Compatible HP 62 Ink Cartridge - Multi Pack

 Page Yield: Black: 200 Pages; Cyan/Magenta/Yellow: 165 Pages

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Pack: 2(1 Black, 1 Tri-color)
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In stock

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HP Envy Series

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  • Envy 5541
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  • Envy 5544 
  • Envy 5545
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  • OfficeJet 5741 
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  • OfficeJet 8040   
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Compatible HP 62 Ink Cartridge - Multi Pack Description

True Image multi-pack HP 62 ink replacements have been widely welcomed for their ability to provide users with cost savings, convenience, and consistent print quality. This all-in-one solution simplifies the printing process while ensuring compatibility and reducing environmental impact. As a result, more and more users are turning to multi-pack cartridges as an intelligent and economical option for their printing needs. In a world where printing has become part of our everyday lives, the quest for quality and cost-effectiveness is never-ending. True Image HP 62 ink replacements enable you to achieve superior printing on a budget.

What Are The Differences Between HP 62 Ink Cartridges And Other Ink?

The HP cartridge is different from other models. Most other ink cartridges are designed as separate structures according to different colors. That is, a product line includes K, C, M, and Y four ink cartridges. However, the HP 62 cartridge uses a one-piece design, which divides the cartridge into black and color, where the color cartridge contains C, M, and Y colors. This design helps to reduce the body space occupied by the cartridge and improves portability.

Then, different ink models will lead to different page yields. The HP 62 cartridge has a relatively large print volume. Taking the original HP consumables as an example, the HP 62 standard black ink cartridge has a print volume of 200 pages, and the standard color ink cartridge has a print volume of 165 pages. While other models may have different cartridge yields, some models may have higher yields, and some may have lower yields.

Both the HP 62 Black ink and the HP 62 color ink cartridge are indispensable for users who need high-quality print from their HP inkjet printer. The combination of these cartridges enables users to generate a variety of documents and images, making it a popular choice for everyday printing needs, school assignments, business reports, and more.

What Are The Benefits Of Compatible HP 62 Multi-Pack Ink Cartridges?

1. Lower cost per page:A significant advantage of compatible HP 62 multi-pack ink is the lower cost per page compared to using original HP cartridges. Compatible multi-pack cartridges are often priced more competitively than their original HP counterparts. This upfront cost saving is the first step towards achieving a lower cost per page. To determine the cost per page, divide the total cost of multiple packages by the total page production. Cost per page is the amount of ink you spend on each page you print. Compatible multi-packs usually result in lower cost per page due to competitive prices and page yields.

2. Excellent print performance: True Image uses a high-quality ink formulation that closely matches the original HP ink specifications. Our compatible cartridges are precision-engineered to meet or exceed the quality and performance standards of original HP cartridges. They are designed to work seamlessly with a variety of HP printer models. For text-heavy documents, a compatible cartridge provides clear and readable text. This is essential for business reports, school assignments, and professional documents. When it comes to color printing, compatible multi-pack cartridges produce vibrant and realistic colors. Whether you're printing photos, charts, or graphics, you can count on the quality of the colors.

3. Reduced packaging waste: When you purchase multi-pack HP 62 compatible ink, you essentially reduce the number of separate packages and boxes required to purchase cartridges separately. It results in the generation of less packaging waste. Many compatible cartridge manufacturers are committed to reducing their environmental impact, and True Image is no exception. We often use environmentally friendly packaging materials that are not only sustainable but also minimize waste. It can include reducing plastic and excessive packaging materials. In addition to this, multi-pack cartridges, which include black and color cartridges, are often bundled together at a discounted price. This bundled pricing can lead to further cost savings compared to purchasing single cartridges, contributing to a more environmentally friendly printing solution.

4. Evident overall value: Compatible HP 62 multi-pack cartridges are much less expensive than original HP cartridges. Its cost-effectiveness is especially beneficial for users with large print volumes or limited budgets, resulting in significant savings over time. Buying HP 62 ink as part of a multi-pack often results in a lower price per cartridge. Multi-packs will often contain multiple cartridges, providing more value. Compatible HP 62 multi-pack cartridges offer a balance between cost savings and print quality. Users can enjoy the benefits of affordable and superior performance, making it a valuable choice for their printing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About True Image HP 62 Multi-Packs

1. How many options do HP 62 multi-packs come with?
There are three options for you: Two-pack has one black HP 62 and one tricolor HP 62 ink replacement; three-pack has two black and one tricolor 62 replacements; five-pack has three black and two tricolor 62 ink cartridges. You can choose different multi-pack sets based on your printing preferences and needs.

2. Do True Image HP 62 Multi-Packs have the same page yield as original cartridges?
Yes, our compatible ink cartridges are strictly produced according to genuine HP quality and specifications. Not only the page output is qualified, but also the print output is consistent with high-quality results.

3. Is there a satisfaction guarantee for True Image HP 62 Multi-Pack cartridges?
Of course, True Image offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products on sale. Customer-centric is the service concept of True Image. If customers encounter difficulties in the use and selection of products, our customer service team will provide help the first time. If there is a problem with the quality of the product, we will also provide a replacement or refund as soon as possible to achieve customer satisfaction and customer rest assured.

4. How do I install the compatible HP 62 ink cartridge in my printer?

  • Firstly, open the packaging of True Image HP 62 ink replacement. Remove it from the packaging and gently shake it from side to side, which helps evenly distribute the ink inside the cartridge.
  • Secondly, open your printer's access door or cartridge compartment. It is typically done by lifting the printer's top lid or accessing a front or side panel, depending on your printer model.
  • Thirdly, if you are replacing an old cartridge, carefully remove it by pressing down on the cartridge's release tab or lever. This disengages the cartridge from the printhead. Gently pull the old cartridge out of its slot.
  • Fourthly, take the new compatible HP 62 ink cartridge and carefully remove any protective tape or coverings. Slide the new cartridge into the empty slot, making sure it aligns correctly with the designated area.
  • Fifthly, once the new cartridge is inserted, gently press down on it to ensure it clicks into place. It secures the cartridge in the correct position. Close the printer's access door or cartridge compartment, ensuring it latches securely.


Product Brand True Image
OEM Number C2P04AN(BK); C2P06AN(C/M/Y)
Product Capacity Standard Yield
Shelf Life 24--36 Months
Page Yield 200 Pages(BK); 165 Pages(C/M/Y)

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