This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

HP LaserJet

W1340A - Compatible HP 134A Toner Cartridge - With Chip Description

Keep up with your printing demands with the cheapest compatible HP 134A toner cartridge. This HP 134A toner cartridge is a money saver with high quality and performance equal to the original. It is worth your money since it provides 1,100 pages of crisp, dark text. If you need to print tons of paperwork, HP 134X high-yield black toner is more cost-effective.

Note: You can't use this compatible toner cartridge if your HP printer contains "e" in the end, like HP LaserJet MFP M234dwe. Since these printers contain "e" in the end are contract-signed printers, which only work with original HP.

What Makes Compatible HP 134A Black Toner Cartridge Worth Buying

Work with precision. The print quality of this HP 134A cartridge is professional and on par with the original. Paired with select HP printers, compatible HP 134A printer toner consistently generates crisp, rich black text and graphics at high speed. Whether you print flyers, invitations, or other documents, it makes the lines and fonts stand out on the paper with high accuracy.

Hassle-free installation. Equipped with a smart IC chip, this HP 134A black toner cartridge sets you free from chip removal. You will get this HP toner 134A accepted by the printer quickly with no error. Aside from the built-in chip, the genuine-like physical size also ensures simple, hassle-free installation. Installing our HP 134A toner cartridges is the same as installing the genuine one, quick and easy.

Substantial cost saving. We believe you are so tired of costly HP 134A black original LaserJet toner cartridges that you seek cheaper alternatives. Now, you are at the right place. True Image provides compatible HP 134A printer cartridges at 25% cheaper than the retail price.

Guaranteed capacity. Are you concerned that we're reducing costs by shrinking page yields? Gain you peace of mind knowing we fill enough toner into the compatible HP toner 134A. Tested with HP LaserJet printers, it is proven to print 1,100 pages, the same as the genuine. Plus, we measure the page yield by using the same standards that HP uses.

Frequently Asked Questions about Compatible HP W1340A Toner Cartridge

What printers is HP 134A toner compatible with?

HP 134A toner compatible printer models include HP LaserJet M209dw, LaserJet MFP M234dw, M234sdn, and M234sdw.
It's worth noting that our compatible HP 134A printer toner can not work with printer models having a letter "e" in the end. HP+ printers with HP instant ink service ending in "e" are contract-signed printers only compatible with name-brand toner cartridges.

How many pages does compatible 134A HP toner print?

The toner HP 134A can print 1,100 pages at 5% page coverage. The 5% page coverage means the toner only covers 5% of each page. So you can expect that actual page yield will considerably vary based on the content you print.

How to get more printed pages?

1. Set up Economic Mode or Draft Mode for your printer if you don't aim to get extremely high-quality printouts.
2. Avoid using big or bold fonts to save toner.
3. Check before printing to avoid reprinting because of wrong words or format.

How to install an HP 134A printer cartridge?

Installing our compatible HP 134A printer cartridge is easy and costs only a few minutes. Complete the installation following the below steps:
  1. Open the printer cover.
  2. Take the used HP134A tonercartridge out of the printer.
  3. Unpack a new cartridge.
  4. Remove the orange protective parts on both sides of the HP 134A toner compatiblecartridge, then remove the protective cover.

      Attention: Do not touch the photosensitive drum.

  1. Gently shake the HP 134cartridge side to side 5-6 times.
  2. Pull out the sealing tape horizontally.
  3. Align the HP 134A printer cartridge with the track, then insert it into the printer.
  4. Close the printer cover.

Here is an easy-to-follow video instruction. Contact us if you need any assistance.

How to dispose of an empty HP134A toner?

Recycling empty HP 134A toner cartridges is a good way to reduce waste and pollution. If you want to do your part to protect the environment, you can join the HP Planet Partners program. HP has been recycling and reusing empty printer cartridges for decades. That's why most HP toner cartridges contain recycled contents. The recycling process is easy and cash-free. Simply pack the empty HP 134A cartridge well→print a shipping label on HP website→stick the shipping label on the package→send it back to HP.

Does your 134A HP toner come with a chip?

Yes. This HP toner 134A has a built-in chip. We also provide cheaper no-chip versions of HP 134A printer toner and HP 134X. Purchasing a combo pack of no-chip HP 134 cartridges can save more, such as 134A HP toners 4-pack and HP 134X 4-pack.

Does True Image provide free shipping? 

We guarantee free shipping on all continental USA orders over $30. Meaning you can save on shipping if your order is sent to the continental USA by purchasing a compatible toner HP 134A. What's more, we have built two warehouses in PA and CA, which ensures fast delivery in 1-3 days. Hurry up. Orders placed before the cut-off time can get same-day dispatch!


Product Brand True Image
OEM Number 134A (W1340A)
Product Capacity Standard Yield
Shelf Life 24--36 Months
Page Yield 1100
Cost Per Page  3.63 cents

W1340A - Compatible HP 134A Toner Cartridge - With Chip Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Khelvin S
Great product

It was easy to use and the price was good.

Valentin Konovalov
It works fine, printer doesn't complain

It's several times cheaper than original toner but it works fine and printer accepted it with no issues.

Great Value

Great Value so far. Worked great with my printer is lasting. No complaints. Would buy again.

Kimberly A Strope
Very compatible for a great price

I love this toner, it works great in my printer. My pages are clear and do not smudge. It lasts a very long time and it is compatible with my printer I have had no issues using it at all. It's a great product for a great price.

Dylan Corneil
The only toner cartridge you will need

Toner worked straight out of the box with the new chip. No issues and was able to print immediately. Never had a single issue with their toner cartridges. No reason to try other brands. 10/10


Excellent print quality

As good as OEM toner

Outstanding product. I am replacing an OEM toner cartridge with this and I have not been disappointed. Great quality print – You can’t tell the difference between the OEM and this.

ron Burns
Can't tell any difference from HP at a much lower price

I took a chance on this product aas I always order HP ink for my HP laser jet pro. Saved a bunch of money!

catherine mazzola
Quality for Less

I was hesitant to purchase the toner as it was cheaper than at Costco but happy to find out that the toner cartridges work great. Thank you

Excellent Toner Cartridge

Great working toner cartridge for the value. Printing looks great, text and image quality are terrific. The text quality is crisp. This product performs at a high level.