W1470X-HP 147X Black Toner Cartridge Replacement-With Chip

 Page Yield: 25,200 Pages
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W1470X-HP 147X Black Toner Cartridge Replacement-With Chip Description

True Image offers cheap HP W1470X toner cartridge replacements with genuine-like quality, page yield, and compatibility. Our compatible toner is a better choice to save on printing without compromising print quality. Add to cart now to save money!
Plus, more options are available at True Image. Compared to W1470X, W1470A is cheaper, while W1470Y has a lower cost per page. You can make a purchase choice based on your need.

Reasons to Buy Compatible HP 147X Toner Cartridge at True Image

High quality printing

The print quality of the W1470X compatible toner is a bit equal to the HP cartridges. True image utilizes durable components and quality toner power to manufacture these replacements. And each cartridge has gone through a series of tests. So you can be confident that this toner cartridge delivers high quality printing results whenever or whatever you print.

No error

Like the original HP, our compatible HP 147X toner cartridge can work with your printer without error. Instead, it helps protect your printer and your data. Furthermore, with the chip inside, our compatible HP 147X cartridge can work with your printer once you have replaced the empty toner with it. And it will intelligently track toner levels and remind you of replacing cartridges. Please keep in mind that the use of our compatible ink toner will never void your printer warranty.

Same page yield as the original

True Image produces printer cartridges to meet or exceed the OEM standards. So the page yields of our printer cartridges are comparable to the original HP toner cartridges. Likewise, this high yield toner yields up to 25,200 pages, which can satisfy your need without sacrificing quality. The page yield is measured at 5% coverage(Letter/A4) like the HP 147X black original LaserJet toner.

Low Price

This HP W1470X cartridge replacement is perfect for cost reduction. The price of our compatible HP toner 147X is only a fraction of the HP price. By using it, you can save over 60% from daily print jobs. Add to cart now!

Product warranty & money back guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 2-Year Product Warranty are available for all customers. So shop your ideal HP W1470X, HP W1470A, or HP W1470Y toner replacement from True Image confidently.

Free shipping

We cover shipping fees for all orders over $30 to the continental USA. Meaning, if your order is sent to the continental USA, you can enjoy free shipping by purchasing one piece of W1470X compatible cartridge.

Dependable service

True Image has a professional customer service team. If you meet any problems, feel free to contact us. Our customer service experts are ready to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions about HP W1470X Toner

What printer uses W1470X toner?

W1470X high yield toner cartridges are designed to work with a wide range of HP printers: HP LaserJet Enterprise M610, M611, M612 Series, HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M634, M635, and M636 Series. Swipe up to check more details. Among them, HP LaserJet Enterprise M610dn and HP LaserJet Enterprise M611dn are hot-selling printers. So HP 147X black high yield toner cartridge is also called HP LaserJet Enterprise M610dn toner and HP LaserJet Enterprise M611dn toner.

HP 147A vs 147X vs 147Y, which one is more worth buying?

These three toner cartridges are the same in terms of print quality, compatible printer models, and shelf life. The main difference between them is the page yield, which leads to the difference in price and cost per page. The HP 147A has the lowest page yield at 10,500 pages, so it also has the lowest price. So if you only print a small amount occasionally, or don't plan to spend a lot of money on toner cartridges, then the HP 147A is best for you; the "X" and "Y" versions print more pages than the "A" version, at 25,200 and 42,000 pages, respectively. Correspondingly, their prices are also higher than 147A. However, they are less expensive to print. That said, they are more affordable. Well, if you want to maximize your gains over the long term, then the "X" and "Y" versions are better for you.

Is a compatible HP 147X toner cartridge worth buying?

Definitely. Though the original HP toner cartridge delivers high quality, our compatible toner cartridge HP 147X is also of guaranteed quality while costing less. Our high yield toner cartridge W1470X is designed to work with HP printers flawlessly and delivers high quality printing results. Our replacement HP toner 147X is an excellent choice over the expensive original HP 147X black high yield toner cartridge.

How long is the shelf life of your HP 147X compatible toner cartridges?

Generally speaking, HP LaserJet 147X toner has a shelf life of 24-36 months in the sealed package. For the purpose of prolonging its shelf life, we recommend you store them in a cool, dark, and dry place. It is best to store them at a room temperature of 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to store opened HP LaserJet 147X toner?

1. Store the toner cartridges back in the package from which they were originally shipped.
2. If no original package is available, cover the top of the toner cartridge with paper. Then store it in a dark area with no light. Because light will degrade the drum.
3. Store toner cartridges horizontally rather than vertically. That is, it is stored in the same direction as it is mounted in the printer (the drum facing down).

What's in the package?

The package includes one black toner cartridge W1470X and instructions.



True Image SKU SNU-TISXGTI-H1470X-1P-FM-DA17
Product Brand True Image
OEM Number W1470X
Product Capacity High Yield
Shelf Life 24-36 Months
Page Yield 25,200
Cost Per Page 0.47 cents

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